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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 18)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti

Episode 18:

Day passes Kavya realize her true love Ritik. Ritik realize that actually preeti is his childishness but kavya is her true love. Both accept their relationship. Ritik start working along with his brother. Herry trying to find out the truth of preeti from Ayesha. but he did not find more. bcz Ayesha did not tell him.

Day passes and preeti ‘s plan is finish now. she decided to expose herself. one day she talking to her dad and grandpaa. she realize that someone hear her conversation. baba and atif leaves from there and she picks the pistol to kill the man. man trying to escape but preeti stops himself.

Preeti: who r u? tell me otherwise i shoot you.

Man turns… its Ishaan.

Preeti: Rohit…???….no…no you are not Rohit.

she reminics time when he the same man saved her from the hit of lorry.
Ishaan holds her hand , pistol drops from her hand , he hypnotize her…she becomes faint. ishaan disappears.
Rohit comes and sees her. He lifts her and takes her to room. when she wakes up she does not remember any thing.

In morning at office…

preeti: what you did sid uncle… everything is finished now.

Rohit: just a sec…we ‘ll see

Preeti: what see? Rohit… there is so much fualt in your tanks…its terrible.

Ritik: but how is it possible…these engineers are very brillant how they can blunder this.

Preeti: sid uncle you hired these engineers…right?

Sid: right…but

preeti: but everything is finished now.

Badepapa: (tensed) she is right…we have no more money to invest.

preeti: (fake tensed) relaxe dada ji. i have a suggetion if you trust me.

Badepapa: i always trust you beta go head..

Preeti: “khan ‘s company apki help kar sakti hai agar ap… hoodas company ki power of utterni khan ‘s company ko de dejiye. is sa apko loan mil jaye ga aur apki power of utterni bhi save rahe gi”

Ritik: no…its not a right decision.

badepapa: but we have no more option… infact indian banks rufused to give us the loan.

Rohit: i thinks its right.

Badepapa: preeti…today evening i ‘ll give you papers.

Preeti: (evil smile) ok.

In evening bade papa give their company papers to preeti. preeti takes papers and goes from there.

herry came to know from Ritik that preeti takes the company papers and inform his dad. Shergill calls Ritik Herry at home. both reach. Herry calls Ayesha.she comes.

Herry: firstly you tell me what ‘s the plan of preeti right now.

Ayesha: (confused) plan of preeti?

Herry: don ‘t lie Ayesha… I know that you sis preeti came here for revenge.

Ritik shocked.

Ritik: what you say?

Shergill: yes ritik he is right. preeti is now very harmful for hoodas.

Ritik: please ayesha tell us please otherwise our family destroy. That family who gives lot of love to preeti and you.

Ayesha: I m sorry (weeping) but I did not know anymore about her revenge except that she is the daughter of your one of family members.

Ritik: who they are?? “kis ki beti hai preeti”?

Ayesha: “Ishaan aur preet ki beti hai wo”

trio are shocked.

Shergill: what?? but preet is dead how she is daughter of ishaan and preet.

Ayesha: I don ‘t know. but trust me i m not with her…. Herry… ” tum mjhe choro gay tw ni na?”

Herry: no…i know you are innocent.

shergill tells Ritik that after that preeti will use your company papers against your family. you should stop her.

Ritik: ok…i leave now.

Ritik goes home and calls kavya. He asks her about her mother preet.Is she pregnant or not. Kavya gives her book to him where she wrote the love of her parents. Ritik reads it and He came to know that Preet is 20 days pregnant before death. He tells shergill about that. Kavya hears his conversation and asks about that. first he did not tell he but she insist then he tells her all the scene.

Kavya: (emotionally cried) Preeti is my sister. my sister.

Ritik: she comes to destroy us.

Kavya: no…i think you have some misunderstanding. i know my father and mother preeti is their daughter she can not do any wrong with us. i trust her.

Kavya: whatever…please keep silent till i solve everything.

kavya: ok…

In morning every one go for office. They shocked to see that hooda name is replaced by khans. Guards did not let them in. Rohit gets so much anger. Badepapa is in shocked state. Trisha sid and Rohit takes bade papa at home.

Rohit: (anger) preeti…

preeti: “kya problem hai awaz neechi kar k bat kro”.

Rohit: “Hoodas ka nam kese change hoa”

Preeti: what hoodas??? today no hooda company exists in india. There is only khans company.only khans.

Badepapa: i trust you and you betrayed me.

Preeti: why are you in so much pain? dada ji.

Sid: why you do this?

Preeti: (shouts) shut up. “me na wahi kya jo 25 saal phele tum sab ne mil kar mere parents kay sath kya tha….ab tum sab wahi kro gay jo me kahon gi….bcz i own hoodas” (laughing)

She leaves. badi mummy crying. Ishaan is so much in furious He goes to preeti ‘s room and slaps her.

what happens next?

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