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Pyaar (Ragsan) Part 9 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Avni from behind: oh ho love birds!

RagSan composes and feels embarrassed

Avni:arey oh…i knew from the day you entered college sanskar.. That this is going to hpn so don’t get embarrassed….

Rag was blushing

Avni: let me check…ARE.YOU.BLUSHING? Omg

Rag: avni plz!

Avni:ha ha..ab tho mere liye plz thanks sorry hi bacha hai

San:bt i think for you this words also shouldn’t be left

Avni😡: why you think so…so called to be jeejaaaaajiiiii

San:bcs you are always a haddi…

Here outside the cafe…
Soniya: Sanskar and Ragini loves eachother..!!

She goes from there

After some days….

Sanskar was waiting for Ragini in a park

Rag comes there with a white board!

San: wat is this? Don’t tell me you are going to hit me with this!

Rag smiles Sarcastic: bad joke!

San: ok sorry sorry.. Tell me why this!

Rag: bcs i want to create memories with you… Wn we will be old we can remember all these years with things in our hands

San: and Wats that?

Rag keeps a bucket of red colour in front of him…

San: so karna kya hai!

Rag: hand prints
San: hand prints???

Rag: ha.. We will do this every year… We will not forget this day ok!

San: ok!
He smiles widely

They prints their hand in this board

Rag smiles widely….

Rag: you know…i m so happy to get you in my life! And the most important thing is u make me fall for you by each passing days!

San: you said so easily!

Rag: ha…

San: so tho hai.. Bcs you are an open book….

Rag holds his hand: bt plz don’t leave me Sanskar! I can’t imagine my life without you… If i think not to think abt you there also i think abt you!

San smiles…
Rag hugs him

San: now don’t make me cry! Yeh saari lines mujhe kehna chahiye bt tum keh rai ho!

Rag: i don’t want anything from you except one thing

San: and Wats that?
Rag: your love for me!

San: itna pyaar karti ho mujhse

Rag:khud se bhi zyada!kyunki mujse pyaar karne ke liye tum ho na…

Rag his him more tightly

Here soniya: so sanskar doesn’t matters you?


Here avni:i really wish you stay happy meri jaan
Rag smiles
Avni: and don’t forget me!
Rag: arey..i will forget you

Avni : try and see! You will face the worst of me
Rag laughs: sorry sorry
Avni:u also hv become like my that jeejaaaaajiiiii
Rag: ek baat batao… Why you address him jeejaaaaajiiiii?
Avni: after all he is!
Rag; bt dragging the word…?
Avni: bcs he is unique jiju of unique saali😉

Rag laughs

Sanskar comes there: why i feel this avni chudail was talking abt me

Avni: look ragoo…i call him unique bt he calls me chudail haddi and wat not?

San:bcs you are the one and m sorry truth hurts

Avni: if you do this more i will take away Ragini from you

San: you can’t do that.. Bcs Ragini tho mere liye apne dil haar chuki hai!

RagSan have an eye lock

Avni sees them lost and shouts: oh god… Where you have stuck me.. Inbetween a love birds

San: Ragini don’t you think.. She is flying?

Avni: flying? She looks around i don’t have wings

San: when your time will come i will see?

Avni: that will never gonna happen even in your dreams.. Bcs no one will love a trouble maker

Rag: ahaan… Bt you are wing..i hv search a guy for you!

San: who?

Rag: i will not tell you now!

Avni; wat your said?

San: the thing you listened

Avni: haha.. Waise bhi woh bhaag hi jaayega

Rag: he will not

Avni: challenge!

Rag: challenge!

San: whoever wins.. Prize will be wat i ask?

Ragni:ahhh.. This guy!

San: so deal

Avni: Ragoo soch le!

Rag:soch liya


At night….

Swara:i want Ragini’s fall! Her break down! She thinks she has won everything from me

Voice: but she is not!

Person behind her is revealed to……. SANSKAR

He smirks!

Sw smiles and hugs him…

To be continued……

So how was the twist?

Now the real story starts!

And i know you will hate me for this.. Bt this is the storyline…!

And now you will get slow updates as my exams are nearing! May be no updates till this month!

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