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Porus 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ambhi Accepts Puru’s Proposal

Porus 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ambhi angrily tries to attack Puru, but Alka stops him. Puru says it is strange Ambi is not accepting his proposal. Ambhi says does he know why he could not defeat Takshashila since years, it is very difficult to cross Jhelum river with soldiers, only a few soldiers can go. Anusuya had come with a few last time here. He will not risk his soldiers for his son. Puru says it is difficult for him as Jhelum river is just a river for him, but for him it is like mother’s lap and he knows it well. Ambhi asks what if he fails. Puru says he will return Ambhi Kumar safely. Ambhi says he is Anusuya’s son, he will trust him and attack Pourav rastra soon.

In Macedonia, Olympia reminsices Oracle’s warning not to send Alexander to Bharath, else he will not return. Alexander looks at world

map and says Bharath is their destination. Olympia asks to rethink about his decision. He says he wants to meet the protector who will fight against him to protect his mother land Bharath.

Pritha walks with Hasti telling his truth will be out soon. They see Anusuya standing. Hasti thanks her for supporting him. Anusuya says he should thank Puru instead. Hasti says Puru troubled him since ages, what if he helped once. Anusuya tries to speak, but Pritha stops her and says whatever has passed, they cannot change, it is better they go from here. Anusuya says he should know who killed Ripudaman, it is not Shivdutt, but the one who brainwashed him to destroy Dasyu lok and is behind all the problems they are facing, Darius. Pritha says truth is Ripudaman died because of serving Pourav royal family. Anusuya suggests to find out truth behind his father’s death before going. Pritha says she will not let him stay here.

Puru flies his bird and sends message to Laachi, waits with Ambhi and his soldiers. Ambhi says he wants his son to be back safely. Puru asks not to worry.

In Macedonia, Olympia tells Alexander, she doe snot want him to go as she is worried about his life. Alexander insists he wants to meet that protector who will fight with him, his motto is not winning Bharath now.

In dasyu lok, Laachi gets Puru’s message via bird that he is fine and Takshahila king Ambhi accepted his propsoal and soon they are heading towards Pourav rastra. Ambhi kumar asks whose message is this, what is written in it. Laachi says his father accepted Puru’s proposal and he is heading towards Pourav rastra. Ambhi kumar asks what Puru wants, he will not kill his father. Laachi says Puru does not harm his dear ones and wants united Bharath as because of their internal fights, outsiders like Darius are benefitting. Sumer says she is talking like Puru. She says it is better to talk like Puru. Ambhi kumar says she is right, he is feeling united now. She smiles look at letter, he smiles looking at her.

Puru builds bridge on Jhelum river and asks Ambhi to send his soldiers. Soldiers walk and fall down. Ambhi says does he think he did not try all this, Jhelum’s flow will break bridge into pieces, now he has lost and should return his son. Puru says he needs some more time. Amhi gives him 1 day.

Precap: Darius orders his soldiers that Kanishk and Barsin’s wedding night should be Pourav royal family’s last night. Hasti walks in. Alexander heads towards Bharath. Olympia asks him to write her a letter daily, else she will come to meet him. He agrees and thinks he will be famous soonn.

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