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PEHALA PYAR (ISHQBAAZ Fan fiction )- Episode 3

Hello tu people! I am back with new episode of ishqbazz. I hope u all like this episode. Read and enjoy ….

Coming to story…

New entry..

Daksh is a villan.he came to kidnap shivaay. .

Anika after the business party she was busy in pack up .shivaay also their in party up to end ..

While anika was coming out of venue.she saw daksh .

Daksh is talking to goons …

Anika listen all the words that they are going to kidnap shivaay. .

Immediately anika rushed to tell shivaay. .

But anika kick the flower pot..

Daksh saw anika …

Anika trying to escape but Daksh don’t let her to go…

He gave chloroform to her …

And hide her in a room..

After sometime Daksh. .

SKETCH to kidnap shivaay. .

He beated shivaay head with a rod..

Shivaay fainted…

After some time..

Anika open the eyes .and see shivaay. Shivaay also see anika …

Shivaay :you …

Anika :ya it ‘s me .

Shivaay :how you came here?

Anika: I saw Daksh talking with goons that they are going to kidnap you.so I rushed to tell you .but they caught me..

Shivaay :😮😮😮

We have to escape from here…

Anika : Shivaay their is a phone..

Shivaay :yaa..

They both taken the phone..

But they started fighting due to mis balance the phone broken into 2 parts..

Anika:you only broken the phone.😈😈😈😈oh God what we have to do..he broken the phone.I am only sister for my sisters…

Why you kidnapped this bhagad billa with me.

Shivaay :just stop the non sense..


Shivaay thinking how to escape…..

Anika: bhagad billa do you have any chocolate. I am feeling hungry..

Shivaay :what.do have any sense what you are asking.. bhukkad..


Precap:shivaay and anika try to escape. …




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