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Only Friend of Mine (Shivika FF) PART- 4


Starting from there only where I left

Today Anika had made our dear deshdrohi sir very angry and I’m sure about the fact that because of her today we have  to face his wrath. I don’t care actually as  the wrath of people being tolerated by me in every single day so it’s nothing for me. But,I am a little scared for the class…

The thing I thought gonna happen is clearly shown in his eyes. He took the book,oh he is our hindi teacher. Forget to say that. He took the book and stirred his eyes on the whole class. I’m sure that now he will ask a question to Ayan,the first boy of our class and he will answer it and will give water to his rising fire determination to beat him. But,my wonder is that today he didn’t ask him. But,called the most clam and quite boy of our class who is a mystery like me. I mean is he is an astuter or the big fool we don’t have idea on that…

Sir I mean deshdrohi sir called him and asked something which the quite boy or I say Abhi answered calmly

“Sir,I don’t know the answer of this question. “

See now sir got a chance to beat him black and blue. I was feeling a lil sad as I know how it felt?

Sir called him before him. He came before and within second sir made Abhi bow down and started beating him with cane and that too on his back. The harsh sound is heard by all but nobody dared. But,Anika,the girl beside me did what which is another shock for us as well as for sir…

She stood up and spoke

“Sir,please don’t beat him”

Sir looked at Anika. His eyes was red due to anger which I have to face everyday in home but she should scare as the way of looking at her is so scary which could make her cry. But,she is looking at his eyes. Sir didn’t care what she said and trasnsferred his vision from her to Abhi and again rose his cane(type of club but little thin) to beat him. But,someone hold it in meantime which make the breathe hold of us. The someone is none other than Anika

She again speak with tears in eyes,” Sir,please don’t beat him”

Sir roared, ” And why? I am slave of your’s,presumptuous(undisciplined ) girl”

Anika again said,” No,sir. Don’t beat him, please. He is our friend and you are beating him before the whole class which is a great embarrassment for him. The pain is aching his heart on that  note he is beated before whole class. The wound can soothe in some days but the pain,the insult of him will always be in his heart which will give him more pain day by day. We can be cured from the wound but the pain always kept saved in our heart. Sir please don’t beat him”

Yeah,she is absolutely right. Mom everyday beat me hurt me. I felt the pain of that wound for couple of days but the modesty always give me pain. I feel the pain on heart which make me cry on faith every single day. I felt she just now blabbered the inner voice of mine. I felt an unknown affection towards her suddenly. I felt to stand beside her. But,stopped myself and again starting witnessing everything again but kneely…

I found that sir is looking at her with bloodshoting eyes but for the person she is facing sir that Abhi is standing quite. I felt to smack on his head but somehow controlled.

Sir was going to pull her hairs and beat her I stood up and shout


I wanted to say it calmlybut didn’t know it came out as a shout but forget it. I found the whole class looking at me being more scared even sir and it’s my plus point

But still he squealed, ” Whaa..what do you mean? “

“I said stop beating them.” Now,I think it heard by everyone like this,” I said stop beating them or you will get your dead body lying on blood in the road” noI thought as the way they are looking at me it made me felt that they are only thinking it. And why they won’t?  I can’t talk beautifully like Anika even from past two years I didn’t talk with anyone. I think I forgot the way of talking but now who cares..

I again spoke, ” Why aren’t you leaving them?” Now it heard,” Can’t you listen?  How many times I have to spoke the same line. Do you want a trailer of your consequence” I chuckled on my thoughts in my mind but my threat worked and sir told both of them to take their seat and without saying anything he opened the book and said,” Everyone open the page no.124 in your book and dare you make noise.”(let me laugh on his situation😂😂😂)

Anika came beside me and sit. We both looked at book suddenly a current run on my body through my hand.   I felt someone’s hand on my hand. I looked at her direction and found that she hold my hand and squeezed a little and mumbled

“Thank you Shivaay for saving me. You are really sweet. “

She again concentrate on books but forgot to take her hand..crazy hehehe..I chuckled but the feeling was very good. Don’t know why feeling the touch of her I felt complete bliss reason is this that someone hold my hand that too after ages…


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