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Mere Sai 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Unites Old Man With His Family

Mere Sai 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ratnakar Rao tells Kulkarni that he can’t take back the gifts, and asks him to do whatever he wants. Kulkarni asks do you think that I am a beggar. Nand lal says if you say then….Ratnakar tells that very soon Kulkarni will dance on his tune. Nand lal asks what is his purpose of visit. Ratnakar Rao tells that the city land is costly, but the village land is cheap and he will get more profit in future. He asks him not to get angry.

Old man’s family come to Sai’s place. Sai says before having food, we shall play a game. He says you people don’t want to take responsibility of your parents. He says whoever wins in this game will get relieved from your parents’ responsibility. They say they are ready.

Sulbha comes to Bayaza and apologizes to her. Bayaza asks her to stay in her house

and says my doors are always open for you. Sulbha says if I stay in your house, then people will blame me, and I don’t want them to point finger at you. Bayaza asks her to tell her whenever she needs help.

Sai asks both sons to have food with tied hands. They say how can we eat as stick is tied to their right hand. Sai says whoever finishes first will be relieved. They try hard to eat, but couldn’t eat. They say what a joke, how can anyone eat with tied hands. Sai smiles. He ties stick to old man and asks him to have food. Old man makes his wife have food. She also makes him have food with his hand. Sai says I didn’t ask you to feed yourself. He says if you can’t have food then you can make each other have food. Both sons starts feeding food to each other. Their wives get emotional. Both sons gets emotions. Sai om Plays..Old man says you people used to make each other have food in childhood. Sai says you couldn’t have food because of stick, but you fed each other. He says you can’t face the troubles if you are together. He says you both must have different qualities. Elder brother tells that his younger brother is soft spoken and the customers used to get impressed with him. Younger brother also complains. Sai opens old man’s hand and tells instead of getting jealous, they wouldn’t have concentrated on business. Sai asks their wives, if they want to say something,. They say they were not in favor of partition. Sai tells that when family is together, they can overcome any troubles and they will set an example. He says Allah Malik.

Rukmini asks Sulbha to dry the rice. She sees her clothes torn and asks her to come there. She gives her sarees. Sulbha is grateful to her. Keshav asks why did you give so many sarees to them. Rukmini thinks we shall give the things who are needy. Keshav thinks Sai also does the same and thinks if I shall do the same. An Old and weak man comes there and falls down, shouts. Keshav gives him water and helps him get up. He asks him to wait there and brings rice and gives to him. Old man thanks him. Keshav folds his hands. Kulkarni comes out and shouts Keshav. Old man gets shocked.

Appa teaches gyaneshwari paath to Tatya. Sai comes there. Appa is about to get up. Sai asks him not to get up and tells Bayaza will take care of me. Sai says Mata is the avatar of teetra and father is the avatar of all devtas. He says it is responsibility of all fathers to grow confidence in their children and shall guide their children with love and patience, and not to scare them. Sai om plays. Bayaza gives him charity. Sai goes. Old man leaves from them being scared. Kulkarni asks Keshav what did you give to old man. Keshav says I gave him so much grains. Kulkarni says we have so much grains and says we can give it on interest. Keshav says if we don’t help poor then who will help them. Kulkarni is shocked and says you need to be punished. He asks him to forward his hand. Keshav says no. Rukmini comes and keeps her hand as Kulkarni hits him with stick. She asks him to leave him. Kulkarni asks her not to teach him how to handle his son, and says because of you, my son has become weak. He says you both love each other and says you both will not have food. Kulkarni looks on.

Kulkarni reads British’s letter asking him to help Ratnakar buy land in Shirdi. Appa and Mhalsapati think if he is good or bad.

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