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Mehrya My version Part 69

Soon Mehak reached Sharma Nivas, they manage to bring her up to her room and she was at her bed. She looked around her room and see it was the same nothing change. Kanta chachi asked her why you are looking like that beta, she replied nothing changed in here, yes it’s your room and nothing will change. You rest first I will prepare something for you to eat. Nehal sit with her to accompany her, Mehak asked her whether she went to see Mohit & Sonal’s baby. She said yes and show her mobile where she took the baby’s picture, the baby was fair like Sonal and plump like Mohit. They tease and laughed, later Mehak said whenever she laugh her neck and jaw aches and try to suppress her laughter.  At downstairs of Sharma’s living area all elders gathered and discuss about the incident happen at hospital, it was Shaurya’s ex-girl friend who caused the accident to Mehak and she battled for her life, now we should thank God , our child is safe and recovering. We took her away from Shaurya. PD was there and mocking them for making decision her for Mehak as she is married and grown up. They should ask Mehak for her opinion. Ravi chachu said PD you didn’t even know what our child told earlier , she said she doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone and asked us to leave her in the hospital because now she needs someone all the time to assist her she wants to remain at hospital. Kanta chachi also seconds PD saying Mehak is brave girl, she can overcome any problem between herself and we shouldn’t be separating husband and wife. NO matter Shaurya is wrong but at times he did so many good things we should see his good things too. Ravi chachu, Jeevan chachu and Daduji voiced up saying if our daughter is not safe what is the point sending her there. Never mind let her stay here and recover then we will decide how.

Mehak’s dress on Valentine’s day

Shaurya reached Khanna mansion, he walks straight into his room and sat on the bed tossing his mobile off on the bed. Karuna maa came up and see him sitting with his elbow rest on his knees and palm on his cheek. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he looked at her. He asked what happened, you are early at home, and usually you won’t come back so early home. Shaurya takes a deep breath and replied Mehak got discharged maa, then where is she beta she asked. Chachus wants her to follow them there as they think she is not safe with me. What are you saying Shaurya? Then he told her the accident parts and they ask her to choose either to come with me or they and she chose to go with them. I am not upset or angry for whatever Chachus said or with Mehak because it was all because of me she went through such accident. You don’t know maa the first few nights she was at hospital, how she was battling for her life, a normal thing we do smile, breath , cough or even moving a finger was hard for her. I died million times seeing her like that. She was like butterfly happily flying everywhere and living her own life. I fell in love with her purity, her innocence, her unconditional love for all which makes me mad and want to get her in my life. Karuna maa rubbed his back to calm him down and talked, beta nobody loves Mehak like you do and she also loves you very much. She might follow her family but that doesn’t mean she hates you, she might do that because she don’t want to hurt her family member’s feelings. Once all calm and settled go and talk to her. Shaurya said I didn’t argue much because doctors told me she will have trauma attacks as we cause more stress , and she had once at hospital I have seen it myself, I don’t want her to suffer. I am willing to wait for her for days , weeks or years till her anger subsided saying that he gets up and move to his study table and told his mom he want to do some work she left from that room as well.

At Sharma Nivas Mehak was treated like a child, one by one kept taking care of her. She was overwhelmed and happy to be home with her loved ones. Nehal came to the room and asked her di did you talk to SJ, do you want me to call for you? She replied no need to call and all. Later Nehal give her tablets and Mehak soon dozed off.

Nehal sat beside her and watching her as Kanta chachi came to their room to check on them. She was looking at Mehak thoroughly. Nehal asked why taiji you are seeing her as if seeing her for first time, is anything wrong? Kanta chachi responds Mehak is a good child, she sees all in good way and she does expect good in returns. But if things didn’t comes in good she always pacify herself and brave up for next level. She and Shaurya have misunderstandings that I can see it clearly for all the weeks at hospital but Shaurya is not bad, all human do mistakes and maybe he went overboard. We all know Mehak’s anger. She takes time to forgive and forget. Hopefully both of them gets better soon. Today when your papa accused him for ill-treating Mehak , Shaurya didn’t fought back , he just stand quietly and let them to vent their anger on them. After both Nehal and Kanta chachi’s talk they leave to their room and Nehal volunteered to take care Mehak that night as Kanta chachi has been taking care of her for the past few weeks.

Shaurya at his room was browsing his mobile and saw Mehak’s photos taken at White chilies. All were random shots taken by the event organizers. She was mesmerizingly beautiful in that black and golden anarkali long dress. He put his mobile on heart and takes a deep breath. I miss you Jaan , even we don’t talk much at least I was seeing you every day at hospital , now I am in this luxury bed but still can’t sleep thinking are you okay , did you sleep properly and all. He browse thru his mobile and fell asleep eventually.

At midnight Shaurya gets up sweating as he had nightmare, he had the flashes of the car hitting Mehak and bounce off. He gets up and gulp a glass of water and quickly took his mobile and thinks who to call, then he decided to call Nehal. Nehal answered and asked SJ is all okay or else why is he calling at this hour? He asked how Mehak is. She replied she is sleeping taken medicines and all. He asked for favor whtr he can come over to see her, he wants to make sure she is okay, Nehal agreed and waits for him. He gets up quickly wearing his hoodie left to PWG.

He called once reached Sharma Nivas and Nehal opens the door for him and slowly both went to her, Mehak was sleeping serenely. He went near her and caressed her face gently. He watched her for some time and Nehal guarded outside. After a while he plant a kiss on her forehead and was about to leave when Ravi chachu came there. Nehal luckily notice her dad is awake and ask Shaurya to hide. He hides away while he came to see on Mehak and Nehal to keep an eye on her, if she is tired let them know, they will take turn. She nodded and he moved away from there. Both Shaurya and Nehal exhales a deep breath after he left from there. Shaurya came out from his hiding and ask her to take care of her properly and she sent him off from there.


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