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LOVE TRIUMPHS ALL IB FF – Episode 35 by Nitestar

Shivaay was running around with the phone on his ear he was shouting orders to get things done for the haldi ceremony. Then there is a thud shivaay turns it’s Rudy he had sat down on the sofa


Rudy – oh god this is so much work I don’t know how anika bhabhi does this, she is really my superwoman.


And then Anika and Gauri come giving intrsuctions to the workers regarding the ceremonies lookind at them working both Shivaay and Om get worried.

Shivaay – Anika have I not told you to rest why you are moving about and working come sit here.

Om – Gauri you are stubborn I should lock you in the room.

Gauri – Om I was bored and I am walking about so I can get some exercise, exercise is good for the baby tell him Anika Bhaujai.

Anika – you brothers are too cute I know that we need to rest but we need to move around as well. Or we will become like a round football and then you will not be interested in us.

Shivaay – Ohh baby this will never happen with us I still need you and (comes closer to her ear) I cannot wait for this baby to come so we can start the process all over again.

Anika blushes and slowly hits shivaay, they hug each other. Om Gauri and Rudy smile at them.

Rudy – Hey where is Sumo I have not seen her since morning.

Anika – She has gone with Mummyji and Badi Maa to the mandir to check the post marriage pooja preparations.

Rudy (pouting) – But she did not inform me as well.

Anika – Awww she went very early and then you would be sleeping na.

Just then Mahi enters with Ansh who is wriggling in Mahi’s arms after seeing his dad.

Shivaay – Aww my baby come to papa, so you missed me (he baby talks with him) and kisses rasberries on his tummy. Ansh is giggling and this makes everyone smile.

Rudy – Bhaiyya enough now give him to me so I can play with him

Om – Hey its my turn now I want to play with him.

Shivaay – No he will be with me now

Gauri – See bhaujai these brother with never change even after they have become fathers.Anika and gauri silently giggle.


Haldi Ceremony

After all the fun talk the preparations continue evening rolls by and Om is decorated in various shades of yellow.

Shipra comes with her family she is wearing a beautiful yellow lehenga and mahi comes and stands next to her he is wearing yellow kurta and dhoti.

Rudy – Ok Mahi bhaiyya now its time for Judaai(separation) you have to separate from Shipra Bhabhi.

Mahi – What are you crazy??

Rudy – Bhaiyya only for few hours for the ceremony. Everyone start laughing.

They keep a curtain and both of them change and they continue with the ceremony. They complete the ceremony and move to wash off and change for the party.

Shivaay pulls Anika to the corner and hugs her.

Anika – Shivaay what is this all are in the hall they will be looking for us.

Shivaay- Hmmm I don’t care…come here and he starts applying haldi on her back and hands very sensually.

Anika – Shivaay what are you doing why are you teasing me….

Shivaay – Teasing haan come here and he kisses her passionately…

Rudy – Bhaiyya…Oops sorry bhaiyya you can continue…Shivaay leaves anika and she starts blushing.

Om – Ohh Shivaay we are sorry to disturb your special Haldi Holi.

Anika feels so embarrased she tries running away but Gauri and Saumya stop her…she turns and

Comes back and shivaay hugs her…she hides her face on shivaay’s chest.

And all family members come there…and they start teasing them….

Shivaay – Hey stop it all of you she is my wife ok…I can do this whenever wherever I want!!

Om- Haan she is your wife shivaay!!! See what you are teaching Rudy and Ansh you are corrupting poor children…Rudy looks at Om angrily

Gauri – Awww look at them after 2 babies they love each other so much.

Om – Hey I love you too should I show you…he turns to kiss gauri…

Gauri – Omkaraji no you are shameless leave me…he hits him on his arm…

Lafzon ka rishta plays in the background and all family is laughing. They start enjoying and dancing in the party till late night…all the guests start leaving… and shipra also start to leave with her family.

Pinky – Ok now enough all of you shipra is leaving we need to prepare for the marriage tomorrow.

Family is engrossed in saying goodbyes…Mahi looks at Shipra but everytime he wants to hug her and talk to her someone or the other comes in between.Finally she leaves OM and Mahi could only say bye while she was in the car…


Wedding Day

After an eventful Haldi oberoi family has everything ready for the wedding…the ladies are with Shipra getting her ready, as decided all the functions will happen at OM so the wedding will also be done in the OM lawns like the other Obros.

Everyone comes down ready for the function…obros are first with cutie pie Ansh who is wearing a cute sherwani matching his father…

Finally Mahi also joins them and they go towards the Mandap….

Pandit – Everything is ready please call the bride…

Obahus get Shipra and she sits with Mahi…she is wearing a Ghunghat so Mahi cannot see her face..

Mahi (whispers) – Shipra why have worn this Ghunghat (veil) on your face I wanted to see you..

Shipra – Well today you will have to gift me to see my face…

Before he could reply the pandit starts reading mantras…and they complete all the rituals to finally become husband and wife…

They come down to take blessings of elders and they proceed for dinner…finally its time for Bidaai(where a girl says bye to her family and moves to her husbands family)….Shipra is crying hugging her parents…but finally they complete all rituals of her entry in the house…

Mahi – Ok now I am tired can we go to our bedroom

Shivaay – Mahi why are you in a hurry come we have to talk to you….saying this they pull him away from shipra..

Obahus take her to mahi’s room…

Anika – Well Shipra hope you are ready our devar was very eager to come to the bedroom

Gauri – Bhaujai she herself is eager…and shipra starts blushing…

Soumya – Bhabhis look now we have embaressed her…but Shipra Bhabhi you know its ok if you are eager to spend your first night…

They all start laughing….and mahi comes at the door…obahus stop him

Anika – stop you cannot enter devarji…there is a cost for this…

Gauri – ya what if Prinku is not here we will take the money for her…

Saumya – Ya Bhaiyya give us money or we will lock this room and not let you inside…she shows a lock and key…

Mahi – Bhabhis you too first my brothers troubled me and now you please let me meet Shipra I have not spoken to her properly today….

Obahus – No way pay and enter….

Mahi look sad he gets cash and gives them…obahus tease them and leave…

Mahi – don’t worry bhabhis I will take revenge of this…he looks at shipra and locks his room door he does not want anymore disturbance.He comes to shipra and lifts her ghunghat.

Mahi – you are looking so beautiful today…come here he hugs her

Shipra – Mahi you look very handsome….she blushes

Mahi – well  now is not the time to blush and he comes closer and kisses her…she also equally responds to him…

They continue kissing and mahi leaves her and starts peppering kisses on her jaw and neck

Shipra(moans) – Mahiiii

He cannot take it anymore and clothes start flying off till finally they make love and celebrate their first night….



Hi guys hope you liked the long chapter…I do not know much about hindu marriages but fast forwaded the same as this is a Shivika story…but this story is towards the end. I do not want to unnecessary stretch the story…

Enjoy and keep reading my books….


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