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Laado 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya rescues Anushka from goons

Laado 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anushka giving sweets to Kuldeep. Kuldeep tastes it and says it is good. They see Shaurya coming there. Kuldeep says Amrish is not at home and asks her to spend time with Shaurya. Anu asks why did you come? Shaurya says Dadi called me. Dadi asks him to give chadawa in the temple. Anu says you would have told me. Dadi says you are going with Shaurya. They say no.

Rantej follows Malhari. Malhari thinks she knows and will fools him. Rantej gets Tej’s call and he tells that nobody has seen Anushka’s dead body, and tells that it would have been easy if they had her pic. Malhari comes to the election commission. Rantej asks what she is doing here. she says she is standing in elections even though she has no money to spend in elections. Rantej asks about her plan. Malhari says you

will know when others know.

Dadi tells that it was her mannat for juhi’s return. Anushka tells Dadi that she will go alone. Dadi says that area is bad, you can’t go alone. Shaurya says we both will go. Anu is upset. Shaurya asks Anu to sit silently and not ti utter a word. He says we are going together like strangers. He asks if she sat properly. Anu asks him to decide, and says you said not a word. He starts bike. Anu keeps her hand on his shoulder. They leave. They reach temple. Anushka thinks this chadawa is for Juhi and thinks what to do. Shaurya says you are not Juhi and says everything is changed in you. He asks her to present chadawa when her heart agrees. He makes a kid wear garland of the chadawa and gives him money. He sits on his bike and goes. Anu thinks he is strange. She sits in taxi and thinks what he thinks of himself, if he don’t help me then I will not reach home. Driver stops the car and tells Anu that it stopped as the passenger is smart. Anushka runs out of taxi/car.

Other goons come there and surround her. Anu thinks about Janvi and thinks she can’t be weak. She throws stone on the goons and runs. She collides with Shaurya and gets happy. She tells about the driver and his goons misbehaving with her. She asks him to come. Shaurya tells that his straw fell down here, don’t know when it fell. She asks him to come. Shaurya drinks coconut water and says I have one more with me, but there is just one straw. Anu says goons are behind me. Shaurya says I will not come until I have coconut water. Goons come there. Anushka tells them that shaurya is a fighter. Goon asks him to leave silently. Shaurya says I have nothing to do with her. Goon comes and holds Anushka’s hand. Anu shouts Shaurya. Shaurya beats the goons. Goons run away. Shaurya asks Anu not to get scared. Anu is scared and hugs him crying. Rabba Mere Rabba plays….Shaurya says they are gone. Anu says she was scared and thought same thing will happen with her which happened with her Janvi. Anu says nobody, she read in the newspaper. Shaurya picks her fallen dupatta and covers her.

He says he will drop her home. Suddenly he faints and falls down. Anu asks him to wake up and sees his stomach bleeding.

Bunty asks Anu to come with him and says Shaurya must have went to fighting club. Anu comes there and tries to stop Shaurya. Shaurya refuses.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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