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Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi invites Karan for engagement

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

First Part in Kumkum Bhagya Section

Pragya walks in the corridor of jail, upset that reaching Simonika was helpless. Even their lawyer was hopeless about the case after Abhi’s verdict. Purab shouted back at the lawyer, but he wasn’t deterred. Purab shouted that its lawyer’s duty to fight the case and win it. The lawyer returned their file as the case was weak and he had no proofs. She was hopeless about the case and shattered. The lady inspector tells Pragya she has only five minutes to meet him, Abhi was waiting for her. Pragya decides his hope must not break at any cost and doesn’t share the details about Simonika. She tells Abhi she and everyone at home is fine. Abhi forwards his hand for a high-five with her. She holds it. Pragya tells Abhi the lawyer is hopeful

about the case, even they found some new clues. Abhi says he is missing his family a lot, he understood the value of his family’s love. Pragya says they also miss him a lot, its about a single day only and they will all be together. Then they will celebrate in their style, and have his special coffee together. Abhi understands she was lying and promises not to share this lie with anyone. He can be courageous as Pragya hasn’t yet accepted the defeat; they will now fight together. He hugs Pragya. Pragya was happy he understood her.
In Kundli Bhagya, Karan was irked over Tapsi for mocking him and ruining whole of his plan. He was obsessed of his status and decides not to speak to her again. He then remembers Prithvi’s deterrence that Karan won’t be able to stop his engagement. Karan was even angry at Preeta as she didn’t know about his attempts to save Preeta. Karan calls Tapsi and convinces that only she loves Prithvi, that Preeta is only doing an arranged marriage with him. Tapsi was angry and wasn’t ready to hear another word about Prithvi, she cuts the call.
Preeta comes to stand with Shrishti in the balcony. Shrishti says Preeta must take rest right now. Preeta says sometimes a minor question complicates the mind. She says she being an elder never hugged anyone, then how did Shrishti hug Sameer at home. Shrishti explains she was only applying an anti-septic over his face, he screamed so she hugged him. Preeta smiles at Shrishti and asks if his heart beat skips every time Sameer comes to her? But when he is near, she feels angry towards him; and when he has left she curses her own self. This is love. Shrishti tells Preeta if she ever experienced this all in her own life, she must look into herself first. Preeta boasts about being an elder in age and experience both. She directly asks Shrishti if she loves Sameer. Shrishti was speechless, and says she doesn’t know what Sameer feels for her. Preeta suggests about finding about it. Shrishti gets an idea for Preeta’s engagement day.
Prithvi comes outside Luthra house with a box in hand. He says the list of his enemies has increased, and Karan is on the list now.
Purab finds out its not Simonika but Avantika Sahani, he calls to tell Pragya about it as well. Pragya was shocked to see Avantika’s call on her number. Purab wonders why Avantika would call Pragya. There, Avantika was ready to help Pragya. She says Pragya has wasted a lot of time in proving her as Simonika; she got a call from Bangalore and is sure Pragya must have got a confirmation that she is Avantika by now. She offers to give Pragya a chance to save her husband, it might be beneficial for both of them. Pragya wasn’t ready to apologize and turns to leave. Avantika offers to be Simonika. Pragya questions why she would be Simonika, she doesn’t want an innocent to be proven a culprit. Avantika asks Pragya to hear the deal first. She questions if she wants her husband, or his name, fame and status? She promises Abhi’s bail tomorrow morning, with a demand of the whole property and assets of Abhishek in return.
Prithvi comes inside. Kareena was curt watching him here. Prithvi asks about Karan and Rishab. Rakhi says Rishab went to jog with his father. Karan comes from behind. Prithvi was happy to him, his mission will now be accomplished. He says he brought a good news for Karan; the invitation card of his engagement and it’s the first invite he is distributing. Karan turns to go for a bath, Prithvi hands the invitation to Rakhi. Kareena tells Prithvi they are already invited by Sarla, Prithvi didn’t need to come here. Prithvi says he is valued by this family and even went on a vacation with them. Kareena leaves the table, Rakhi explains Kareena must have something important. Prithvi thinks Karan must be in his room, asks to use washroom and goes upstairs.
Sarla was at Mehra’s house, worried about Pragya. Dadi assures Sarla that Pragya will handle everything, she won’t let Abhi suffer any harm.
Pragya was disgusted that Avantika’s thinking is also like Simonika. Avantika says this is demand and supply rule of business. Pragya just boasted she can do anything for Abhi; why she looks shocked now. She asks Pragya if she wants a husband without money; or money without husband.

PRECAP: Karan invites everyone to party. Preeta says she won’t come, its her engagement tomorrow. Avantika tells Pragya that Purab handles the business and can name both property and assets after her by court hearing.

Update Credit to: Sona

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