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Kasam 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanuja warns Netra

Kasam 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchal asking Netra if she came to give good news. Netra tells her that they will separate again like that night, and reminds her. She says same amavas night come in their life. Kanchal asks her to send their recording. Netra says she will show her live telecast. Tanuja is angry and thinks why did Rishi bring me back when he wants netra to stitch his button. Ahana comes and asks what happened? Tanuja says Rishi asked Netra to stitch his shirt button. She tells that Netra said that she loves Rishi and tells that she will tell her that Rishi is her husband. She comes to Netra’s room. Netra comes there and says she went outside. Tanuja asks her to be in limits. Netra says she is Tania’s mum here and don’t want anything. Tanuja says you want Rishi, and tells that she is bearing her

as she is Tania’s mum. Ahana comes there. Netra tells that she has done so much for the family and asks Ahana to tell.

Tanuja asks her to go. Netra says I have done so much for everyone since last years and have thought them as my family. Tanuja says you thought Rishi as your husband, and tells that she let her stay here as she took care of her family. She says she has returned to Rishi’s home and can handle him and asks her to handle herself, else nobody will stop you from leaving. Netra thinks to make Tanuja more jealous. She gets Kanchal’s call and tells that she is not getting sleep. Natasha and Netra come there.

Rishi tells Manpreet that he was thinking about Tanuja. He asks him to drive fast. Manpreet says he is already driving fast. Natasha asks Tania if I do anything for your mum, will you get angry. She says no, they plan to unite Tanuja and Rishi.

Dr. Manish thinks how to tell him and calls Rishi and asks him to come to clinic and take the reports. Rishi says someone will collect it and ends the call. Manpreet says we will take the reports now itself. Rishi says ok. Netra thinks Tanuja and Rishi must have fought with each other. She offers to cut vegetables. Tanuja says I know what is going on in your heart and knows what you want to do. She asks what you will do by creating misunderstandings between us. She says I know now how are you, you have many faces. Netra says thank god, you know now and tells that she will get it what she wants. Tanuja says what you can’t do in 8 years, I can do in 8 sec. she asks her to give respect and take respect. She says mistake which I have done 8 years back, will not do it again, you have to leave from here then go and stay in your mum’s house and cut vegetables and your hand. Netra says I will cut your relations.

Precap: Dr. Manish tells Rishi that his reports are not normal and asks him to freeze his sperms if he wants to increase his family. Rishi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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