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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul spies on Seth ji

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts a lady driving and listening old songs. She ties up the guard. She asks someone about Seth ji. She shows pic. The man says no, I didn’t see her. Preeti says I spoke to Indra that night when he went to temple, then next day I did his final rites, this man is someone else. Rahul says I risked my life and yours too, to find his murderers, I didn’t see his dead body, I agree you did his final rites, but I didn’t see, Minty is saying Seth ji is Indra. She says don’t say this, Indra loved you a lot, he may look like Indra. He says don’t know, we have seen dual faced people, I can’t believe anyone now, Thakur is innocent when I doubted on him, while Namrata is fraud. She asks how can you say against Indra. He says I m not staining Indra’s character, I will be happy

if Seth ji isn’t Indra, I will find out, till when will we sit here, we have to find some way to go out.

Namrata thinks of Rahul. She says forgive me Rahul, don’t hate me, I know I did wrong, I did all sins to get you, only for you. She cries. Shambu and Rudra hear police siren. Yashpal says find them before they take lift. Shambu and Rudra hide. Rudra says we will go jungle way and reach village. They go. Rudra sees a man and says we were going Kashi, its night, we lost the way, if you permit us to rest here, we will rest and leave in morning. The man says why not, you can stay inside. The lady comes and says I sold out everything but got less money. They cry seeing some coins. Seth ji asks someone to find out Shambu and Rudra, he will come. He sees the camera feed. He hears Preeti saying a story to Minty.

He asks where is Rahul. She says he is sleeping inside, he had food and felt sick. He says then go to his room and show me he is sleeping. She shows Rahul sleeping. Rahul says I feel cold, why did you remove blanket. He sleeps. Preeti and Minty go. Seth ji says maybe Rahul didn’t like our food, he will get his medicines in morning, good night. Rahul gets up and goes.

The lady says this is house, not any dharamshala. The man says they are Lord’s devotee, let them stay, they are our guests, arrange food for them. The man puts coins in a pot. Shambu and Rudra look on and smile. Rahul opens the door with a key and goes out. He sees guard sleeping. He sees Seth ji talking on call. Seth ji says we kept them alive to deal them for Shivlings, once we get shivlings, kill them, whoever has seen my face shouldn’t see anything else. He goes. Rahul thinks it means if we stay here, we will die. The man serves food to Shambu and Rudra. They have food. The lady says dad, what will we do tomorrow. The man says let them have food, we will get poison by that money. She says no, we won’t die, maybe there is some precious things in the chest, we will kill them when they sleep. The man says no, we can’t kill anyone to make our life better, Lord give some sense to daughter.

The lady gets Seth ji’s guard and asks is this Seth ji’s house. She huts him and goes inside. Rahul comes to Seth ji’s room. He checks some documents. The lady enters the house and hits guards. Rahul checks cupboard and gets some dummy models. He checks passports with fake names. He sees cosmetic surgery receipt. He gets shocked. He leaves. The poor lady goes to kill Shambu and Rudra. She cries and stops. She says Lord why are you testing me, if you can’t help, then give courage to make loss for someone. Rudra sees the guards wounded and unconscious. He runs upstairs. He sees a lady pointing knife at Preeti’s neck. Rahul asks who are you, leave them. The lady says why, they are Seth ji’s family, they have to die. He says what, Seth ji caged us. She says Minty said Seth ji is her dad, children never lie. He says its her misunderstanding. The lady says they have to die. Rahul shouts stop.

Seth ji asks the lady won’t she like to see his face before she kills him. He removes the wig. Rahul, Preeti and Minty hide and see him, getting shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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