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Twinkle stood there for a moment, still not able to believe that Kunj could do such thing. Surely, she needs an explanation for all this. Was he so angry with her? 

Twinkle knew Kunj won’t be back home tonight, but she needed an explanation now. She picked up her phone and dialed Kunj’s number. It rang but he didn’t answer the call. After three miss calls on his phone Kunj finally received the call.
Kunj- Hello! 

Twinkle- Kunj, I need to talk to you. It’s important. 

Kunj- Tell me? 

Twinkle- I came home and all my things are not in bedroom. 

What a ball!!- UV’s voice came on the phone and with that it was sure that they were watching cricket. 

Kunj went in another room for some privacy and asked- And your point> 

Twinkle- Why you did that? 

Kunj- Twinkle, there is no point to continue to this act now. 

Twinkle- Means? 

Kunj- Very simple, now Mahi left so no need to share the bedroom. If you are not going to act like my wife then why live like my wife? 

Twinkle’s heart sunk. How could he say such a thing? She enjoyed being with him. She had grown so closer to her husband by sharing a bedroom with him. And she had spent so much time with him. 

Twinkle- But…. Twinkle couldn’t think of anything, she just knew that it was her fault. 

Kunj- Twinkle, just leave it, all you stuff had been shifted to your old room. 

Twinkle- Kunj, you are not being fair. 

Kunj- Not being fair? Twinkle you are the one who is reluctant to be with me in every way I need you to be. What is the point of sharing the bedroom and sharing a bed if you aren’t willing to satisfy my needs? We are just roommates, just because we are married for the name sake and nothing else. Kunj was getting angry as he spoke. 

Twinkle couldn’t believe herself what to reply. She was just believing that it was all her fault. She had been reluctant to go along with the arrangement in the first place and ow she was only complaining about things going back to the way they were. Kunj was right there was not point of sharing the same room unless they maintain their physical relationship. 

Kunj- I have to go and don’t wait for me. 

Twinkle heard him keeping the phone and she was shocked by no means. Kunj was rude and she was literally hating the moment. 

Boy’s night out was finally here. Kunj, Karan and UV had spent the evening in Karan’s apartment and the night they planned to go some night club. 

UV- Karan, my boy, take a look and choose wisely. UV said patting his back when they reached the entrance of the night club. Karan had a look at the long queue where the girls were standing waiting for their entrance in the club. He looked at the girls their wearing bold and exposing dresses. He shied as one of the woman winked at him. UV slipped the bouncer few hundred dollars so they can skip the line. Men like Kunj and UV with so much wealth were not made to wait in the line. 

Kunj- First round of drinks I am buying. 

UV- Ok, first we will have scotch and then tequila shots. 

Karan- I don’t drink that much. 

Kunj- No worries, just drink what you want. He didn’t want to force Karan but wanted to observe him. 

After scotch, UV tried his hand flirting with a girl whereas Kunj tried his best to be help him out but to UV’s bad luck no one was showing any interest in him. One even asked Kunj’s number with whom UV tried to flirt and tried to give his number. Karan watched all this in silence. He was happy that Mahi was not that difficult to talk the way other girls in club were behaving with UV. 

UV- All this effort and only two phone numbers. UV was sad. 

Kunj said patting UV back- Don’t worry, tequila shots will make you feel better. He ordered few rounds of tequila shots. 

Kunj- ready guys? Kunj said and Karan and UV nodded their heads. They took the shots. After two Karan had stopped but Kunj and UV took four and they were out after that. 

Karan- Sir, I should leave. It’s quite late. 

Kunj- No Karan, the night is still young. Stay! 

UV- C’mon Karan, you don’t want to dance with any of these beautiful ladies. 

Karan- No, actually I am not good with ladies. If you both want should I drop you home. It’s 2 in the morning. 

Kunj- No we will manage, don’t worry. 

UV- He is a nice boy. 

Kunj- Hmm, good for Mahi. 

Hey- A blonde girl reached UV and greeted her. 

UV who was really happy to see a hot and happening lady approached her- Hey. 

Blonde girl- My friend thinks you are really cute. 

Kunj tried not laugh on UV but he did and UV who was smiling thinking that he will flaunt this hot blonde girl in front of Kunj was trying to set him up with her friend. 

UV- Oh, and where is this friend of yours. 

Blonde Girl- Right over there. She said pointing to a table in corner and continued-Come I’ll introduce her with you. 

UV – Ya, I will go and meet this girl. What is her name? 

Blonde Girl- Her name is Chinki. 

UV- Hmm.  

Once Uv left, Kunj started feeling low. He and twinkle right now were not on good terms. He saw girls moving their bodies sensually against their bodies of their significant other or even just stranger is the club. Kunj gulped few more tequila shots and his mood lighten though he was intoxicated. Without even he just walked to a group of girls and asked if anyone would like to dance with him. 

Choose whoever you want to dance with- A girl said and Kunj eyes fell on a girl standing on the back of the group. She had a tan skin and seemed Indian Seeing her, Kunj got a flash of twinkle. She was taller than Twinkle and her body was clad in a skin tight royal blue dress that he knew Twinkle would never wear. 

Kunj- Hi, I am Kunj. 

Girl- Hi, am Alisha. 

Kunj- Would you like to dance with me. 

Alisha- Sure. 

The other girls just watched them in jealousy as Kunj pulled Alisha on the dance floor. They started dancing as Kunj’s hand rested on her hips unsure whether she would mind or not. Alisha in the meantime snaked her arms around Kunj’s neck and pulled him closer.  The song that was played was a slow and romantic one. Both were highly drunk and the music made it better for them. 

Alisha- So, you married? 

Kunj- Yes newly married. Kunj brought up his right finger to show his wedding ring. 

Alisha- So, where is she? 

Kunj- This place is not for her or you can say she isn’t type of a person for this place. 

Alisha- Arrange marriage? 

Kunj- How, how do you know that? Kunj was taken aback as she asked her this question and he was like how she could make out that he had an arrange marriage. 

Alisha- I had one too. She casually said. 

Kunj eyes were wandering at her revealing dress. He turned back to her group of friends who were no longer paying attention to them and concluded that they were having girl’s night out. 

Kunj turned back and asked- Are you married too? 

Alisha- Yeah, come let’s have drink. She grabbed Kunj’s hand and went to the bar. 

Kunj- Does your husband know that you are here? 

Alisha- No ways, he is out of town. He is the traditional type. Wear sari, cover yourself, don’t go in public and cook clean taking care of ids. That’s not me but him. 

Kunj- Yeah, I can see that. 

Alisha- I hate being married. My parents found him for me and he was not the best choice for me. They choose him because he was well established and cultural types. If they would have chosen someone like you then I would have been really happy. 

Kunj laughed. He found Alisha very interesting, fun loving and bold. 

Kunj- Damn it, my marriage was a business deal. Kunj said as he felt that he could share his feelings with her. 

Alisha’s eyes widen on what Kunj had told her. 

Alisha- Seriously, A business deal! That’s disgusting. I never thought that it happens in real life too. Did you know each other before marriage? 

Kunj- No, we met just days before we got married. We got married and I brought her here in Sydney. We were practically strangers. What about you? You know your husband before marriage? 

Alisha- Yes, for seven months. We met, stayed in touch for three months and then got engaged and after four months of our engagement we got married and our honeymoon sucked. He took me to Austria for honeymoon and believe me we stayed in hotel for a whole week. No sight-seeing nothing. He wasn’t exciting at all and not good in bed also. She said casually. 

Honeymoon? Kunj had not taken Twinkle on honeymoon. He remembers when they discussed about it how Twinkle got scared with the word honeymoon. Now he couldn’t even think about it as he himself has forced her back to her old room after mahi’s departure. And can’t also think of consummating their marriage. 

Alisha- Did you hear me? 

Kunj- Sorry, what did you say? 

Alisha- Where did you go for your honeymoon? 

Kunj- Oh, nowhere. She was not willing to. 

Alisha- Really? It’s a great vacation time. I hope that s*x doesn’t suck. She commented and she had that confidence which Kunj liked. 

Kunj-Oh… well… we haven’t done anything yet. We even sleep in separate rooms. 

Alisha- It doesn’t seem like you are married, just staying as roommates. 

Like this their conversation continued. They both were enjoying night away from their less satisfying marriage. They were continuously drinking. Kunj was in mood to get drunk as much as possible as he didn’t have this much fun after his bachelor party and Alisha was being a good company. 

Alisha- What is your wife like? 

Kunj- Traditional. She always wears saree, even if I tell her not to. She loves cooking. She is shy and sweet. He didn’t know what else to say for her as the best described word for Twinkle was traditional. He also thought to say beautiful but didn’t want Alisha to know that. 

Alisha0 Sounds a perfect match for my husband. 

Alisha’s response bothered Kunj. Twinkle was only and only his. He didn’t like the thought of her being a perfect match for other man. He was not in his senses but he didn’t care at that moment. 

Both got up and went on the dance floor again. Alisha positioned herself in front of Kunj with her back leaning on his front. She moved her hips and Kunj hands adjusted on her hips. He didn’t hesitate to dance worth her and was roaming his hands on her body freely. She turned around and their eyes locked and came closer to him leaving no gap between their bodies. She gently kissed him and Kunj allowed her. The alcohol had number his senses. Instead of pulling away he kissed her back and their kiss became fervent. Kunj was the one to break the kiss. He was completely shocked as to what he had done. He just kissed another woman. He quickly got down of the dance floor and began searching UV. He just wanted to leave from there and leave Alisha as well. 

Kunj- Alisha called from behind She placed a hand on his shoulder and said- It is absolutely fine. We both are not satisfied from our marriage. We are trapped with the people who can never make us happy. Your wife can never make you happy but I can. 

Kunj turned and did the unthinkable. He looked at her and kissed her again. Alisha has received her answer. 

Kunj and Alisha headed towards Kunj ‘s car and he drove it to his mansion. The drive was silent. They both knew what they are going to do was a sin but at that moment they didn’t care. The silence was broken by the raindrops which abruptly started. Kunj saw Alisha who was sitting calmly and even Kunj was internally cal. He had not been with a woman since he left for India and it was too much long time for him. He obviously was a playboy who can’t be a one-woman man. He was actually surprised that he lasted this long. 

Kunj’s car came to a halt as he reached his mansion. 

Alisha- You live here? She asked in disbelief. 

Kunj- Yes. Listen, don’t make any sound my wife is in home. 

Alisha- Really, I love challenges. 

Kunj was the one to walk inside first and Alisha followed him. They silently climbed the stairs. Alisha tried to control her laugh as she found it really funny the way Kunj was afraid of his wife. Though they were married only for the business sake and didn’t love her just like she never loved her husband. 

Once they were safe and sound inside Kunj’s room. Kunj let out a sigh of relief. His heart was pounding a million miles a minute. He knew he shouldn’t be afraid of Twinkle finding another woman in his room but he didn’t want to disappoint her by anyway. He stayed at the door to find out if Twinkle is there in the hall or coming towards his room. After hearing nothing he locked the room and turned his attention to Alisha who was busy looking his room in disbelief. 

Alisha- Your room is really big. She said and her eyes lied on the small bar. She picked up a bottle of vodka from there handed it to Kunj. He gulped the alcohol from the bottle and enjoyed being intoxicated.  


Kunj kept the bottle aside when Alisha came in front of him. She leaned in and kissed him again. He snaked his arm inside her waist and pulled her closer. 

Kunj- We should not. 

Alisha- We should. We deserve to be satisfied. She said and kissed him again. 

Alisha’s hand travelled around Kunj’s neck and pulled him closer. She started to deepen the kiss and started working on his shirt’s buttons. She opened his shirt and peeled it off. Kun hesitated but didn’t want to stop. He turned her so that her back was against him. He removed her hair and his had reached for the zip of the dress. He stripped down the dress and stared at her. Because of the alcohol affect it was getting difficult for him to keep his eyes open but he still kept it open and stared her. 

Alisha turned and just said- Kunj let me make you happy. 


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