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Jiji Maa 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suyash gets hurt

Jiji Maa 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suyash going to hit Mangal. Chutkan hits on Suyash’s head. He faints. Falguni holds him. They all cry. Gorki says nothing happened to him, he will be fine. He makes his man treat Suyash. The man treats Suyash’s wound and makes him fine. Suyash gets up and asks Falguni who are they. Falguni tells him about Gorki. He says I was with my friend and you are here in problem, I didn’t know. She says you don’t blame yourself. Mangal jokes and sings. Suyash gets angry.

Shom asks can we have something. Gorki says fine, everyone will have food. Falguni goes to cook. Chutkan tells his fav food. She asks are you a farmer. He says we were farmers, not now, we want our rights, we have nothing like before now. He says Gorki doesn’t eat onion. She says fine, I will make his food

without onions. She asks about his parents. He says I lost my mum and dad. He cries. Niyati says I came to help Falguni. He goes. Niyati says I feel scared, if they kill us. Falguni says I m sure we will get over this problem. They hug. Everyone comes to dine.

Gorki takes Uttara’s seat. Mangal says what if you added poison in food. Falguni taunts him and asks him to have it if he wants. He laughs and says serve it. She serves Chutkan his fav food. Uttara says someone teach them manners. Jayant asks her to have patience. They all finish food. Mangla comes. Gorki threatens Uttara not to say anything. Uttara opens the door and asks what’s the work. Mangla says I come here without any work, can I get some sugar. Uttara says no. Mangla says no, I have seen it. She enters. Uttara says stop here, I will get it. Shom worries. Mangla sees a man and says I have seen you before.

Uttara looks for sugar box. Shom stops Mangla. Uttara writes a note. Everyone looks on. Uttara hides the note in the sugar box. Mangla praises Uttara. She says we will take selfie. Shom asks her to go. Mangla says there is someone and checks. Gorki and Mangal hide. Shom asks her to just go and not get him insulted. Mangal asks who is she. Shom says she is Mangla, mad like you. The man signs Chutkan. Chutkan says Kaka is thanking you for tea. Mangal jokes. Gorki says we will also get our right, else we won’t leave them. Falguni says my phone is ringing. She answers on speaker. Zeenat says I didn’t get peace since you told me that. Falguni says leave it, this goes on, how did you call. Zeenat says I m angry, how is Uttara. They all hear them. Falguni says I m busy, we will talk later. Zeenat says I know you, don’t make excuses, I m not helpless, I will shout and tell everyone that Uttara made you helpless about your womb…. Falguni says stop it. She sees everyone.

Mangal and Gorki decide whom to kill. Gorki asks Uttara which son she wants to see alive. She shouts don’t dare to touch Vidhaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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