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Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kidnaps Vedika

Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chawani says vedika is nowhere. I found her bracelet near the gate. Arohi syas I hope she is fine. Deep says to vedika sorry I had to do this. We are nice hosts. But sometimes we have to do this. i dont’ kill nice people like you. Just answer my questions. How can you call Roma your mom? You wanna defame her? She says why would I defame my mom. Deep says she has two kids Virat and Tara how are you third? She says someone told me on message. Deep says who?
Arohi says we have to find her.
Vedika says someone was texting me to help me. Then they texted me her photo and said that she i my mom. I felt orphan all my life so i trusted them. Deep says roma is so nice to people that she becomes like a mom. That doesn’t mean you can defame her. She says I just came

here to find my mom.
Deep says I have sympathy for you. i know what an orphan feels like. Just give me the number who told you all this.

Arohi calls DEep and says where are you? mom was asking about you she is worried. press conference has started. Come home right now. He says I am coming.
Deep says Vedika i feel for you. I will unite you with your mom. deeep says in heart Roma can’t have an illegitimate child. Arohi is dead. Who else can do this? He leaves.

Arohi calls Vedika. She says with changed voice where are you? Vedika tells the structure of the room? Vedika says i don’t trust you roma isn’t my mom. Arohi says soon you will get a proof that roma is your mom. Arohi texts her roma’s picture with pritvhi and the baby. Arohi says we have more proofs like your birth certificate. Deep is fooling you. We will open the door. Arohi says the door is open. Go and tells everyone who you are. Ask your mom why she doesn’t own you. You have to get whats yours. We have opened the door. Vedika steps out.

Roma starts the press conference. Arohi is worried. Deep comes to Arohi. She says where were you? Its so late. you always do this. Roma says i can’t see people sad. i can’t do injustice. And my family is my strength. This is Virat my son. Thats Tara.. My daughter. She doesn’t take Deep’s name. Deep is upset. Roma says these two are my strengths. Vedika sees downstairs.
Vedika says I also have to add something. Deep gives her stares. roma says sure come and tell me. She says I want to say that.. Lights turn off. Veidka is lost when lights turn on. Arohi looks for her everywhere. Virat says she came here to praise mom. But i think she got shy.

Deep has kidnapped her. Vedika says I have to go out. He says I told you stay away from roma. She shows him the photo. SHe says I am daughter of Prithvi and Roma. Deep says it can be a conspiracy. Vedika says truth is that Roma is my mom. Deep says even if its truth you wanna defame her? Vedika says what should I do? i want to live with my mom. Deep says I know your pain. Give me one day’s time I will talk to mummy ji. She hugs him. DEep says in heart I know who is using you as pawn.
Precap-Deep texts Arohi from Vedika’s phone I am leaving this house. Arohi says I have to stop Vedika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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