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It was decided by the rathores and oberois that shivika remarriage will take place that too in udaipur , anika’s birthplace with the blessings of her grandpa and grandma

When Rajendra got to know that both his granddaughters are alive he was laughing and crying at same time while Rajeshwari thanked the almighty for keeping them safe when they got to know that anika was getting married they got emotional but when they got to know that anika was going to get married from udaipur their happiness knew no bounds

Ishana was greeted with this news when she came back from office anika and ishana were so happy that they started crying while hugging each other

Vikram- ok niku now dont cry princesses never cry

Anika and ishana who were now wiping each others tears now smiled
And yet again vikram ignored ishana

To fight back her tears ishana then hugged anika

Ishana- that means we are going to udaipur that means destination wedding that means…

Aditya- lots of work to do

Ishana- true

Ishana looked at shivaay

Ishana- aye haye jiju you are blushing oh my god …

Rudra- arre ishana didi its not oh my god in our family we say OH MY MAATA!!! Samjhi

Ishana- what did i say rudra dont call me di i’m just 6 months elder to you so you should not call me di we are friends right

Rudra- but i called anika bhabhi as anika di too

Ishana- tell me one thing do i look like an old woman or what

Saumya- di why are you getting hyper you are very lucky that he calls you di otherwise for every other girl he is ready to book a table for a date

Ishana- true though

Rudra(making a pout)- but now i wont do that


Rudra- why are you guys getting shocked

All- because it was UNEXPECTED

Rudra- ok enough

Ishana- ok you know what you guys should go by a car trip you will see beautiful things on the way

Anika- even i was going to say the same thing

Aditya- me too , you know i was missing the roads of india and thank god that you gave this suggestion ishu love you (gives her a flying kiss and she returns the favour all smile at the cuteness of the bro sis duo)

Anika- and what about me

AdiIsha- we love you too

And hugged her tightly suffocating her

Anika- ok yeah i can see actually feel that leave me before you suffocate me and break my bones

They laugh and break the hug but AdiIsha kiss her on her cheeks making her smile from ear to ear

Ishana- chalo chalo everyone start packing you guys will leave tomorrow at 6 in morning

Adika- arent you coming with us

Ishana- i would love to but for two days doctor has said me to stay in his observation and to take vaccines so i will stay and join you guys two days later

Adika – but who will stay with you

Ishana- i’m not a small child

Adika- you are , for us

Ishana- i give up i cant win from you guys

Adika- we know that

Aditya- chutki i will stay back with you

Ishana- arre no no you are the bride’s bro you cant go late

Aditya- but…

Om- i will stay back with

All- what

Om- yeah see i havent brought any clothes , then you know shivaay nowadays rudra has gone totally insane so you bear with him cause i cant then rudra will also entertain you

All- ok ( a bit suspiscious)

Next morning
Ishkara bid everyone bye as oberois and rathores leave

1st car
Aditya in front seat vikram next to him shivika behind them rumya in the third seat behind shivika as soon as vikram and rumya sat they slept while shivaay was trying to romance anika aditya saw it from rear mirror and fake coughed leaving them shocked and anika then decided to sleep making shivaay frown when he tried to wake her up she jerked his hands making him frown even more
Aditya was laughing like anything

Aditya- you cant wake her up easily even papa doesnt

Shivaay was shocked

Shivaay- you want to say that its like in anika’s genes

Aditya- yes after all she’s her daddy’s little girl after ishu

Shivaay- o

In rathore mansion

Ishana was dancing on sun saathiya and om saw her dancing and was completely mesmerised by her (she had worn the same dress as shraddha except that dull green top so she was in her sleeveless black crop top and shorts along with the black lace stockings and om was wearing the same clothes like varun as he was coming back from a walk)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

[She remembers her moments with om an blushes]

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

[She remembers their kiss in hospital after her accident] [Om enters and sings and dances with her same as varun inthe song ] Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

When the song ended they were dangerously close lips just inches apart without thinking anything om crashed his lips on hers ishana closedher eyes in pleasure im pineed her on the wall and started kissing her wildly while she was enjoying it they both were now fighting for dominance their tongues played with each other and when they were short of their breathe they broke the kiss and om rested his head on ishana’s who was now blushing like hell he opened his eyes to see her cheeks in dark crimson colour and he couldnt stop from kissing her and he kissed her on her cheeks and left the room

He hid behind a pillar and was nowgrinning luke a fOo same with ishana their thoughts were same

Om- what are you doing om this is not right

Ishana- but it wasnt wrong either
But still

Om – it wasnt suppposed to happen

Ishana – but still it was o good
Om- it might be awkward for her i hv kissed her the second time but she was blushing she looked like an angel who was made just for me

Ishana- do i love him

Om- do i love her

He went to talk to her

Om- i’m sorry for whatever happened ishana but will you be my friend i know whatwver happened six months ago has hurt you but i still want you too be my friend pls

Ishana- sure why not

And they hug passionately

Ishkara POV
does he/she love me

Later they talk crack jokes and carry on with regular schedule

Precap : ishana in udaipur

Ishana- meri behen ki shaadi bahut hi dhoom dham se honi chahiye dadasa

Dadasa- ha ha kyun nahi aakhir hamari poti , humari rajkumari aur humari yuvrani ki behen ki shaadi ho hai

Ishana – yuvrani?? Aapne kise yuvrani ghoshit kiya aur kab ???

Rathores are shocked beyond extent


Here the oberois and rathores reached the Rathore palace in udaipur

All were shocked to see the beauty of the palace


Rajeshawari saw them standing

Rajendra hurried downstairs

They welcomed oberois and vikram

It was time for aditya’s welcoming

Rajendra came and put tilak on his head and then made him wear pagdi and then gave him a gold bracelet to wear immediately and hugged him

Aditya was all tears now as soon as his Dadasa hugged him he cried like a baby and Rajeshwari couldnt control and she hugged him and he cried more all got emotional

Anika was tearing up

Rajeshwari went to her

Rajeshwari- my anika how are you

Anika- Dadisa

That was it they both broke down hugging each other as if their life depended on that hug

Rajendra and aditya along with vikram joined them

The oberois got emotional and now the ladies had tears and men were hiding their tears except rudra (he was a crybaby afterall )

Rajeshwari- ok enough lets now welcome our princess in grand style

She put tilak on her forehead gifted her jewellery and the rathores hugged

They all went to living room to discuss the wedding

Dadisa(rajeshwari)- so when will ishu arrive ???

Vikram- maa why are you taking that girls name

Dadasa(rajendra)- VIKRAM, dont you dare she is my granddaughter when you cant take her name then dont even think about saying anything against her in front of me her grandfather is still alive , you dont want to give her a father’s love fine but you dont have any right to insult her i was silent 14 years ago because you were broken after ishika’s death and she herself stopped but now even if she stop me na then also i wont hesitate from slapping you i lost ger once because of you she said that you were her superhero and will not abandon but this superhero turned into a super villain and spoiled her life you tell me which father would throw his daughter in an orphanage dont make sad or you will have to face me hope you get it

Vikram- ji pitaji

Dadasa- good

Anika- dadisa woh ishu will come by tomorrow

Dadisa- accha she told me she was sick what happened to her


dadasa/dadisa- what accident nothing happened to her right

Adika- what should we tell you she was trying to save our lives but got her life in danger

Dadi/dadasa- whay happened will you pls elaborate

Adika tell them everything

They were crying

Dadisa- thank god she is safe

Aditya gets a call

Aditya- ok take care baccha bye

Dadisa- who was that

Aditya- ishu said she has left for udaipur with omkara .

All- thats better

Anika- dadisa can you show me the palace i dont remember it (ishana had brought back her memory but she wanted to be with her dadi alone for some time)

Dadisa- sure why not our princess wants it toh i will show her palace

Dadasa- waise which kind of royal you oberois belong to

All were shocked

Vikram(muttreing to himself)- i knew this was going to happen

Dadi- we dont belong to any royal family

Dadasa( furious)- WHAT !!!

Shivika closed their eyes to hear dadasa roaring


Someone was laughing

They opened their eyes to see dadasa laughing

Dadasa- i was just kidding ishu had already told me about this already i was just playing with you lovebirds

Dadisa – you and your granddaughter can never fail to prank on us let ishu come iwill scold nicely

Anika- dadisa pls dont do that she is the one who is organizing my wedding na pls

Dadasa – that i know so everyone go to your rooms and take rest aditya vikram come with me

Here in ishkara’s car

Ishana was sleeping and om was driving he felt at peace seeing her sleeping

Om’s POV
She is looking so cute and beautiful right now

Ishana woke up

Ishana – uff this is boring omkaraji what should we do

Om- lets sing

Ishana- you can sing
Om- yes

Ishana- so start na what are you waiting for


Raat barati kandha kothe tap tap ke gaana
Tu saukha samjhe laggiyan tod nibhaana

Raat barati kandha kothe tap tap ke gaana
Ho raat barati kandha kothe tap tap ke gaana
Tu saukha samjhe laggiyan tod nibhaana
Tu saukha samjhe laggiyan tod nibhaana

O… Aashiq dil ki tashan purani
Kehte gyaani ishq siyapa, aag jawaani
Chali gayi toh phir nahi aani kudi begaani
Rehne de jeena seedha saadha

Main bani teri Radha
Maine sakhiyon se ankhiyon mein
Rakhna hai tujhko piya thoda zyaada, zyaada
Main bani teri Radha
Tune sapno tadapano mein rakhna hai
Mujhko piya thoda zyaada, zyaada
Main bani teri Radha

Unche chaubare mein jaane kaise
June mein bhi kohra pade, o pade
O dheeli charpaai pe
Yuddh Panipat ka lade

Keh gaye gyaani ishq siyapa, aag jawaani
Kariye na jhootha koi vaada

Main bani teri Radha
Maine sakhiyon se akhiyon mein
Rakhna hai tujhko piya thoda zyaada, zyaada
Main bani teri Radha
Tune sapno tadapano mein rakhna hai

Mujhko piya thoda zyaada, zyaada
Main bani teri Ra…
Main bani.. Ra..

They reached udaipur next day

Ishana was wearing the same blue kurti and earrings which she wore when she first met om as bela

Here dadisa and dadasa along with adika were talking on staircase and coming down when they saw ishana at the threshold of their house


Tumko dekh ke yun lagta hai

(Ishana moved forward and dadasa along with dadisa got down the stairs everyone was standing there they were coming slowly towards her)

Koi bichda khwab aaya

(She remembers them pampering her)

Barso lambi raat se guzre
Subah ka jhonka laut aaya hai

(They also remember their moments with ishana tears fall down their cheeks)

Bahut der jaagi
Bahut door aayi
Khwab ne na chhodi meri kalayi

(They come in front of her now she was crying badly)

Kab se meri saans ruki thi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi
Mujhe saans aayi

(They hugged her and cried like hell
Anika hugged aditya and started crying while rudra and shivaay came and hugged om)

Dadasa – bas mhaari rajkumari aise na roye hai

Ishana- main ke karoon dadasa thate ko dadisa ke main etne saalo baad dekh rahi hoon toh mhaari aankhein bhar aayi sei

Everyone were happy to see their relationship and the cuteness with which they talked in rajasthani language

Ishana- ok enough lets start discussing for the wedding

Dadisa- but what about your welcoming

Ishana- you both hugged me na that was the best welcome gift i dont want anything from you guys

Dada/dadisa- my ishu has grown up now

Ishana- ok so listen everyone you guys can go for a tour in udaipur and we will begin with the functions after a week ok

All- great

Ishana- meri behen ki shaadi bahut hi dhoom dham se honi chahiye dadasa

Dadasa- ha ha kyun nahi aakhir hamari poti , humari rajkumari aur humari yuvrani ki behen ki shaadi ho hai

Ishana – yuvrani?? Aapne kise yuvrani ghoshit kiya aur kab ???

Rathores are shocked beyond extent

Aditya(held her by her shoulders)- you dont remember who is the yuvrani

Ishana- no who is it i guess it was di people were saying YUVRANI KI JAI HO so it must be di right ???

Vikram- you really dont remember

Ishana- no papa that day chotte papa… I mean that man came in my room and he mixed some thing in my juice but that didnt have any effect on me but later when dadasa was tekking who will succeed him it showed its effect and i remember people saying that and after that in the after party i had…

Aditya- fainted

Ishana- yes

Aditya- ok chutki go and take rest

She leaves to her room



Aditya- that he mixed something in her juice and while dadasa was crowning her she was under its effect that what all that man did that day was planned he took away our mom that means….

Vikram- enough i wont hear a word against chotte

Dadasa- aditya is right vikram that bastard us behind all of this he is such a…

Vikram- so you are believing that instead your son

Dadasa- no i’m believing the words of a 10 year old girl who was pleading her father to listen her

Vikram- i know she is lying

Dadasa- why do you think she will lie vikram a ten tear old girl who was present at the sight of her mother’s murder who saw her mother dying why will she lie to you , you know what vikram that man has filled poison in your mind against your own daughter your princess your ishu , you always said that you were her superhero but you yourself destroyed her when she needed your love you threw her away vikram she had seen her mother going away from her you yourself had seen her there the way she behaved that night after we rescued her from that place but i dont know how that bastard was able to call you and fill your mind against that pure soul he took away this home’s happiness away vikram and still you are supporting him

Vikram- i know my brother he cant do this

Dadisa- rajendra why are you explaining him its waste of time

Precap : ishana in rathore’s headquarters and gets a panic attack


After 5 days
Everyone except ishkara had a tour around udaipur but om wanted to go with ishana but ishana was always busy mostly with her grandparents trying to make up the time she lost without them

Ishana- attention everyone

All eyes were now focused on ishana

Ishana- i wanted to make an announcement that for di’s wedding all the functions will be double

All- what

Ishana- yes , see you oberois are punjabis right and we are rajputanas so our culture is different than yours so there can be clashes of cultures , to avoid that we will have double celebration except the mehendi applying part as di has only two hands (all laugh) so its gonna be like two engagements on the same day , two sangeets , two haldis , two weddings one with all punjabi rituals ,other with rajasthani rituals then reception will also be double and all of this will last till a month

All- a month

Ishana- yes

All- why

Ishana- because we are rajputanas thats why 😝

Rajeshwari- since famous personalities are going to join us for niku’s wedding everything will be grand so everyone get ready for the photoshoot

All- ok

Rathores were following nacy blue colour
Oberois went for green

Ishana wore the saree which kamini wore in love ka hai intezaar of 30 aug epi but the blouse was sleeveless

Anika wore the cold shoulder anarkali that she wore on the show when daksh kidnapped her and tortured her

Aditya wore a white shirt along with his navy tuxedo

Vikram wore a navy suit

Rajendra and rajeshwari navy suit and saree

Shivaay in green suit

Om in green kurta which was styled like a sherwani

Rudra almost same like om

Saumya in green anarkali( just like the karwachauth anarkali but green in colour)

And rest all you can imagine

First ishana’s pic was to be captured

Ishana- dadisa … Dadisa

She came out if her room to find her when she bumped into om who was finding shivaay

Ishana had her hair open only to be tied later om in his kurta aka sherwani was looking handsome and his hair was tied in a bun

Om held her but felt electric current because ishana’s blouse was backless she also felt the current he slowly made her stand up

Om- beautiful

Ishana- huh???

Om- you are looking very beautiful yet simple

Ishana- and you handsome well for simple is that i like being simple dadisa knows my choice so this saree you can say reflects me

Om- thank you

Ishana- but…

Om- but ???

Ishana- your hair

Om- what happened to my hair

Ishana- you should open i like it that way

Om- why dont you open it

Ishana face turned crimson. Om was thinking what did he say

Ishana then opened his hair and ran away


After ishana it was anika’s turn then aditya then vikram then rajendra and rajeshwari after that a family photo

Same order followed by oberois rumya did their photoshoot together

After photoshoot
Ishana- dadasa i’m ready lets go to the headquarters

After photoshootIshana- dadasa i'm ready lets go to the headquarters

Dadasa- yes my princess

All- but why

Dadasa- she wants to learn my strategy thats why well aditya , shivaay you guys can join us om you also hop along you are new in business

AdiShivOm- sure

They went to headquarters and were discussing ishana went to a cabin to talk to anika but someone locked her and she got a panic attack she started screaming here anika quickly dialed aditya and shivom and dadasa rushed with him to find ishana they broke the door but ishana was already in a state of shock and now fainted in front of them om picked her up and rushed to palace

Ishana was checked by rajeshwari (she was a doctor)

Finally she opened her eyes




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