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IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 10



NeilGau’s House


Ishana is surprised to hear the voice on the mobile. The voice that she craved to hear since a year.

Ishu: (smiles in tears) Bhabhi… (cries)

Swet: Ishu…. (Cries) I missed you very much, my jaanu. (Ishana cries listening the word jaanu. This is what Swetlana used to call her when she stayed with them.)

Ishu: I missed you too, my bhabhi. I thought you have forgotten me. (AvNeilGau are having tears in their eyes too)

Swet: (cries) How I will forget my daughter?? I always thinking about you. You are the one forgotten me.

Ishu: How I will forget my mother?? I was tied with bhaiya’s words. He took promise from me to not to contact you.

Swet: He also snatched my mobile from me. That’s why I can’t contact anyone of you. Ishu, I want to see you.

Ishu: I too want to see you, bhabhi. Where are you staying now??

Swet: I’m still in Mumbai, Ishu.

Ishu: Mumbai?? (Ishana facial expression changed listening the name Mumbai which didn’t go unnoticed by AvNeilGau)

Swet: Haan. I know what you are thinking about. Fine. Where are you staying?? Still in New Delhi??

Ishu: Yes, bhabhi. With my friends. I’m still alive now because of them only. Your Ishu must have died long time ago if they are not there for me. (AvNeilGau look at each other)

Swet: That is only thing I’m feeling relieved now. I know your friends won’t let you down at any cost. Actually, I was worried where you have went but somehow I know you must be with your friends.

Ishu: I was craving to talk with you and finally they made me to talk with you.

Swet: (smiles) They are the world’s best friends of you. They are willing to do anything for you.

Ishu: (smiles) I know that. I’m very happy that I spoke to you finally.

Swet: Me too, Ishu. Jaanu, your bhaiya is getting ready for office. I will talk to you later. Love you, jaanu. (Kisses her mobile)

Ishu: Love you too, bhabhi. (Kisses the mobile and ends the call)

She smiles looking at NeilGau who are smiling at her. She hugs both of them tightly. They too hug her back.

Ishu: Thank you very much. I’m really feeling relief now after talked to bhabhi. (Breaks the hug)

Neil: (pats her cheek) You don’t have to thank us, Ishu. You have to thank your bhaiya.

Ishu: (confused) Bhaiya!!??

Gau: Yes, he is the one called us last night and asked for your whereabouts.

Ishu: Why??

Neil: Swetlana bhabhi was missing you terribly and he can’t see her like that. That’s why he called and ask for you.

Ishu: Haww!!! I thought he too started to miss me. But, that won’t happen in this lifetime. He is not going to accept me as his sister forever. (Hurt can be noticed in her voice)

Avni: (hugs Ishana’s shoulder) No, Ishu. One day he will accept you as his sister.

Ishu: (smiles sadly) That will happen in my dream only. Luckily, I’m having you all with me.

Neil: Where is Pooja?? Why she is taking these much time to get ready?? (Pooja who is standing upstairs holding the baby has listened to their conversation. She runs towards the room with the baby when she heard Neil’s voice asking for her)

Avni: I’ll go and see.

Ishu: I’m also coming with you. (IshAv leave from there)





Priyanka just finished her class and sitting at the canteen having her food. Ranveer sees her and walks towards her. Priyanka looks at him and smiles.

Prinku: Why are you standing?? Have a seat. (Ranveer nods and sits in front of her) I heard that you came here yesterday, but you didn’t meet me. Any problem??

Ranveer: You don’t have class today??

Prinku: I just finished one class. Next one will be in evening. You didn’t answer my question. Why you didn’t meet me yesterday??

Ranveer: I came to meet you but I saw you were busy talking with someone. I thought to not to disturb and left from there. (Priyanka recalls her meeting with Rudra yesterday) Priyanka, can I know who is that guy you were talking to yesterday??

Prinku: Woh… Woh… He is….

Ranveer: (knows she wants to lie) You were calling him as bhaiya. As I know, you don’t have anyone as family. Then, how?? (Priyanka thinks what to answer him but again he shocked her with another question) Who is Ishana to you?? Why both of you were addressing her as bhabhi?? As we know, Ishana is not married. (Priyanka breathes heavily) Who are you, Priyanka?? You said you have no family, is that true?? Or you lied to us?? Who are Oberois?? (Priyanka looks at him shockingly) You didn’t tell us about your surname before this. Can I say that Oberoi is your surname?? (Priyanka looks at him in anger) Tell me, Priyanka. Are you Priyanka Oberoi??

Prinku: (gets up in anger) Stop it!! Don’t you dare to say it again. Get lost from here!! I don’t want to see your face again. (Ranveer gets up and looks at her shockingly)

Ranveer: You are angry with me?? I’m the one supposed to be angry with you for hiding your identity from us. You lied to us about yourself. You are having a family but you said that you don’t have anyone. Why you lied to us??

Prinku: I said get lost from here. I’m staying here as Priyanka only, not Priyanka Singh Oberoi. I don’t want anyone to address me as Priyanka Singh Oberoi. (Turns to go)

Ranveer: I love Priyanka only, not Priyanka Singh Oberoi. (Priyanka is shocked to hear his confession and turns to him)

Prinku: What?? What did you say??

Ranveer: Yes. I love you, Priyanka. I came to tell you this yesterday but I stopped listening to your conversation with the guy. I fell for you for your simplicity and humbleness. I’m being honest with you, I don’t like rich people at all.

Prinku: I also don’t like rich people. They are so selfish.

Ranveer: (holds her hand) Priyanka, please tell me what happened?? How Ishana is related with you?? Why Ishana is like this now?? Why you left your luxurious life and living a simple life here?? I know there will be a reason for your act. AvNeil and PoojAm are very much worried about Ishana’s health. Ishana can be cured only if we know what happened to her. Trust me, Priyanka. (Priyanka looks at him with tear filled eyes)

Prinku: I will tell you. (Ranveer smiles at her)



NeilGau’s House


NeilGau already left to the their office. IshAvJa are playing with the baby in Ishana’s room.

Pooja: How long we are going to stay here?? It’s so boring.

Avni: Exactly. The baby also must feel bored. Let’s go out for a while.

Ishu: We can go but we have to do something before that.

AvJa: What??

Ishu: We have to name our baby. How long we are going to call her as baby only??

Pooja: You are right. Faster think a good name for our baby.

Avni: (caresses baby’s cheek) She is such a sweetheart. What name we can give her?? (Thinks something) How about Mishti??

Ishu: So cute. Just like her. (Looks at the baby)

Pooja: Yeah. I like the name. So…???

IshAvJa: Mishti!! (Three of them have a high five while the baby looks at them confusingly)

Avni: (lifts the baby) From now, your name is Mishti. (Mishti laughs and pulls Avni’s hair. Avni kisses her cheek)

Pooja: Ok. Now, let’s go out. (IshAvJa leave with Mishti)


NeilGau’s Office


NeilGau are busy with their works while waiting for Ranveer.

Neil: I think Swetlana bhabhi know what happened to Ishu during our absence.

Gau: Right. I felt it has something to do with Mumbai. Ishu’s expression changed when saying the name.

Neil: Let’s check Oberois in Mumbai. (Tries to search in internet)

Ranveer comes that time. They look at him and they could feel some kind of tense on his face. Neil closed his lap top and signs at Gautham.

Gau: Hey, Ranveer. Sit first. I’ll make a tea for you.

Ranveer: No need of that, Gautham.

Neil: Ranveer, you don’t know about the tea made by him. It can reduce our stress. Hey, Gautham, you make for him. (Gautham nods and makes three cups of tea. He serves NeilRan and has one for himself. Three of them have the tea silently.)

Gau: So, did you meet Priyanka?? (Ranveer nods his head) Did she tell you?? (Ranveer again nods)

Neil: What she said??

Ranveer: She is Priyanka Singh Oberoi, sister of the most famous industrialist Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Mumbai. Have you heard about him??

Gau: Not very detail but somewhat we know about him. But, why Priyanka left her family and staying here in a slum??

Ranveer: Ishana. (NeilGau look at him in shock)

Neil: Ishu?? What Ishu has to do with that??

Ranveer: Relax. There is more shocking news about her. Ishana is already married. (NeilGau again shock with him)

NeilGau: What?? Ishu is married?? Whom she married??

Ranveer: Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s brother, Omkara Singh Oberoi. (NeilGau again shocked) But, only his family aware of the marriage. Outside world didn’t know that they are married. They have been told differently.

Neil: What they have been told??

Ranveer: They have been told that Ishana is Omkara Singh Oberoi’s mistress. (Ranveer feels a lump on his throat while saying this.  NeilGau are completely shocked to hear this)



IshAvJa are walking and chatting with each other. Mishti is placed in the baby stroller and Avni is pushing it. Avni stopped seeing something.

Ishu: What happened, Avni?? Why did you stop??

Avni: (pointing towards a shop) I want to do that too. (IshJa turns and see a jeweler is piercing a girl’s nose and wears her a nose ring)

Pooja: Do you want to pierce your nose as well?? (Avni nods her head excitingly)

Ishu: (pinches her nose) Ok. Let’s go.

Three of them walk to the shop and wait for their turn. A girl is piercing her nose before them. She cries in pain making Avni nervous. The girl leaves crying from there.

Jeweler: Next, who??

Ishu: (elbows Avni) Avni, go.

Avni: Ishu, will you do me a favour??

Ishu: What??

Avni: Can you pierce your nose first?? I will pierce after you. Woh… The girl before this cried and make me nervous. That’s why. Please do it for me.

Ishu: Ok.

Ishana goes towards the jeweler and sits. He started to pierce her nose. Ishana screams in pain. Avni sees blood coming from Ishana’s nose and become scared. She runs out from the shop and hides herself. Pooja who is holding the stroller is shocked to see her running. Ishana gets up from her place after wearing the nose ring. She wipes her blood and turns to Avni but she is not there.

Ishu: Where is she??

Pooja: She ran away.

Ishu: What?? I pierced my nose for her. Where is she?? You wait here. I’ll come with her.

Ishana goes and search for Avni. She sees her hiding behind a pillar and pulls her with her. Avni begs her to leave her.

Ishu: You made me to pierce my nose and now you don’t want to pierce. I’m not going to leave you, baby. You have to pierce your nose. (Ishana takes her to the jeweler and makes her sit. Pooja chuckles looking at her helpless state. The jeweler pierced Avni’s nose and she is about to scream in pain but Ishana inserts a candy inside her mouth. The jeweler wears the nose ring for her. Avni wipes her blood and gets up from her place. Pooja laughs looking at her.)

Pooja: You are the one wanted to pierce your nose, right?? So, enjoy it, honey. (Avni stares her and takes the stroller from her. She gives the stroller to Ishana and pulls Pooja’s hand. She makes her to sit at the jeweler)

Avni: Bhaiya ji, pierce her nose too.

Pooja: (shocked) What?? No, I don’t want.

Avni: Both of us pierced our nose. You too have to do the same. Bhaiya, do it. (Holds Pooja’s shoulders tightly. The man smiles and pierced Pooja’s nose too. Ishana chuckles looking at them. Pooja screams in pain and Avni inserts a candy inside her mouth. Pooja gets up from her place after wearing the nose ring. Avni laughs at her.)

Pooja: (wiping the blood and stares her) You?? (Started to chase her while Avni runs out from the shop. Ishana laughs and leave with the baby after paying to the jeweler. She sees Pooja manage to catch Avni and she goes towards them.) Ishu, look what she did to me. (Pointing towards her nose)

Ishu: She did the same to me too.

Avni: But, it’s looking nice. Let’s take a selfie. (She takes her mobile and takes few selfies.) Hey, lift Mishti too. We will take selfie with her as well. (Ishana carries Mishti and they have selfie with her)

Pooja: Ok. It’s getting late. Let’s go back first.

Ishu: Yeah. I’ll book Uber. (Takes her mobile and books the Uber)

IshAvJa are waiting for the Uber while chatting with each other. Two guys on a bike pass through them and stops halfway.

Guy 1: Hey, I have seen her somewhere.

Guy 2: Who??

Guy 1: (pointing towards Ishana) That girl. I remembered that I have seen her but don’t know where. (Tries to recall) Yes!! I remember. (Whispers something to him)

Guy 2: Is it?? Then, let’s have some fun. (Turns the bike and rides towards IshAvJa. They look each other confusingly and about to leave)

Guy 1: Hey, you are Omkara Singh Oberoi’s mistress, right?? (Ishana looks at him in shock while AvJa are angry with the question)

Avni: Hey!! How dare you to ask like that??

Guy 2: He is saying right. She is that guy’s mistress only.

Pooja: Mind your words!! One more word against her, you will see the worst of us.

Guy 1: Fine. We won’t say anything. Our actions will speak. (Holds Ishana’s hand)

Avni: How dare you?? Leave her. (AvJa try to pull Ishana but they have been pushed away by the guys. AvJa fell down. They look here and there to ask for some help but no one is there)

Guy 2: You already spent few months being someone’s mistress. Just spend one day with us. (Ishana tries to escapes from their grips but she can’t.)

Ishu: (cries) Leave me. (Screams) Help!!

Guy 1: No one will help you. (He tries to pull his duppata but a punch land on his face. All turn and see a guy who is staring angrily at the guys)



To be continue….

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