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I miss you a shivika story chapter 7

Hey  thank u guys for the huge response here’s the next chapter

Shivaay’s room

Shivaay is back facing from the door and om see clearly that Rudra leaves anay on floor and the small creature crawl nd came towards them he silently leave from the room and both omru standing outside the door for witnessing the magical moment

Anay finally anay reach near shivaay he taps on his feet with his little hands ,first he ignored and suddenly see and that was it he is just dumbstruck to see anay on floor ,he rub his eyes once , twice,thrice but his son is really infront of his eyes ,he goes near him and slightly touch him and he believed that his world infront of his eyes he too sat on floor pick him up hug him softly ,kiss him everywhere but suddenly he stops poke his neck up and see if anyone is here ,how he is here nd where is Anika ,so much confusing questions in his mind he just caressed anay’s hair and came out from the room but then omru came in

O- shivaay,who is he

R- Bhaiya why r u picking him up.

O- shivaay we asked something

S- listen omru he is ,he is

O- what shivaay

S- he is my son,my my my child only my only child your nephew omru

R- we know bhaiya 😂😂😂😂😂

S- but how

O- shivaay stop thinking about that acha tell me one thing,sirf Apne bache se milna h ya Apne bache ki maa se bhi

S- what u mean anika ,my my my Anika is here

R: yes your anika nd our bhabhi is here in same house same roof k neeche

S- pr how’s this possible , what if someone know about us if mom is affected

Omru exchange disgusting looks hears the pinky name

O- shivaay leave all things on us u just enjoy these moments ok

S- yes I just enjoy these moments with my wife and my kid,,,,thank u omru

And abruptly anay bites on shivaay’s cheek

R- he did correct

O- yes shivaay did u really say thank you us seriously

S- sorry omru can I get a obro hug

O- no

R- it’s obro + small obro hug

They hug each other for sometime they play with anay but shivaay eyes now search for his darling wife omru notice this

R- Bhaiya wait we’ll send bhabhi in your room

S- it’s nothing like that Rudy

O- ok then Rudra leave it bhabhi ki kaam karne de

S- no

Omru both r laugh anay is tired and sleep in shivaay arms he lied him on bed nd cover with the blanket

Omru leave from the room

In hall

Janhavi and Anika discuss something

A_- mam if u don’t mind can I go and check my son

J- ya shure beta,Rudra whee is the kid

R- mom he is tired so he falla asleep so I’ll lay him in bhaiya room

J- Anika u go and check him ,he is in the first floor left side corner room

A- thank u mam

J- and listen I have to go for a business venture so u should take the charge of mr.mehta event I’ll come after 2-3 days nd omru u three brothers are at home ok your dad’s r on meeting nd me nd pinky on outside with mummy ji nd Arpita so take care of yourself and drop Anika to her home good day everyone by

R- Bhaiya ki to lotter lg gyi.

O- hmm chl thoda or price money increase kr dete h ,staff u all enjoyed today’s leave nd security u too chl Rudra hum bhi movie chalte h

R- ok

Anika reaches outside the room and she opened the door and……………….Guys

Guys I hope you all enjoyed it pls drop your comments and suggestions and likes pls and I’ll post next part tommorow



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