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I Love you Mrs.RaginiMaheshwari -3 by suma

Hello guys here is the new update
This part will be raglak as well as Ragsan
Enjoy both 😍😍😍😍😍

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How many enjoyed yesterday episode…it’s was totally emotional one…teju is one of the best actor I have seen ever .


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Raglak came to class
Laksh was observing ragini and she seems to be lost
He slowly poked her

” What happened?? Where are you lost?? ” He asked

” Who is Kavitha , laksh ?”

Is it necessary now!!!! Listen to class Ragini…..
” Please tell na laksh !!”

“Hey you both ” one voice
Both looked around

” Straight here ”
Raglak looked straight

” Both out of my class ” teacher shouted

” Sir!!!” Both said in unison

” No more explanation , OUT RIGHT NOW”
Both grabbed their books and left the class

” Look ! Because of you …we are here now ” laksh complained

” Oh! Shutup …look who is talking everytime you disturb me and getting caught..and this is the first time I disturbed you “

” Oh!!! Madam lier ….this is not the first time … remember when you saw sanskar …(he stopped in middle don’t know why he don’t want to remember that day even exists but sadly he have to accept that exists and turned his life)

Ragini lost already when he said sanskar and i remembered the past which I couldn’t forget in my entire life.

Laksh pov
” Ragini…..Kitna boring class ye ”

” Laksh , please don’t disturb me… yesterday also I missed this class ” saying this she is listening the class and I started poking her

Suddenly she saw sanskar passing through their class ..
” Uff laksh!!!! Tum Sahi Kaha…. Kitna boring class …chalo…bahar chalte …”

I smiled widely as i thought to spend some quality time with her and thought to express my love to her but i didn’t expected as my hopes all will get shattered and my blo*dy heart will get broken…if i would knew that I never tried to ask her to get out of the class that day

Both came out and i was preparing to propose her , but  i found her staring at someone and came forward to look that whom she is gazing from long time .
And found sanskar there
” Hey!!! Staring at my brother !!!! Bad Raguuuu ” I teased her
” Shutup laksh ”
” Then,listen to me  I have to talk to you important ”
” Me too ”
When she said this I thought she will propose me …how dumb iam …😁😁😁
” Ok, ladies first ” I just want to listen from her mouth
” What!! No you told na first, you tell ”
” No…you first ”
” No..”
” Ok chalo both will say together ” I said bcz I thought we both say I love u
” Ummm….ok I will say first ”
I eagerly waited to listen those three magical words from her mouth and looking at her intensely but she slowly looked towards my brother and she started to speak…

” I don’t know when I fell in love…love …the word itself makes me fly and get goosebumps…there is a magic in love…”
She slowly turned to me and I smiled
” I’m in love laksh ”
This is enough for me to fly …but sadly next words broken me into countless pieces 💔💔💔💔💔💔

” I love sanskar ”
She looked at me and started blushing looking at sanskar

I never expected this day to come , that Ragini loves someone other than me….my brother…she love my brother ….I can’t even fake my smile infront of her…Now I have to fake myself  around her that iam just friend … suddenly I felt floor beneath was shattered … hurts…it hurts that knowing your loved ones does not love you back …My eyes got blurred…seems my tears got ready in position to fell from my eyes..but I don’t want her to see it… suddenly I took my mobile and acted someone called me and I left the place .
—Flashback ended —-
” Laksh!!!! Laksh !!!! ” Ragini shouted

” Shall we go to canteen and talk ? “

” Yeah , sure Ragini “

Both came to canteen
” Tell me laksh , who is kavitha? “

” Why you have to know about her? “

” I remember your words from morning that ” come out from Kavitha world ” …so I think “

” Bhai love her “

” Does he ? “

” No …ragini…he doesn’t believe in love and all , she is a good friend of him”

She somewhere felt relief as he doesn’t love Kavitha…

” But Kavitha loves Bhai…and when he rejected her …then she addicted to drugs and Bhai is taking care of her now….he doesn’t listen to anyone when it comes to Kavitha “

Then she saw sanskar coming to canteen

” Hey !!! You both here “

” Ha Bhai…you ? “

” I just came to eat something  ” sanskar said

” oh okay “

” Shall we go to movie ? ” Sanskar asked

Ragini smiled widely and said ” yes ”
Laksh thought to give some privacy for them and nodded.
Trio went to movie
” Bhai…I got one important call …you two carryon …I will meet you in house and drop her to home. ” Laksh said
” Lucky…what is this…I want you also to come..if not we will go to home back ”
” No Bhai…you two go and Bhai…treat her as your friend atleast then you get to know about her ”
Sanskar looked at Ragini who is standing little far.
” Bhai take care of her ..bye ”
” Sure lucky bye..”

Somewhere in my heart I accepted this. That she belongs to someone. It hurts….but iam used to it now as it’s already 3months from that day.

” Ragini…chale…” Sanskar asked
” Laksh ? ”
” He got one important call…he went …is there any problem if he is not here…feel comfortable with me ” he said
She nodded
He holded her hand and both move to theatre.
Ragini received a message from laksh
She opened
Ragini…I have an important work so iam going…don’t tell Bhai that you love him…just show him Ur love rather to say and make him comfortable with you .
Bye take care ”
She smiled at this message

” Ragini…shall we go to home ? “

” No…want to go shopping “

” 😮😮😮😮”

” What? “

” Nothing ”
He started the bike and went to mall
He is looking here and there as it’s been half an hour still she didn’t selected one dress.

Never should come with these girls …that too shopping…god!!! For one dress they will take some hours 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

She came with some dresses in her hands.
“Sanskar which is good ?? ” She showed them

He rolled his eyes as he saw so many dresses on hand

” I don’t know…select anyone which you like ” he stated

” If you don’t select now…it will take minimum 2hrs for me !!!😛😛😛😛 ” Fingers crossed she lied

” 😮😮😮😮 Noooooo I will select…why you will take that much risk ragini 😁😁😁”
He stood up and grabbed all the clothes and took her to dressing room and gave three dresses to try .

Sanskar saw ragini looking for something and came to her near dressing room and asked

” What happened ?? “

” I…want …help…”

With that he opened the door and entered into room and asked
” What help? ” And he saw that her knot is not being tied
He tied the knot looking at her in mirror

“You look beautiful in this dress Ragini”
He complimented
She blushed for his comments
Slowly he turned her towards him, she bend her head to cover her blush ..he touched her chin and made her to look him and kissed her forehead.
She blushed more, her cheeks turned crimson red.
He slowly moved to the lips…she closed her eyes and her lips started shivering …

” Ragini….Ragini….” She heard sanskar voice and opened her eyes to see but he is looking at her like confused soul

” Where are you lost ???  I tied the knot …come fast, don’t be late ” saying this he left

She sat down face palmed and looking at herself in mirror.
” Kya ragini…tum sapno mei ko gayi ” 😔😔😔😔😔

Soon she came out and went to sanskar
Still she is confused about the compliment
Did he gave or not??

” Chale!! ”
She nodded.
” Can we be friends?? ” She asked forwarding her hand
” Friends?? ” 🤔🤔🤔🤔
” Okay ” he too joined his hand.
She smiled  both came to home..Ragini was so happy that she spent the time with Sanskar …her love…her husband…it’s the best day for her…it’s only because of laksh…she soon ran to laksh room leaving sanskar there

” Where is she running all of sudden…she didn’t even took all the luggage in my hands 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄”
He nodded his head in disbelief and left to his room.


She saw laksh sleeping in room and thought to not disturb him. So she went away closing the soon as she closed the door …laksh opened his eyes
” I’m sorry Ragini…I don’t have that strong heart to listen i know you will share what had happened with Sanskar, but I’m happy that you are happy..”


As she entered the room she saw sanskar playing game in TV (PS4) …while playing he didn’t even turned to her but he noticed her…
” I kept all the stuff on bed and one more thing…I didn’t sleep well in study room yesterday night …I will sleep here ” he said without watching her.

” Ok sanskar ” she said …
As laksh said her to not tell her love but to show…but today she showed herself that she is not that scary type girl …as laksh already informed her about sanskar likes and dislikes almost.

” Though this bed is like king size …I will sleep on this bed”
She tried to speak but soon he cutted her words..

” I know …you must be thinking that I only said yesterday that I will sleep outside now here…don’t worry if you have any problem with that I will go “

” No…you can sleep here…I don’t have any problem ” she stated.

” Will you sleep on left or right side ?? “

” Any side is ok “

” Thanks…I will sleep on left side as I’m used to sleep this side a lot “

She smiled at him and went to take the clothes on bed and to arrange on cupboard.
She arranged the bed and waiting for him to sleep.
He turned off the TV and came to sleep.
He arranged pillows bwtn them. She saw the pillows with mouth opened.

“Sorry !!! I know it must be crazy but listen it is necessary… For some time atleast ” he said but she didn’t understand anything.

Slowly both dozedoff .
At middle of night sanskar put his hand on ragini.
Without their knowledge both came closer and ragini is sleeping in his embrace.
Unknown to her she holded him and moved closer to him still hugging .



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