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Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 9

This part  may contain grammatical and spelling mistakes.




Ragini’s POV

A week had already passed after my wrestling incident. Swara di was adamant of not talking to me. She was acting as if we two were strangers or rather just house mates. She used to prepare breakfast and then leave for college without even informing me let alone accompanying me. Her ignorance was hurting me day by day as she never ever had done something like this in these 19 years.

I didn’t had any one here to share my agony, though I had made two new friends recently and not forgetting Sanskaar who has also become my very good friend. But I was just not comfortable in sharing anything to them.

Talking about the two new friends I had made, Kirti and Arya were amazing people. Kirti was short about 5′ and had black long hair. Her skin was white which she totally hated it. I don’t why but she was different. She wore big glasses and her attire was normally traditional. She never wore jeans or tops or dresses. You could call her nerd by her features.

Then comes Arya, opposite of kirti. She was 5’6 with short hair just above her shoulders. She looked damn hot in every attire she wore. Many boys had asked her out but she used to just snap them off. She was like me who didn’t care about the consequences. She can be wild at times.

We three got along pretty well. Arya and I obviously because she was like me and Kirti, she was really sweet when she first talked to me and we eventually became friends after sharing little things about our lives. Other reason was that she was a nerd and too naive. I didn’t want her to roam or sit alone without friends giving opportunity to some of the people like Laksh to Rag her.

Thinking about Laksh I would probably see him today after a week. Sanskaar had been giving me the updates of his health and condition and I was that he is fit and fine now and will be joining soon. I was feeling guilty all these days and Swara di not talking to me did no good. May be after asking forgiveness from him she will stop her silent torture. This was all because of that Laksh. He is the main culprit here and i have to ask sorry from him. Though we are neighbors I never got to see him all these days.

“Hello..” I answered my cellphone which was ringing on the bedside table.

“Hey Rags, where the hell are you girl? You said you’ll be coming early today, but you are nowhere to be seen.” Yelled Arya from the other side. I checked the time and it was 9.30. I jolted up from my bed suddenly and a sting of pain passed through my neck.


“What happened?”

“Nothing. I’ll be ready”


“Errr.. I mean am on my way. Just forgot to take one of my book so had to go back to my home to get it. Am really sorry for making you wait. I’ll be there soon. Bye.”

I rushed into my bathroom after disconnecting the call and tossing my phone on the bed, not caring much about it. I did what I had to do in the bathroom and got out hastily. I wore an off white turtleneck top and paired it up with black jeans. I put my hair in high ponytail and applied some mascara and lip gloss and left taking my bag.

After about 15minutes I reached college. I silently prayed to God because am damn sure Arya is going to sue me today for making her wait. She can be wild sometimes. Right now she was waiting for me in the class and in order to save myself from embarrassment I thought of buying her her favorite dark chocolate flavor ice cream from the nearby ice cream parlor to keep her mouth shut at least for some time till I explain her my situation and rushed towards our classroom before it melts.

I didn’t realize and tripped on something making me almost fall on my face but instead I bumped into something hard which caught me securely in it’s arms. I was relieved but it was only for some seconds.

I looked up only to meet dark brown Chocolate eyes which darkened more after looking at me. But something else caught my attention and I stared at it.

“Oh shit. I hope the ground just swallows me so that I can get out of this situation.”

Laksh’s POV

“Yes Mom for the nth time am saying I am totally fine. Please don’t worry.” Actually I was feeling fine two days back but Mom didn’t allow me to join college this early as she was scared I might faint or something like that. As much as i wanted to stay back home and enjoy the attention am getting these days I just can’t. I can’t lay on my bed and curse Ragini all day anymore. I wanted to remove all my anger by facing her and not by cursing her behind her back. I have to show her the consequences of messing up with me.

“Laksh wait..let me tie this dhaga on your wrist first.”

“Offo Chachi.. you know I don’t believe in such things. And henceforth nothing will happen to me so chill, but I think you should tie this dhaga on that person’s wrist because she has to face my wrath now.”

“She?? Did you got beaten up from a girl Laksh.”

Oh shit Laksh can’t you just keep your​mouth shut.

“Uhh..No Chachi. I never said she, you must have heard it wrong. And why would a girl beat me up…” I kept my arm on her shoulder.

“… No girl fails to fall in Laksh’s charm Chachi. Except Ragini my mind said. So chill and bye see you in the afternoon.”
I kissed her cheek and moved out sighing a relief. I jumped into my Jeep and drove towards the college.

“Hey Laksh, what’s up man. How you doing?” Samar or Sam my best friend came towards me as soon as I got down from my Jeep. He hugged me clearly showing me that he missed me a lot.

“Hey Sam, am fine yaar. Now please leave me your chocking me.”

“College seemed to be empty these days but I think you have filled the void.” And then he hugged me again more tightly.

“What?” this guy was acting insane today. What’s with these tight hugs and What was he referring to feeling void and all. I hope he is not a gay, for god’s sake he is my friend since 5 years.

“You know some girls stopped coming to college because of you. I mean because they couldn’t get a glance of you. But now your back and college feels like college now.”

“Ooh” I sighed a relief. “I thought you were a gay.”

“What?” He punched me on the place where Ragini had punched me on my tummy making me wince.

“Yaar am sorry. Did it hurt?”

“It’s ok not your mistake.” Indeed it wasn’t. It was Ragini’s mistake who had given me this pain. Sam was being Sam. A punch from him was nothing new to me. We started heading towards the corridor of our college.

Most of the girls were looking at me. Some were smiling, some were just staring or I should say gawking. I had worn my favorite white shirt gifted by Sanskaar leaving first two buttons open and paired it up with blue jeans White is my colour. It makes me look more hot than any other colors. I guess.

“Hey Laksh” Kavya hugged me and kissed on my cheeks. “I missed you”. I just smiled at her. This girl was too clingy.

As I was doing two things at a time that is walking and talking, something very soft fell on me and my hands instantly moved to catch the delicate thing. I looked at the thing and came across those similar black eyes who made my nights sleepless. My eyes got darkened after seeing her. She looked at me for sometime then she started staring at my chest making me smirk. After all none can resist Laksh.

“Oh shit” she cursed under her breath but I heard it. She was still starting at my chest, I looked down too and saw large stain on my shirt near my chest.

“Damn.. my shirt” I cursed and looked up at her.


So guys what do you think will happen now. Fight again or will Ragini be able to say sorry to him.?
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