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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 15

Here is the last chapter :

HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 14

Ragini was all smiles when she woke up in the morning. Stretching her arms lazily she welcomed the new sun. Her eyes turned honey colour as she opened them annoyed by the pricking sunlight. She rubbed her hands and caressed her face after praying to the sun god.

Hopping out of the bed she walked to the washroom and came out after taking hot water bath. As Swara wasn’t there in the room she freely roamed with only her towel out of the washroom and was searching for her dress in the closet.

“Ragini” “Ahhhh” she screamed finding Sanskar in her room. She covered herself behind the curtain and looked at him horrified. Though it was late that Sanskar had seen her with towel by the time she hid herself behind the curtain.

“Oh” he looked at her blankly. “I…m so….sorry” he looked around every where trying to hide his embarrassment. “What the hell are you doing here at this time?” Ragini asked peeping out of the curtain. “Um” he swallowed hard and his jaws twitched.

“I… actually” he was too shocked to respond. Ragini looked at him annoyed. “I came to pick you” he said finally looking at her. She felt her blood rushing to the cheeks.

Though she was covered completely behind the curtain she was feeling his hot gaze on her offensive. He quickly moved his gaze away. “Who told you to come inside my room you idiot. Couldn’t you at least knock the door?” she asked annoyed.

“I forgot” he gave her a nervous smile. “Arghhh” she gritted her teeth in frustration. “Now what are you waiting for get lost” she said rudely and Sanskar looked at her shocked. “What?” she asked him puzzled. “You want me to be out of the house?” asked he.

“No out of this country. Go” she showed her bare hand pointing outside and Sanskar’s eyes stopped on it. Guessing his gaze she quickly dragged back her hand inside the curtain and he looked at her face which had a mixture of horror and annoyance. He understood that she wasn’t pleased of his presence in her room.

She sighed when he turned but again was alerted when he turned back. “Now what?” she asked confused.

“Um. You will look good in that navy blue salwar” said he pointing at the dress which had dropped down from the closet. She shrunk her eyes at him glaring. “Out” she said gritting her teeth. He bit his cheeks inside controlling his amusement and walked from there and Ragini sighed in relief looking up.

She walked to the door immediately and locked it. She walked to the closet and held the dress in her hand. She remembered Sanskar’s words. “I so hate you” she cursed her dress like it will understand her frustration.

Sanskar banged on the top of the car and blew whistle waiting for Ragini. “Ehem” he heard Ragini clearing her throat and that lips of his stretched into a wide smile. Taking the goggles off his eyes he turned to find Ragini. She was wearing the same dress he pointed at.

His eyes scanned her and she felt the shiver running down her spine feeling his heated gaze on her. She felt uncomfortable and he understood it. He stretched his lips when her eyes met his. “You told me to be at office then why did you come here to pick me?” she asked walking to the car door.

He remembered the text which he received while she was out of the lift and shivered a bit. ‘I can’t let you be alone and be the prey’ he spoke in his mind. “Will you mind moving? I can’t open the car door” she struggled to open it and Sanskar moved and she collapsed back with a jerk and Sanskar held her on time preventing from falling.

He had held her shoulders and she held his coat for support. He made her stand straight and opened the car door which had closed after bouncing forward. She tucked the hair strand behind her ear and sat inside the car.

Sanskar walked to the driver seat and sat inside the car igniting he drove to his destination. “You did not answer me?” Ragini looked at him when the car halted at the parking of his office building. “Um. Badi Maa told me to pick you up and drop everyday. Anyways your home is on the way…” “But my home is in the opposite side” she said confused. Sanskar facepalmed in his mind. “Exactly I said the same to Badi Maa but then she insisted so I agreed to her” he said wearing his goggles.

“Oh then let me talk to Annapurna aunty” she said taking her phone out when they entered the building. He snatched the phone from her hand and she looked at his hand which had her phone. “What’s wrong with you?” she tried taking her phone back.

“Wo. Actually. We don’t make personal calls after entering the office” he said caressing his nose with his thumb finger. “But we are still out of the office” she said stretching her hands. “Um yeah I mean we don’t make personal calls after entering the office building. Personal calls is secondary we don’t even use the mobile phone inside the building” he said turning her phone off.

She looked at him strangely. “We are given green star ranking from the municipality stating our building is an eco friendly building” his eyes looked at Ragini who had crossed her arms waiting for his explanation. “And mobile signals are harmful to the crows. And you know how important the crows are in our ecological system” he said seriously.

“Um hm. Yeah they are the soul reason we aren’t roasted due to global warming” she gave him a fake smile. “Exactly” he said smiling at her.

“We have landlines though. But you have to use it for only official work” he said standing at the lift. She looked at the lift and gulped in. He observed her nervousness and moved his eyes to the lift. “Can we take the stairs?” asked she. “And if that stair case starts running?” Sanskar asked with seriousness in his voice.

She pouted at him. “Oh come on Ragini. Just because you are stuck once it will not repeat and moreover I’m there right” he said and forwarded his hand. She did not knew how her heart used to trust Sanskar without giving a thought.

She placed her hand on his hand and he pulled her inside the lift. She was continuously gazing at the walls and lights worried about them turning off suddenly. Sanskar neared his face to her ear when a sweat droplet developed on her forehead and traveled to her cheek.

“Ragini” she jerked to his voice and looked at him annoyed. He burst out laughing and Ragini glared him. As soon as the lift door opened she stamped her foot and stepped out of it. Sanskar controlled his laugh and followed her. She stood at the hallway confused which way to go.

Sanskar entangled his hand with hers and walked dragging her to his office. She looked at him confused and kept following him.

“Shreya. She is Ragini. Get her joining formality done. She will be assisting me from today and will be sitting on that table in my cabin” said he smiling at his receptionist who was also his HR.

“No… I will not sit on the table” Ragini looked at him horrified. Shreya chuckled listening her and Sanskar gave her a wide smile. “Seriously? I meant you will be using that table. We have a chair a comfortable though for you to be seated” said Sanskar leaning to her and she cocked her head back.

He took his hand away to look at his watch. And she relaxed finding her hand safe back to her control. “Shreya send my break fast to my cabin. Ragini get it okay after the joining formalities” said he and walked to his cabin.

Ragini turned her gaze to Shreya who smiled at her. Ragini returned her a smile and followed her for the joining formalities. After the paper work was done Shreya asked the peon to hand the break fast tray to Ragini and he did that. Ragini placed her bag on the table when she entered the cabin. She looked at Sanskar who was facing the glass wall speaking over the cordless phone. She took the tray and walked and her anklets chiming in that silence made his heart beat fast.

He turned slowly to find Ragini who was trying to move her hair strand which was flying over her face and was walking carefully.

Sanskar walked to her without his knowledge and slid the hair strand behind her ear. Ragini was jerked due to his touch looked up at him to meet his intense gaze. She felt lost in those hazel orbs.

He slowly moved his hand to hold the tray and it touched her hands. She shivered to it and moved her eyes away. Sanskar moved taking his tray to the couch and sat placing the tray on the tea table.

“Sit” Sanskar signed her to sit and she complied. He took the coffee mug and sipped the coffee. “It’s not sweetened” his face twitched. Ragini who was looking around looked at him. “You did not add the sweetener” she pointed at the sugar cubes.

“You should have added it when you were bringing it” he said placing the cup back on the tray. Ragini took the cubes and added them in the coffee and stirred it. “I did not realize” she said and handed him the cup back. He sipped the coffee still looking at her. She felt it awkward and looked away. She was feeling his gaze on her which sure disturbed her a lot.

After Sanskar finished his break fast he called the peon to clean it and he did it. “So Ragini start your work. In that file all my client details are there feed them in the computer. He pointed at a file and she nodded her head walking to her desk.

Ragini prayed to the small Ganesh Ji’s idle which she brought and turned her computer on. Sanskar’s lips curved to form a smile looking at her.

Brushing his hair he sat on his seat. It was afternoon when Ragini finished her work and looked at Sanskar’s table which was unoccupied. She looked around and found him out of the cabin discussing something with his employee. She quickly walked to his system.

As she pressed the key she found it unlocked already. She again looked up to see where Sanskar was and he was still discussing with the same employee. She clicked on the inbox and waited for it to load.

She looked up and found Sanskar not in his place. She panicked and looked around and found him with Shreya. She sighed and looked at the screen.

The first mail had an attachment which she opened. She looked at the screen for the attachment to open. There was a bank detail. “Deposit the money soon” she read the message. She quickly took a photo of the attachment after turning the phone ON and closed it when she saw Sanskar was walking back to his cabin.

Her heart beat raised when she saw him looking at her and shrinking his eyes. She grabbed the stapler on his table and smiled nervously at him. “What?” asked he confused. “Um I needed this” she showed him the stapler swallowing hard.

He walked to her suspiciously still and her heart beat was at it’s peak. She just smiled at him nervously. He held her phone and dragged her near to him. She looked at him horrified placing her hands on his chest to take the support.

“I told you don’t use the phone inside the office” he said and she looked at him horrified thinking he will open her gallery. She just prayed all the gods in the world to get her out of this mess. He turned the mobile off again and placed in her one hand. Her heart relaxed a bit and she tried giving him a smile.

“I….” she struggled to speak as his proximity was affecting her. “I was just checking if Dadi had called” she said closing her eyes.

“Um hm” he left her hand and she relaxed a bit. She grabbed her phone and walked to her table. “Ragini” she stopped and her eyes popped out horrified. “You forgot this” he brought her hand in front of him and placed the stapler on it. Ragini smiled at him and turned.

“Waise” his whisper near her neck froze her. She waited for him to continue. “That black mole on the right side of your back is cute” she widened her eyes and he bit his cheeks inside. “And I loved it” he touched her ear lobe with his sharp nose and she closed her eyes losing herself.

Realization hit her and she jerked opening her eyes. She turned and gave him a disgusted look. He winked at her and her jaws touched ground.

She fumed glaring him and he casually sat on his chair twirling it playfully. She stamped her foot and walked to her table.

And rest of the day was going on it’s own. Sanskar made Ragini acquitted with the staff and handed her different responsibilities.

As the day ended and evening arrived Sanskar packed his laptop. “Let’s leave” Sanskar stood at Ragini’s table and she nodded her head. She turned her system OFF and placed all the files in the desk and locked all the draws. Sanskar kept admiring her dedication. She looked around for her bag when he forwarded it and she looked at it and looked up to find him giving her a sweet smile.

She lowered her gaze and picked her bag and walked behind him. She was staring the ground fiddling with her dupatta. Sanskar observed it and stopped his steps and she collided with him.

She looked up at him. “What happened Ragini you look disturbed” he said turning to her. She lowered her gaze and he found her behavior cute.

He gently held her cheeks and lifted her head. “I don’t know…. don’t know if I can manage the responsibilities you are giving me” she had that confusion on her face. He smiled at her cuteness.

“And I know nobody can handle it better than you” said Sanskar and she looked at him blank. “Mujhe Chane ke ped pe math chadavo Sanskar(Don’t make me climb the ground nut tree)” she complained and he chuckled.

“Chane ka ped nai Jhad hotha hai(Ground nut has a plant not tree)” he said and she at last chuckled. “And I’m telling truth. May be you don’t have that confidence but I’m sure you will manage it well” he gave her an assuring smile. She surprised him with a hug and he smiled after a second.

“Now we are getting late Ragini and tomorrow morning don’t forget to latch the door of your room” he whispered in her ears. She looked up at him and hit him on his chest playfully.

He saved himself and laughed at her cuteness. He drove her home and she smiled rushing inside the house and leaned to the door of her room after closing it. Her heart was fluttering with joy. She had not experienced this all in her life and it surely made her heart beat wild. She turned her phone ON and threw it on the side table beside the lamp.

After the dinner Ragini walked to her room and was preparing to sleep. Her phone beeped when she lied on the bed covering herself in the quilt. She took the phone and opened the new message.

“Good night and don’t dream about me too much” she read Sanskar’s message and bit her lower lip. “Such a flirt” she nodded her head placing the phone back.

She then remembered the photo she took in the office and grabbed her phone. She typed the whatsapp message attaching the picture.

“We need to find the owner of this bank account” and sent it to the number in her contact.

Laksh’s phone beeped and he slightly moved away from Swara who was sleeping on his chest and opened the new message.

“I will give you the details by tomorrow” he replied and lied back on the bed where Swara cuddled in his embrace.


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