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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu launches a loan policy

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaitu telling Khoji about the lollypop loan plan. He says this will end poverty. Khoji asks will you import or have a factory. Chaitu says I will make it here itself, I will give loans to people to set factory, I will inaugurate the policy tomorrow, you will see it tomorrow. Jha gets the bank managers. Chaitu asks the bank managers to support well, they have to give loans to start the lollypop policy. The man asks why do you want to give loans, we have much funds of public. Chaitu says we have to save people who has sunk, how can we forget people when we will give them lollypop also. Jha says bank doesn’t have much funds. The man says we have much funds, don’t worry, if you can help us by money, we can forward the loans.

Chaitu says my money is in

foreign bank, I just have 600 crores here. Jha says they are not asking your personal loan. Chaitu says I will organize a loan mela. Khoji says everyone is liking the policy and going to take loans. Janta also goes to get loan in bank. The lady gives him lollypop. She asks him to leave. Janta says I need loan as per Chaitu’s lollypop loan plans, give me 2 lakhs, I will raise hens and chicks, I have to feed my family. The man says your papers aren’t complete. He jokes on Janta and passes the file. The man says we will have a sudden visit to your house tomorrow and verify if you are really raising hens. Janta agrees.

Chaitu and Imli come home and see Puttan murmuring in sleep. They wake him up. Puttan asks when did you come. He tells them about his great dream, he has become CM. Chaitu asks what, you can’t become CM till I m alive. Puttan says I will wait then. Chaitu asks him to do some business. Puttan says we will see Gutka/tobacco, its top business, we will earn a lot from it, I did research, see this public opinion, people made palaces by selling Gutka. Chaitu likes the idea.

Puttan says we will get 10 crores investment from public. Chaitu says take loan from the bank. Puttan says I have got loan already. Chaitu asks what did you keep deposit. Puttan says yes, I kept railway station as deposit. Chaitu jokes on their foolishness and says its govt. property, not personal property. Imli says govt. is yours and you are mine. Puttan says I forged your signs too, I want your blessings, my Gutka should get famous. Puttan asks everyone to think about Gutka company name.

They all give suggestions. Imli asks him to name it Puttan Gutka. Puttan agrees. Janta visits the bank and asks the man again for the loan. The man says you can’t get loan, take this file. Janta requests. The man agrees to meet him tomorrow at his place. Puttan meets some pan masala makers. Puttan meets the bank managers and impresses them by the planning. Manager gives him 100 crores loan and asks him to sign papers. Puttan asks why shall I sign the forms, anyone can sign on my behalf, how much things shall I manage. Imli signs the papers and gets some papers signed by Malai and Rajneeti. She says working together isn’t wrong. The manager says its legal documents, this is wrong. Puttan says govt. is of Chaitu. He gets the funds. The man says we have to see factory and then get satisfied. Puttan says fine, come and see the factory, law is law. Manager says its fine as we have seen you. He takes them somewhere and says this is my factory. The man says there is no factory here. Puttan fools him. The man says don’t fool me. Puttan threatens him and says now you can see factory. The man says yes, I can see factory. Puttan says see how I lift Chaitu’s name up.

Chaitu asks managers why didn’t they give loan to his relatives. Manager says no, we didn’t know. Jha comes and asks Chaitu to ban on Gutka. Chaitu asks why, it will be big loss, we won’t ban it. Jha says we won’t get help from state, people will thank you, bank it. Chaitu agrees and bans the Gutka.

Puttan says Gutka is banned, I will buy aircraft and go to London. Manager complains about Puttan. He refuses to give him big loan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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