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Family- Solace of happiness: Character Sketch 1

shivika’s children:

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anya, age: 15: the eldest in the new generation. was only one when rikara left so doesn’t know pretty much anything about them. she resembles anika in some ways: bubbly, detective wala mode and weird language. however as also shivay’s daughter, she is really responsible and she is always there for you when you need her. belives in relationships but not romance-just like her father. she loves fashion a lot and almost everyday shopping and then sewing machine. also she is quite high in studies.

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aarti, age: 14: one month younger than vyom. she has inherited many of shivay’s qualities: she loves to cook and that is her stress buster, she is very layered as in sometimes angry, emotional, prefers to be around people her standards, tastes and status, loves to be around her family and finally she is egoistic. like anika, she is a chatterbox. she loves running and is on the school’s team, hopes to be in the Olympics one day. never listens to anika most of the time. very intelligent as in cunning type.

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sahil a.k.a prince a.k.a sp, age: 8: he is mama’s boy. loving calls shivay sso and anika: anika didi despite being his mother. he is handicapped unfortunately as of an accident a few years back making him get teased at school for using crutches. shivay is working hard for his treatment. anyway so he is anika’s complete replica: responsible, chatterbox, loving, bubbly and sweet. he wants to be a footballer but hopefully he will get a treatment done.

so all of shivika’s children are mysteries especially anya and aarti because they are Svetlana’s favourties. Svetlana will treat and talk nicely only to them.

rikara’s children:

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vyom, age: 14: he is the one who hates om the most. he loves and misses gauri a lot. like om, he hates his dad, angry young man time to time, doesn’t believe in god & not naïve. as of gauri, he talks a lot and loves children. sharing both his parents’ quality, he is independent. anyway he is the popular guy in school and all girls drool over him. argues a lot with his sister Aliya. interested in film making but because of his mother’s death, he got interested in law as well. very high in studies.

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Aliya, age: 13: resembles om in looks and in other aspects too: hates her dad, gives amazing advice, sarcasm and humour, a great listener, connects with someone’s pain, a dreamer and loves art. she is bubbly, loves children and a salman khan fan like gauri. argues with vyom a lot. in love with fashion, dogs and acting. loves and misses gauri a lot. her siblings are her lifeline and sheis very high in academics. popular girl in school and all guys want her to be their girlfriend. knows shayari.

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shaida a.k.a munni, age: 4: she and pari are the adorable kids in the family. a little like om this one is: a great listener and dreamer however she has inherited gauri’s characteristics: bubbly, sweet, cute, salman khan fan, people thinks she is dabang but she is innocent, her weird language and she is always there for you if you need her. hates her father and loves and misses gauri. blackmailing master.

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pari, age: 1: the baby in the family. too cute and is very close to munni. this is gauri’s complete replica: sweet, innocent, cute, bubbly, very happy and never feels the need to cry. as she is too little, she doesn’t know much about the accident so om tries to bond with his daughter but his other children stop him. back to pari: wants mama time to time and no one can resist her pout and puppy eyes.

the accident of gauri’s happened 2 months ago after pari became 1.

the next character sketch will be revealed soon.

meanwhile think who isn’t shivika’s child.


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