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Ek Deewana Tha 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Krish feels strange bond towards Suvarna

Ek Deewana Tha 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krish finds some guys beating a lady. He calls out for security but does not find anyone. He thinks to go out on his own. He is passing by from the corridor when he notices a shadow on the wall. The shadow hides before he looks up again. It appears yet again when Krish is going downstairs. Krish is made aware of someone’s presence again but does not see anyone around. He notices someone passing by from behind the window and picks a vase. He finds no one around though so he places the vase back in its place.

The lady screams. Krish comes out but does not find anyone. A lady pats at his shoulder from behind startling him. He looks at Suvarna. Lukka Chhuppi plays in the background as she looks at Krish. She thinks of the past moments spent with her son and smiles through her tears in disbelief.

You are back, Shiv! My son is back! I knew that my wait will surely bring fruit. My son is back today. She hugs him and cries her heart out. My son is back. Krish experiences some flashes yet again. He steps back in shock. What are you saying? I don’t even know him. She shakes her head. I am your mother Shiv. You dint recognize him. he repeats that he does not know her. You are not my mother. He begins to head back to Bedi House. She chases him shouting after him to stop. She falls down in the process. You dint recognize your mother? I am your mother! Shiv! Krish is shaken by his recent encounter with Suvarna.

Suvarna screams as someone holds her hairs from behind. Krish hears her scream. The same guys slap Suvarna. Krish gets angry hearing the sounds of the slaps. Suvarna falls in his arms as one guy slaps her. She calls him Shiv again. She looks at the guys worriedly. Krish beats all of them while Suvarna keeps shouting at him not to spare any of them. My Shiv is back! Did you guys think I am alone? My son is here. Beat them son. The guys flee from there. Bedi family comes out hearing the commotion. Shivani asks KK if he is fine. Krish shares that the goons were hitting this poor lady. Akash sees some flashes seeing Suvarna and she too thinks of Vyom as she sees him. Madhvi, Rajan and Suvarna look at each other. Suvarna mumbles that her Shiv is back now. Akash looks at her in confusion. Suvarna tells Rajan and Madhvi to wait and watch now. I will reveal all the secrets now. I wont keep quiet anymore. I will break my silence and tell everyone everything! She begins to tell something to Krish but Madhvi distracts her. She hugs her telling her to calm down. Everything will be fine. Krish and Akash look on very carefully. Madhvi very carefully gives her an injection. Suvarna begins to feel dizzy immediately and passes out. Krish holds her. What happened? Rajan says those goons beat her badly maybe this is why she fell unconscious. Ambulance reaches there just then. Rajan rebukes them for their carelessness. Your hospital patient keeps running away again and again. I will complain to management. Ward boy apologizes to him. We take care but she runs away again and again. Rajan refuses to hear any excuses. Take care of her. Suvarna keeps calling Krish Shiv. Krish keeps staring at her as she is taken away by the ward boys. Why do I feel as if I have some relation with her? I feel as if I know her. Why does her pain seem so familiar? Who is this Shiv?

Precap: Someone asks Krish to make her painting. He experiences some past flashes and ends up making Sharanya’s portrait.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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