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Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhanushalis’ attempt to bring Teni back home

Dil Se Dil Tak 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parth goes to stop Teni from dancing. Chutkan takes the Seth aside not to interfere between his confrontations. Parth convinces Teni that she is a nice girl and this work doesn’t suit her. Teni tells him to go away from here, and handles her customers. One of the men at bar comes to offer Teni a huge amount. Parth twists the arm of the man and beats him badly. Seth was worried that his bar might get locked now. Chutkan calls the police. Teni was worried as Parth had been caught by the fellows of the man who held a stabber in hand. Chutkan asks Teni to do something and save Parth; she owes him a care of three days. Teni wonders what she must do, holds her shoe and throws it straight at the man holding the stabber over Parth. As soon as the siren rings, the goons run out of the bar. Chutkan arranges

for the three of them to flee as well. Teni hides with Parth in a corner, some memories with him flash in her mind. She hugs him out of fear. Later Chutkan comes to Parth appreciating him about his efforts to save her. Teni was angry that Parth has ruined her source of income, she clarifies to Parth that she doesn’t understand the language of love. She only cares for money. He must get lost with all his love.
At Bhanushali house, Shorvari was worried for how long they will save Teni from all this. She suggests about bringing her home. Mohini asks how it is possible, if she wants to destroy her relationship with Parth. Everyone stare at Mohini for her abrupt objections. She convinces the family that even God wish Teni begins her new life. Shorvari says a man think well before he speaks. She also wished to settle Teni away from them, she never realizes Teni would get away from them. Dada ji was also convinced that a humanly relation is the greatest. He decides that Teni will live here. Shorvari assures she has decided how to convince Teni for this.
The next morning, Teni and Chutkan were having breakfast. Shorvari comes to chawl with Parth. Teni was furious over Parth. Shorvari says she came to offer Teni a work at her house and serve her family. Teni wasn’t ready to work for a few thousands. Shorvari offered 1.5 lac. Teni sense it can be a joke, but Shorvari says the work would justify the amount. Teni decides to accept the offer but doesn’t show the happiness. Shorvari asks her to begin the duty from today.
Bhanushali family had completed all the arrangements for Teni. Teni walks into Bhanushali house while the old memories flashed in her mind. She loses her balance but Shorvari helps her. Teni says she feels an affiliation with the house. She asks Shorvari about the nature of her job. Shorvari hands Ipshita to Teni and asks her to take care of her daughter. Ipshita pees over Teni, she hands Ipshita back to Shorvari and apologizes for not being able to do this job. Shorvari tries to convince Teni that she will get used to this is a few days. Teni rejects the job offer and turns to leave; she wasn’t ready to take care of a kid even for one crore.

PRECAP: Mohini challenges that Teni can’t handle kids, not everyone is capable of doing it. Teni takes it as a challenge. Shorvari offers 25thousand increased salary if she completes the challenge.

Update Credit to: Sona

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