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Blood For Love (Episode 15)

After three month tara,Virat and deep are realesed from jail.When they come back to house Roma welcomes them.Tara and virat hugs her

Tara:We missed you soo much

Virat:Mom I thought that I will never see your face

Roma:You both I want you two to forget about past and move on in your life

She looks  at deep who is very restless
Roma:What’s wrong deep


Roma:Look into my eyes

Deep looks at her

Roma:I know I have done very bad with you and I am very guilty with that but there is also a soft corner for you in my heart.Please forgive me

Tara:Yes Deep please forgive us

Deep:Never ever do that again I have nothing but you three.You all are my family.And it’s not your fault it’s my fault that I can’t even look into your eyes

Virat:Family hug

They all hug.

Deep:Where are the others

Roma:Bhabi and nikku are at nikku school.While your Papaji went to doctor for checkup

Deep:And arohi

Roma:Behind you

He turns around when he sees arohi comming out of her car she is talking to someone on her phone

Arohi:Is everything ready

Manager:Yes mam as you said

Arohi:Good and listen I am not comming tomorrow

Manager:Ok mam

Arohi:Ok tell me where should I go first

Manager:My favorite shooting range

Arohi:I will call you later

Arohi without even noticing deep goes to the shooting range.Deep is watching her leave

Tara:Anything you want to tell

Deep:It looks like she doesn’t even care about me

Roma:Yes she does I have seen her yesterday she was soo exited to see you

Virat:Give her some time

Roma:Let’s go inside you three go and get fresh I will cook food for you

After some time three of them are talking when nikku outside is playing with arohi. Deep looks at her

Nikku:Bua they all came

Arohi:And you didn’t even tell me now let’s go and meet them

She goes inside and hugs virat and tara

Arohi:Welcome back

Tara:I missed you

Virat:Don’t forgot me

Arohi: I also missed you and yes tomorrow I have thrown a part for you three comming back so be ready in time

Roma comes there and gives a glass of orange juice to arohi

Roma:Look at you.You have not taken rest just doing work

Arohi:Don’t worry all the work is done now and now I am free for a week

Roma:That’s good

Tara:(whispering in arohi’s ear)You haven’t even said something to deep

Arohi:What should I say to him tell him

Virat:(whispering into deep’s ear)Do something

Deep:What should I do she didn’t even said welcome to me

Both virat and tara look at each other

Arohi:I should go and change then we will have dinner

She stands up tara gets near her and makes her fall deep comes and holds her

Deep:Look I saved you again

Arohi:So what can I do

Deep:Can I tell you how cute you look when you close your eyes while falling

Arohi:Can I stand up now

Deep:No I want you just like that in my embrace

Arohi:Let me go every one is watching

Deep:So what can I do let them watch

Arohi pushes him but her bracelet gets entangles in his watch resulting in both of them falling on sofa.They both look into each other eyes


They both stand up arohi leaves from there blushing

Virat:Look she still love you

Deep:I should plan a surprise for her so she can forgive me

Arohi goes to her room

Arohi:How I could still love that man

She punches the mirror when her hand starts to bleed badly Deep comes there

Deep:Arohi!!What have you done

Arohi:Leave I said leave

Deep:No I will not

He holds her hand and takes her to bed he takes out the first aid kit

Deep:Look how much blood there is

He starts treating her injury. She looks at him

Deep:Don’t hurt yourself because of me

Arohi:I will never hurt myself for a man like you

Deep:Then why these tears

Arohi:What makes you think that these tears are for you

Deep:These beautiful hazel eyes

He wipes her tears

Deep:Just give me one day I will clear all the misunderstandings between us

He leaves from there.Arohi wipes her tears and looks on.Deep goes to tara room and hugs her

Tara:Sometimes I really think that you love her

Deep:Don’t worry tomorrow is her last day

Tara:And how are you soo sure

Deep:She is an emotional fool there is no way that she will deny my offer

They both hug.Arohi is seeing the cctv fotage of that room

Arohi:I was right but tomorrow is also your last day “Deep raj Singh ”

She goes to her room and locks her door.In the night both deep and arohi can’t sleep.They both get up and looks towards the moon

Arohi:Why my heart is not ready to do this

Deep:Why I am soo restless about killing her

Arohi:I never loved that man It was all a part of my plan

Deep:I only love tara and mummy ji I can’t love her

Arohi:Or I am running from the truth

Deep:Do I love her

Arohi:Even if I love him he has to die for what he have done with me and my family

Deep:She is an enemy of my family she has to die

He looks at tara who is sleeping.Arohi calls bhabi

Arohi:Bhabi are you in London

Bhabi:Yes we have landed here

Arohi:And Papaji

Bhabi:Yes he is with us but what about you

Arohi:You know how much I love you and nikku. But it’s the truth

Bhabi:But you promised nikku that you would come back

Arohi:Tell nikku that Bua loves him.You know that I am not going to make out of their alive

Bhabi:Arohi no you are not doing this please for the sake of your brother

Arohi:Bhabi can you please give the phone to nikku

Nikku:Hello Bua

Arohi:Nikku my love Bua will miss you soo much

Nikku:Bua what are you saying you promised me that you will come London with us

Arohi:My nikku is a big boy now so you can understand that you will never see your Bua again

Nikku:No Bua

She cuts the call.She sits in a corner and starts crying

Arohi:It’s my fault I wish that I never would have met him.But I started it and now I am going to kill him

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