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Bhootu 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pihu’s Birthday Party

Bhootu 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anandita brings laddoos for Pihu and pampers her. O meri maa…song.. plays in the background…Pihu falls asleep. Shona wakes up Pihu in the morning calling her chuiya and takes her flute. Pihu snatches it back and says it is Gopal’s gift, reminiscing Gopal gifting it with 3 wishes. Shona yells her mad mamma forced her to wear pink frock. Shona says mamma bought it for her. Shona says she will enjoy what Pihu is entitled to and will spoil her party today, she can wait and watch. Anandita walks in and says tonight she has arranged Pihu’s birthday party and has called all her friends. Pihu gets happy hearing that. Shona yells her friends are babu bhai, aslam bhai..etc.. Anandita asks who are they. Pihu says goons. Shona says she will not celebrate her birthday without her friends and says party theme will be bollywood and she needs gifts for her friends. Anandita agrees and walks. Shona pushes her and asks Pihu to lift her mad mother.

Damroo orders Bobby and Mohini to finish household work properly as tonight is Pihu’s birthday party. Mohini yells at him and says don’t know why Vikram punishes them with household chores. Bobby says he finished cleaning and now it is Mohini’s turn to mop floor, if she is fine now. Mohini asks if he is doubting him and emotionally blackmails him. He gives broom and leaves. Mohini bribes Neelam and gets work done. They all decide which bollywood actor’s character they will play.

Vikram drops Shona in her old area with gifts and leaves. Shona meets her friends and they all dance. She then distributes them gifts, says this is all her look-alike Pihu’s, she is inviting them for tonight’s party, they can steal whatever they want as they are very rich and fool. Another boy silently hears their conversation standing nearby and thinks even he will attend party. Shona thinks she will teach Pihu a lesson in her own birthday so that Pihu does not interfere again.

Precap: Mohini mixes gunpowder in candle and tells Bobby that Anandita will panci when candle bursts, then they will get back this house. Shona lights lamp and it blasts. Pihu shouts Shonaa…mammaa..

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