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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhutis personality disorder gets acute

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vibhu starts calling tiwari papa,angoori starts laughing,tiwari holds vibhu ear and takes him away,daddu calls angoori,angoori asks all good,daddu says you asked mimi to make chilli pickle right she has made it I will get it for you tomorrow,angoori says good get it,I will be waiting.

Anu on call with Meenal says I’m trying not to hurt vibhu but I think it’s because of me and I feel guilty and I have decided that I will give him lots of love,vibhu comes frustrated and says I’m not understanding what’s happening,anu says Vibhu my baby,vibhu says Tiwari says I called him papa,now you please don’t call me baby.

Vibhu says baby help me I want to get rid of this illness,anu says I promise you will be fine,vibhu says and promise you will never leave me give me hug,anu says

yes I won’t and hugs him,vibhu says how dare you I’m your math teacher and have you done your homework,now go seat ups,anu says no god and starts doing seat ups.

Tiwari watches through window and calls anu and asks are you fine,vibhu says papa what are you doing there come here,tiwari says shut up,vibhu starts crying,he sees anu and asks what are you doing,what’s wrong with you,anu hits him and says you made me do seat ups and gets very angry.
Vibhu again as teacher says why did you stop continue,vibhu looks at tiwari and calls him again as papa,looks at anu and says continue with seat ups.

Next morning vibhu and angoori in garden,angoori says parbatia remember devender he was behind me,vibhu says he was so bad he was behind me too,angoori says tell me what he did,vibhu say so feel shy,angoori says cmon I’m your friend why feel shy,vibhu says he asked me out for lunch and I slapped him.

Daddu comes there,angoori says hello daddu,how are you,and where’s pickle,daddu says yes I got it and vibhu today you didn’t come to me to wish me,vibhu starts starring at him and walks to angoori,and says I’m not vibhu I’m phulva,and you don’t you remember phulva you use to play hide n seek with her in farms,angoori says is it,vibhu says and also kho kho.

Gulfamkali walks to them and says oh nice you play kho kho,daddu says you vibhu stop saying all this in front of my daughter,vibhu says I’m saying but you use to do it,angoori asks what he use to do,daddu seats on scooter and leaves,angoori says oh my pickle.

Tiwari walks out and says this drama finish it,vibhu hugs him and says my sweet papa,gulfamkali stars laughing,tiwari says shut up and thinks I have to think something to get rid of this and leaves.

Tiwari walking with vibhu,vibhu asks papa where are we,tiwari says picnic,vibhu says but it’s forest,tiwari says close your eyes and have this toffee and open your eyes only when I ask you too,vibhu hugs him and says my strongest papa and closes eyes,tiwari leaves.vibhu says papa I’m opening eyes and opens his eyes and sees twiari missing and starts crying and starts having multiple personality disorder and talking to himself as a elderly person and kid and leaves.

Anu and saxena visit a doctor,saxena says meet my bhabhiji Anita Mishra,and her husband,anu says he is having mental illness,doctor asks what,saxena says multiple personality disorder,doctor says oh I get it,these are people whose wives trouble them,saxena says yes she insults him a lot,anu says what’s wrong with you saxena,doc says don’t worry that’s nature’s rules wives trouble husbands.

Anu says please tell me what’s the remedy,doc says you have dropped his confidence level and you have to increase it and make him realise that he is the best person and best husband in the world and that will help him,anu says I will do it,doc has multiple personality disorder attack and he leaves selling tea.nurse comes running behind and says some time later he will sell kulfi,anu says isn’t he doctor,nurse says no he is plumber,actually he has multiple personality disorder but when he gets into doctors role he gives best advice so we allow him treat.

Doctor comes in selling kulfi,saxena asks anu will you have Malai kulfi. Tiwari says now this vibhu and his papa act won’t return to me,vibhu comes and sits beside him and hugs him and hugs him and says my papa,bad papa,tiwari says what’s wrong,vibhu says you left me alone in jungle,vibhu says how dare you leave this kid alone in jungle,tiwari says I wanted to give him toffee,vibhu as kid says papa I have toffee,vibhu says how dare you treat a kid this way,tiwari says I wanted to get rid of this nonsense,vibhu hugs him and says my papa my sweet papa.

Pre cap: vibhu and anu spending romantic night,anu says I believe this now that you are as naughty as before.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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