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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 1)

Higuyzs iam back andiam ging to write an ff on bepanah . I love the serial .and Jenni and harshad too.so let’s begin

Story begins after the hospital scene next day Zoya and her team was preparing for wedding which was to be next day.meanwhile she was briefing her collegues he saw Aditya entering.they had eye contact but Zoya dismissed her.

Zoya _ come on. Get back to work everyone

She tried to ignore adi who was standing beside her tried. To go away but she tripped and was about to fall but adi held her

Adi_zoya be careful .

Zoya _ chodiye Hume

Adi- you shouldnt have come today ur unwell and weak too . Ur not a super human (he said that in his usual tone. Though deep inside he cared for her

Zoya- oh Mr Aditya hooda know that Zoya  Arora is an human being . Who gets hurt . Unwell .

Adi_i still hate u Zoya . Meri naftrat abhi bhi utni hai.( My hatred for u still remains the same(he was about to leave in anger

Zoya – Mr Aditya hooda .(she shouted as loud as she can) why the hell u hate me

Adi was quite as he dint knew answer for Zoya question

Zoya_ uhhh let me tell u Aditya u hate me because I still love Yash . I don’t doubt him iam here to full fill his dreams .my love for him is bepanah . Infact  my love for Yash isso bepanah that fire of your revenge and hatred is nothing against that .I don’t hate u Mr hooda despite of what u did yesterday to me. My love for Yash have given me everything and even though he is dead he gave me his family and business . I have everything and your hatred is all u have so I can’t take it way from u

Aditya interrupted .

Adi- u are a big fool zoya.u don’t even know what’s happening around u. And I don’t want to tell u anything rather.u said that u don’t hate me Na now SE i will make u hate me more that u love Yash.

Zoya_ Aditya sacchi mohabat ki jagah koi nafrat ni le sakti chahe vo kitni bepanah kyu Na ho( no hatred can replace true Love in this world)

So it’s over for today guyzz do let me know how was it’s via ur likes ,dislikes and coment




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