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Belan Wali Bahu 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa calls ghost catcher in house

Belan Wali Bahu 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dada says to Lata to bring water, Lata says I wont go alone in kitchen. All family members are sitting in lounge, they are sleepy but Dada says no one will sleep. They all doze off but Dada wakes up everyone and says no one will sleep. They all doze off again.

In morning, all family members are in kitchen as Lata is making tea. Roopa says if there was a ghost then he would have come out. Shalini says no I saw ghost last night. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that Mahesh left and they are still doing this.
All family members sit to have breakfast. Jitendra says we can leave this house. Dada says no we will throw out the ghost. Roopa gets an idea and says there is no ghost in house and I will prove it. Roopa calls Miss. Maya and says can you come to my house? she ends

call. Roopa says to family that I have called Miss. Maya, she is specialist to catch ghosts, she will tell that there is no ghost in house. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that what did you do? I am a ghost, Maya will catch me. Roopa is shocked and asks him to runaway till she is here. Laddo’s ghost runs from house and hides in society.

All are waiting for Maya. Suddenly house door opens and heavy winds blow. Family look on. Lata says she ghost catcher or ghost herself? Maya enters house and looks around. Dada says she looks snake catcher. Roopa welcomes Maya. Maya asks her to remain silent. She looks around and says there is something. She brings out her globe which is lighting, she says there is a ghost in this house.
Maya is doing her prayers to call ghost but train passesby. They all run to catch things but Maya’s globe falls and breaks. Jitendra says dont worry, I will join it again. He tapes whole globe. Maya says let me try if it works now.

Scene 2
Maya is in lounge and doing her prayers. Dada says I want to ask something. Maya says dont sit infront of me, I will make ghost sit on that chair. She keeps praying. Roopa is tensed. Maya says there is no ghost in this house. Lata says you were saying there is a ghost in house. Maya says ghost is not here but he lives here, he have been living here, I have to call the ghost to send him away.

Mahesh comes to his school and recalls Roopa’s harsh words. Mahesh says Laddo’s ghost must be worried about me, I shouldnt have left like that, he goes to check on Laddo.

Maya is praying and calling for a ghost. Suddenly lights go out, she says ghost is coming. Laddo’s ghost is hiding in a street but he is being pulled by some force which pulls him and he is thrown in house. Roopa is shocked to see him. Maya says ghost is here, she makes Laddo’s ghost sit in chair. Roopa says there is no ghost. Maya ties Laddo’s ghost with invisible rope. Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost that this is happening because of your friend. Mahesh comes there and says to Laddo’s ghost that I shouldnt have felt bad about Roopa’s words, lets go and enjoy. Laddo’s ghost says Mahesh? Maya sees Mahesh and says you here? Maya says to family that there are two ghosts in house. Mahesh says to Maya that dont take my friend from here, if you want then take me with you but please leave him. Maya says okay I listened to you, she leaves Laddo’s ghost. Mahesh comes to Laddo’s ghost and says Maya is my wife, she was a good housewife but she became ghost catcher because she thought I had an affair with some ghost, dont worry she will not take you now. Laddo’s ghost says thank you. Maya says lets go. Mahesh says bye to him and starts leaving with her. Lata says to Roopa that you sent ghost away, you are brilliant, you got this idea. Naren says roopa is great. All cheer for Roopa. Mahesh sees all this and glares at Roopa.

PRECAP- Mahesh enters Roopa’s body. Lata asks roopa for breakfast. Roopa says I will eat mine, you all arrange for yourself. Katori comes there to take sugar, Roopa says I wont allow you, Katori says I have a right, I will take it. Roopa grabs her wrist and twists. Roopa smears cake on Prem’s face. Naren says to Roopa that it was not your mistake.. Roopa slaps him. Laddo’s ghost is stunned. Roopa and Lata are having cat fight, both pulling at each others hair. All family members look on. Laddo’s ghost says someone stop them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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