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Badho Bahu 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Titli inebriates Pinki

Badho Bahu 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jamuna ji says I told him that Komal is very stubborn. She wont return till her tapasya is complete but he dint pay heed to my words. Titli tries his number but gets Zalim’s call in between. She disconnects his call irked. Why does he have to keep coming in between? She tries Lucky’s number but in vain. Where did he go! She tells Rana Lucky’s phone is still unreachable. Jamuna ji decides to go to Ahlawat House with them. Malti Bhabhi must be really worried. I will speak to villagers and explain everything to them. Rana tells her she can come along but it is no point speaking to villagers. They are not ready to hear anything. Titli seconds him. You can send Lucky to Sirsa the moment he is back. She wonders how to find him now. Don’t know what villagers will do if he wont return. Come back from

wherever you are!

Pinki tries Chunnu / Munnu’s number. Kamla ji says Raghubir ji and Malti were already concerned for Badho and now Vardaan and my own daughter went to look for her. We got ourselves into a real problem by abducting Badho. We will be in trouble if the truth comes out. Hope this does not cost us badly. Pinki finally connects with Munnu. Munnu shares that Chunnu is doing havan with Badho. We are taking her out. Kamla ji warns him to be careful or he will become havan’s Aahuti. He assures them that they will cover Badho’s house well. Kamla ji instructs him to take care of Vardaan and Pragya. Do whatever but they must not find any clue about Badho. Munnu agrees.

Vardaan and Pragya reach where the so called camp was supposed to be held. Looking at the place, he confirms with Pragya if this is indeed the said place. She nods in confusion. He goes around to see if he can find out more about the camp from someone.

Titli tells Rana she is really angry on Lucky today. He is never around whenever you need him. He does not care about anyone! Agreed that Badho isn’t at home but the other family members are there. These villagers are weird. They aggravated such a small matter for no reason. A player gets hurt while playing. These people do not seem to care about anything at all. They just want to punish Lucky! The certificate will be proved wrong only when Lucky is still hurt. He is completely fit now. Rana remembers how he cunningly defeated Lucky in the Iron Man Championship. Titli says I feel Lucky dint do anything wrong. He is still Iron Man for her. He has strong determination. He has never won ever by any wrong method! Rana stops the car abruptly. She asks him if he saw Lucky. Do you worry about him? My Lucky is a champion with a strong willpower. Why do you worry about him? Rana agrees that their Lucky is the real Iron Man. whatever has happened is because of! He goes quiet as her phone rings. She picks up Avinash’s call and straight away tells him she cannot talk to him at the moment. She turns her attention to Rana but he dismisses the topic. She is sure there is something. I must find the truth.

Raghubir ji paces in his room. Jamuna ji holds Komal and Lucky’s photo close to her as she prays. Lucky is driving around town. Komal helps Chunnu and Munnu perform the puja. Malti ji is also praying.

Rana and Titli return home and find the house all quiet. Titli says everyone will be quiet only as they are worried about villager’s reaction. Plus Lucky is nowhere to be seen. Rana heads absentmindedly in another direction. Titli reminds him that his room is in opposite direction. Titli thinks Rana couldn’t speak truth. Is Rana responsible for Lucky’s absence? I have to make him spill the beans at any cost.

Rana comes to Raghubir ji’s room. He asks about Lucky but Rana shares that he left to find Badho before they reached Bakriawal. Ma ji tried to stop him but in vain. Raghubir ji says I know Lucky. Right now, we are running out of the time given by villagers. I don’t know how to face villagers. They will feel that we only sent him away. He finds Rana a bit restless. Do you have to say something? Rana nods. His eyes are heavy and red.

Titli comes to Lucky’s room and speaks to his photos. I am not enjoying seeing everyone so worried. I then thought of what you would have done if you were in my place. I know you would have tried to find out the entire truth somehow. I am sure there is no better option than Pinki to get the desired info. I know I will find something that will help me make her spill the truth. She scans through the cupboards and finds alcohol. She gets an idea. This is the best instrument to make Pinki speak the truth. I will add it in cold drink and Pinki will then end up telling me everything.

Titli goes to Pinki with a cold drink in her hand. Do you know anything about Lucky? Pinki says you only went to find him. Do you have any news? Titli shares that Lucky left to find Badho before they reached there. His phone was also unreachable. Pinki decides to keep Lucky away from Badho as well or their plan will be ruined. She offers cold drink to Pinki. Pinki gulps it down in one go. Titli thinks the sooner it begins to show its effect, the sooner I will find out everything. She turns to go but Pinki does not let her go. She begins to feel dizzy. My head feels heavy while the body feels light. I feel like I am flying. Titli tells her that she is tired instead. She massages her head and shoulders. Pinki says we should be taking training from you instead. Titli says I can train you anytime but you know how worried everyone is about Lucky. Don’t know where he is! Pinki is irked. No one cares about my Rana ji ever! He is so worried. He too has to take part in Nationals but why should anyone think about him. Everyone only keeps talking about Lucky! Now Rana ji is Iron Man yet he gets no importance. I feel bad too. Titli thinks Rana also stopped while talking about Iron Man Championship in the afternoon. I must find the truth.

Titli tells Pinki that Lucky is Iron Man. Pinki denies. He was till he was challenged by Rana ji. He challenged Lucky later! She goes quiet. Titli says Lucky won right. Pinki says Rana ji challenged him. He would have lost if I and Ma ji had not told him to attack Lucky on his shoulder which was already hurt. Titli gets upset. Pinki keeps talking about her husband winning the championship this way. She shushes her mouth. I cannot tell this to anyone. Titli replicates her movements for her sake. She helps her lie down and covers her with a duvet. Titli thinks I have to bring this out before everyone somehow. Lucky did a lot for me. It is my turn to do something for him now.

Precap: Titli confronts Rana. Your brother cannot take part in Nationals because of you today! If you regret it so much then go outside and tell the truth to everyone! Villagers end up telling Raghubir ji to apologize to everyone as Lucky is still not back. Raghubir ji visits the first house and is about to fold his hands when Rana requests him against it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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