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Agnifera 11th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anurag’s Jealous Towards Abhimanyu

Agnifera 11th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anurag plays carrom with Abhimanyu and taunts he must be good at shooting but not carrom board. Abhimanyu says wait and watch and shoots coin into pouch. Vikral walks in and praises Abhimanyu. Anurag says he also plays carrom well, asks Ragini if he is right. Abhimanyu continues shooting coins into pouch. Parag taunts Anurag to praise Abhimanyu now, what happened to his tongue, Abhimanyu was just acting as losing to win finally. Anurag says Abhimanyu really knows carrom well, but he will win queen. Abhimanyu says let us see. Anurag plays, but fails to shoot red coin in pouch. Abhimanyu says bad luck, now his turn. He shoots red coin into pouch. Vikral, Ragini, and Parag praise Abhimanyu. Anurag says cover coin is still left. Abhimanyu when queen has gone, cover will also go. He looks at Ragini

and shoots cover into pouch. Parag and Ragini praise Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says queen is his, at last he can shake hands. Abhimanyu shakes hand sadly. Ragini says it calls for sweets. Abhimanyu says sure. Ragini leaves. Abhimanyu asks Vikral how was his game. Vikral says it is excellent. Parag praises how he manages game, business, etc. together. Abhimanyu jokes to take classes from him. Ragini brings sweets and comments Anurag that truth always wins. Anurag says he will take his rani for sure. Ragini congratulates Abhimanyu and says she will befriend him now.

A man calls Shristi and misbehaves with her. She disconnects call. He calls her back and continues. Family fumes hearing that. Goon enters calling Rosy and starts drama. Shristi runs up.

Abhimany takes jalebi for Shristi and drops it on her hand, then gets worried. She says she is fine. He says sorry, he thought she will be happy seeing jalebi. She says she liked it. He gets his moms call leavs.

People start thronging Shristi’s house. Brij throws them out. They show pamphlet and says here truth is, Shristi will tell truth now. Shristi tears pamphlet and asks to go and ask their mother and sister same question. They leave silently.

Daadi calls Anurag and says everyone remember him, if he is fine. He says yes and remembers them. Daadi asks not to come back without bahu, else she will not let him enter home. He says he will. Ragini prepares halwa for Abhimanyu and says he was missing family, so she prepared halwa for him. He says it is amazing. Ragini looks at Anurag.

Precap: Ragini scolds servant to do as she says and not Anurag and throws flour which falls on Abhimanyu. Shristi asks Baiju if he came to shoot her. He says gun is his dignity and he submits it to her.

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