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Episode 6th

RECAP :- Abhay and Rahul gives Ahil a surprise, IPL tickets , AHIL decided to Take Riya and Naina along .

AHIL : Your voice is so heart touching , what’s the secret behind it .

Naina : Secret , No , When voice filled with pain and grief comes out from heart then the effect can be seen .

Ahil : Don’t you think that you’ve made your life a Trap

Naina : You don’t know anything , You are raised in a rich family , I’m not saying we’re Poor , But What difference is there in our upbringing is your life is full of happiness and mine totally opposite .

Ahil keeps his hands on hers ” Don’t worry A friend in need is a friend in deed ” , ” I’ll help you ”

Naina : I just hope that You never come in my way , Once you tried you’ll never stay happy

Ahil sees towards Naina , Her extremely Sad face and moist eyes .

”””””””” AT STADIUM ””””””’

RIYA is sitting with Abhay , With him is Rahul .

Rahul : Abhay , Where’s ahil ?

Abhay : He’ll come , But my brain is getting mad now , I can’t bear her anymore .

Riya pushed Abhay ” Say cheese , Let’s have a selfie ”

Abhay : Riya we’ve clicked almost 20 pictures

Riya : 20 !! we’ve to click 30 more , Come let’s make a Pout .

Rahul : Let’s go and bring some soft drinks

Riya: Can I come with you

Abhay : Ya let’s go

They both got up and goes to food point .Meanwhile, Naina and Ahil comes .

Ahil was holding Naina’s hand .

Ahil: Come sit here , Here’s our seat .

Naina: Who’s sitting with me .

Ahil: Me and your sister .They might have gone to canteen , You sit here I’ll go and find out .

Naina got little worried she shouts ” Ahil wait ”

Naina in her mind : How should I say him that I’m afraid of being alone

AHIL : Yes , Do you want anything

Naina in a troubled speech ” No it’s okay ”

Ahil saw her vibrating hands ” No just leave it , They’ll come their own , I’m on my seat ”

He came and Sat with her .

Ahil : Naina you know Today’s match is gonna be Amazing Chennai VS Bangalore , Wow

Naina : Forever my Favorite team is Chennai , I love it .

Ahil : Really , Well I’m in opposition

Naina : Then I’m sure My team will Win .

Ahil : Okay , Then bet , If my team won , Then you’ve to come with me for a coffee

Naina : what ??? please don’t cross your limits

Ahil : see , See , You don’t have faith in your Team , So it means I’ll win the bet

Naina : Don’t underestimate my team , Okay

AHIL : So bet

Naina : Okay , Done and if my team won then you’ll never say that I’m your friend .

Ahil : Okay , Done .

Naina : You strongly believe in your team, It seems

AHIL :  I am 100% sure that I’ll win and I’ll go for a coffee with you .

Riya , Abhay and Rahul came there .

Riya : Oh god all the seats are full now how can I sit with Ahil

Abhay : Don’t worry , See in second row we’ve three seats

Riya starts screaming like a little kid crying for a candy ” No , No I’ll sit here ” She grasped Naina’s hand ” Naina you go there ”

Ahil holds Riya’s hand and removed it from Naina’s .

Ahil : Riya , Dear , If you will not sit on your allotted Place , They will put a fine on you

Riya : What !!!

AHIL : And I can’t see , My friend Paying Fine

Riya : So sweet of you Ahil

They all goes to their seat .

ᑕOᗰᗰEᑎTᗩTOᖇ : Ladies and gentleman , Welcome you all , Let’s get ready for a Big Toss ,
And here we’ve have our captains , The Coin is in the Air , And our captain cool won , CSK won the toss !!!

Naina gave a broad smile and exclaimed delightfully ” Yes ! , See Ahil my team won the toss ”

Ahil becomes radiant seeing her smile , ” How sweet is your smile , This is what I want to see on your face every moment ” – AHIL

Naina becomes calm ” Smile , I think I didn’t know how even does it look like , Since my birth it never came to me ”

AHIL : Oh god , Now you again became sad , Your team only won toss , My team will win series .

Naina smiles faintly ” Let’s see ”

ᖇIYᗩ’ᔕ ᑭOᐯ…

Abhay : Riya why’d you wore this Hat , Goggles , I mean it’s 7 now

Riya : I look good you know , It is my Swag

Rahul : Wow , Nice attire

Abhay : Yarr today CSK is playing really well , I think they will win

Riya : No I think , The game will end in a draw

Rahul : why do you think so

Riya : I don’t know , Well , I’ve a question , Can we go and have a selfie with stars

Abhay : No you can’t

Riya : But I want to

Rahul : Please keep quiet and sit silently .

Riya in her brain ” This Naina is enjoying with Ahil , I won’t spare her ,See how’s she fixed over there ”

αнιℓ’ѕ ρσν..

Naina : what’s the score ?

Ahil : It’s really good for your team

Naina : I know I’ll win

Ahil : Time is king , Wait girl

Naina was eating Pop corns , Out of a bucket , Mistakenly she drooped it and it falls on a man below , Destroying all his fancy clothes .

Man furiously ” Hey , Are you blind , Can’t you hold it properly ”

Naina : I’m really sorry Sir .

Man : Who bring these kind of stupid and senseless people here , They even don’t know etiquettes .

Ahil with agony : Mind your language Sir , Saying these rubbish words you’ve clearly shown how much manners you have

Man : Eh ! Who’re you to open your mouth in this matter ?

AHIL : She’s my friend , Naina .

Man : Is your girl a blind ! She destroyed my new Pair of Denim.

Ahil : Yes! She’s blind , Then what will you do , She has all the rights that a common person have , See yourself, You don’t know how to talk with women.

Man : wow , How cool , You didn’t got a girl to enjoy your teenage life then you thought that she’s a blind girl , You’ll use her and throw , What can she do

AHIL got aggressive , He catches and hooks his collars and shows his Round crul of fingers , Punch .

AHIL : Don’t you utter a single word now

Then , Security guards , Abhay and Rahi came and solved the matter .

Naina is shattered and broken down into tears . Ahil hugs her .

AHIL : Don’t everything is okay

Riya bruns in jealousy ” This all was Plan of Naina , I know , She’s trying to gain sympathy , Wait I’ll play a big game now , Wait and watch ”

Abhay : AHIL within next hour I think we should leave , It’s getting dark outside

Rahul : Okay then !

AHIL : Ya ! It’s now 9 pm , We’ve a long journey awaiting us . Naina come sit here .

Riya and Abhay , Rahul goes back to their seat .

Riya to herself : I came here to make our friendship strong , This Naina is coming closer and closer to Ahil , My Brain is saying to leave her all alone a jungle and she gets lost , Ha !!!

Abhay : I just come , I’m going to washroom .

Rahul : Abh!! You know Na ! That here washroom is where , The backside of stadium , From where it’s barren wooden area , Be careful it’s night now

Abhay : what ! I’m not a kid , Okay !

Riya to herself : Yes ! I got an idea , Now no one can snatch my AHIL from me , A big Trap .

Abhay came back ” Riya , This is for you ”

Riya : No thanks but I don’t eat Potato fries .
She got up ” I’m coming from washroom , Okay ” – Riya .

She walks up to Naina ” I’m going to Washroom , Come accompany me ” – Riya

Naina : I’m fine , thanks

Riya : Come Na ! Aren’t you my sweet sister .

Naina : Okay , Wait !

She got up and goes with Riya , ” Come soon we’re leaving in short ” – AHIL exclaimed

Riya : Hmm !!!

After using washroom , Riya comes out and holds Naina’s hand and took her to destination .

Then Riya comes back running to Ahil .

Riya : Ahil ! Abhay , Rahul , Naina is lost , I can’t find her anywhere

Abhay : what do you mean , Riya

Ahil : It’s not a time to joke

Riya : Believe me Ahil , I just went into washroom , After coming out she wasn’t there .

Rahul : Oh god where can she be

Abhay : Come let’s search for her .

Abhay , Rahul , AHIL searches for Naina everywhere , But it went Into Vain .

Riya thought ” You’ll find her when she’ll be here , I’ve sent her , Where she should be ”

::::::::flαshвαck stαrts:::::::::::::

Riya took Naina to bathroom , After using , She instead of taking her back , Left her in the jungle , And came back


Riya : It’s too late , We should call Police and we should go home now .

Rahul : She’s right ! call Police .

Ahil calls police , After some moments Police comes .

Ahil : Abhay , Rahul take Riya home and I’ll come later .

Riya : But what’ll you do , Let Police do their job

AHIL was distressed ” Naina needs me , We’re friends ”

Abhay : But Ahil !!

Ahil loudly : I said Na ! you all go , I’ll Handle .


Naina was moving forward and forward in the woods , She was waving her hands in the air .

Naina : Riya , Where’s you , Come .

She realized that she can’t hear any human voices , She could hear birds echoing , Sounds of dry leaves which her feet was crunching .

Naina got tensed ” Where I’m , Oh god , What is this Place ”

It was growing darker , But she could only see Black .

Suddenly her Sandal broke and Feet pricked a sharp stone .

Naina cried ” Ouch , Something Sharp ”

She felt a support of Tree bark , And she sat down on the muddy floor .

Naina thinks of the moment when she was falling down from stairs and AHIL saved her and Said ” KAHA THA NA MERA HATH THAM LO , ZINDGI MEIN KABHI DAGMAGAO GI NAHI ” ( I told you to hold my hands and I’ll never let you go down )

AHIL with the help of police was searching for her in the woods , But in the different direction .

The moment Naina’s feet got Pricked , AHIL harshly bangs his hand on a tree and a little nail there injured him .

Police : Sir , Are you sure she’ll be here

Ahil : I’m sure , There’s no other way she can go

Police : Don’t worry we’ll find her

AHIL : Sir you’ll go that way , I just go here .

Naina was Sitting near a tree , She was totally Panicked . A snake
Slithered on the ground , Naina wasn’t totally unaware of it . It came a attacked on her feet which was naked . And she fainted .

Ìñ§ÌÐÈ RÄÌ’§ HÖڧȅ…..
Abhay and Ahil dropped Riya and went to their hostel .

Riya : I just hate this Naina , First she planned to sit with Ahil , Now she got vanished away so as Ahil would come and Save her ( she cooked her story )

Kamini : This Naina is flying so high in sky , Let her come home I’ll cut her wings

Riya : She wants to spend time with AHIL lonely , That is why she’s Planing this

Kamini : Don’t worry , AHIL is yours , You just see what I do .

Riya : I just pray she never comes back .

To be continued …

Just hope I didn’t made you feel bored , If you liked then plzzz👍👍👍😍, madly waiting for views 😉😉

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