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The magic of love, part 12

Other three got into the car and went after Suhani.

Yuvraj drove slowly so that they were in par with her, and Shavna were telling her to get in. But she didn’t pay a heed.

After two three minutes,

Yuv: Suhani get in now, your dress is dry.

She fumed and walked a bit faster.

Sharad sighed.

Bh: Stop the car.

She got out and went to Suhani.

Bh: Suhani, what is all these, why are being so adamant, immature?

She didn’t say anything.

Bh: Suhani, stop this and come.

Suh: Ok, in one condition, that you will drop me in city library!

Bh: What?

Suh: I will stay there still desk and then I will go to Dr. Uncle. You too come there, we will stay there today.

Bh: (sighed) OK.

They got in.

Bh: But Suhani, what got on you? Why are you being so childish?

She kept quiet and Yuvraj smiled .He stopped at a dabha. Sharad looked at him surprised.

Sh: What are we doing here?

Yuv: Coffee.

They got down; Yuvraj sat besides Suhani and got samosas for her.

Suh: (excitedly) Samosa!! It is my favourite!

Yuv: I know!

She looked on questioningly.

Yuv: That, I… I guessed it.

Suh: Guessed?

Yuv: Yeah, see our tastes are entirely opposite to each other; say I am fond of cleanliness and you…. You like messing things around and dirtying yourself.

She fumed at him.

Yuv: And, I hate to quarrel, but you, you love quarrelling, so you had to like samosa because I hate it.

Suh: You hate samosa?

Yuv: Any problem?

Suh: That’s why, I was thinking why you are such boring and irritating; now I understood…

Yuv: What?

Suh: Yes.

Shavna was laughing silently.

Suh: And what did you say, that I like to quarrel, if you remember, it wasn’t I, but you who started the fight.

Yuv: Me??

Suh: Yes, you were irritating me so much that we started to fight.

Yuv: It wasn’t you, but me who got irritated, and that too by you!

Suh: You started the fight.

Yuv: You did!

Sh (shouting): Guys stop! I don’t know who started the fight,

Bh: But now you are fighting again!

Yuvani smiled sheepishly.

Sh: Where want you to go now?

Bh: Our house.

Suh: What?

Bh: What is the problem?

Sh: that is a nice idea.

The headed to Suhani and Bhavna’s house.

There were many painting on the walls.

Sh: Wow, Suhani, nice painting.

Suh: It isn’t mine, Di painted them.

Sh: Wow! Superb.

Bhavna smiles.

They sat on the sofa and started to talk.

Bh: Now that you came here, you will go after dinner only.

Sh: Ok.

Bh: Until then we will listen.

Sh: listen? Who?

Bh: Suhani, you don’t know her, she is a chatter box, actually beyond it. I always think that she should have applied for RJ. It Suits you sister.

Suh: And you know what I think? That you should join circus, such a nice joker you are!

Yuv: Oh no, you will make a better joker!

She fumed, they continued chatting for a while, and then the sisters went to prepare food.

Suhani got salad for Yuvraj.

Yuv: Wow, thank you, I love salad.

Suh: You had to, now that you don’t like tasty food, all you would love is this kachara.

Yuvraj was about to say something.

Sh: Guys please, don’t start again.

Yuvraj smiled, on their first date too, Suhani referred his food as kachara.

The boys left after dinner.

Bh: Where were quarrelling with him always?

Suh: Don’t know di, but there is something,                 I mean enjoyed this, fighting with him.

Bhavna smiles.

Later at night, Suhani pasted their photo in her memory book and referred them as her new friends.a


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