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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 3)

The next morning both were ready to go to their respective offices,samskar was working as a bank manager and swara is a journalist,both are indedependent and strong…swara was ready for office she takes pari in her arms,she was talking with her little baby"mamma will come soon dear,stay with grandma and don't disturb her"pari was 2 and half years old and she could talk a little bit"haa maa"she only knows those two words,she said with a pout face,swara kissed her cheeks and come outside,sanskar was waiting for them,there was pin drop silence between them,breaking the silence he saide"come swara"and swara sit in the car,in their journey they didnt even see their face,the car stops near a building,swara got oit of the car,takes pari and moves inside,her mother was waiting for them,

she handover pari to her and bid bye to them,it is their daily routine,but when she comes out she finds sanskar waiting for her,she was little bit shocked,because it was the first time after their marriage that he has been waiting for her,she gets inside the car and said with a cold tone"chale sanskar"and the car moves,he drops her in her office,her friends were also shocked to see them together,sanskar calls her from behind"swara"she tutned to him,he said"bye"she just shaked her hand in the gesture of biding bye and he left from there,in the lift rahul,one of her friends asked her,swara"aaj suraj kaha se nikla hein",she said"kyon?" then he said"

kyunki aaj tum dono ek sath aaya ho&quot;je said this by lifting his eyebrows and winking to her,she rudely said him&quot;shut up!&quot;,he knows her mood so he said in a comic tone&quot;ok boss&quot;standing in a saluting position,and then they both laughed,rahul is the only person after pari with whom she laughed wholeheartedly…..<br>

In sanskars office he was doing his work,but his mind was absent in his work he was thinking something else;sanskar in his mind&quot;the morning was bright,it was mid winter,air was bitterly cold,he was sitting with his daughter in the garden,and takes a sip of the hot coffee from the can,just then he feels that pari was not there,he rotate his head to the left side and finds that she was actually not there,he get alert,jumps out of his bench and started to shout pari&apos;s name,and then his eyes saw some long silky dark brown hairs,the girl was shouting&quot;ye baby kos ka hein,koi janta hein,hello,how irresponsible people are&quot;he feel little bit ashamed of it,but shaked it of,he moved slowly to the girl,he said&quot;excuse me&quot;,the girl turned around,and his met with her,he can recognise those small,cute eyes,,,,both were shocked to see each other,and shouted together&quot;you&quot;&quot;

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