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Swasan FF – Some answers of my questions (Episode 2)

Episode 2

Swara was in deep thoughts in her room a sweet sound of a guitar was playing in her ears,and a voice was echoing there&quot;i hope that u will surely tell me one day,whats in your heart,swara pls sometime listen to ur heart too yar&quot;and she could remember her own words&quot;babu don&apos;t worry i&nbsp; will listen to it when the perfect time comes but now my carrier is more important&quot;,,,,,,just then she came out of her thoughts by listing to the ringing sound of her cellphone,Swara reciving the call asked&quot;yes rahul any news?&quot;and the he said&quot;yes swara there is a good news,just wait a few days and she will be putted behind the bars and our misson will be successful&quot;listning to Rahul,a small smile played in her lips,and a little drop of tear&nbsp; fall from her eyes…..<br>

In the living room sanskar was taking his dinner he was about to call swara,and at the very moment she entered in the room,she come near the dinning table,and silently takes her meal,she never talked to him unless it is necessary,he looks her face and thinks&quot;u r changed swara,actually why u r changed?i miss ur inmocent smile,ur cuteness,ur useless talks,but i cannot bring them back&quot;and he left a sigh,he want to ask something to her,but then they listen a big crackled sound,just as something has fallen on the floor,they ran to his room and find pari on the floor,she was crying,swara said&quot;oh god! Pari&quot;she hurriedly moved to pari and took her in her arms and she checked if everything is alright,sanskar was standing with a shocked and&nbsp; blank expression,he does not even move,Swara shaked him vigorously and he come to his senses,he asked&quot;how is she?

where is my pari?&quot;she assured him that everything is all right,she has fallen but in the floor but some pillows has also fallen so nothing happened to her,sanskar was standing with tears in his eyes,he left the room immediately,Swara moved to pari&apos;s side and stayed with her…<br>

Sanskar is thinking in his mind taking a cigratte in his mind&quot;Swara u cared for her so much,i m sry for everything,if i would not had hurt u before,i think you were that old sweet,cute girl,but something is also bothering me u were not so cold before a year you were alright,yes you had not forget about our past,but u were trying to be normal,you talked with me normally,but after five months of our meeting when i met you again you were so cold,i dont know happened to you,that u were behaving so coldly,why???&quot;<br>

He feels that his cigratte has finished,and from cigratte he remebers something&quot;before their marriage he first time find her taking cigarrets in the hillside,he wanted to asks her why she has became like that because once she hated that thing even she had scloded him for taking that thing,but he knows she will never reply to him or she will rudely tell him that it&apos;s none of his buisness,so he never asked her&quot;<br>

He takes out another cigarette and he again started to think about his past happenings,their first meeting,their talks,their fights and then he thinks about his first wife,thinking about her he crushed the cigarret in his fist and left for his room,he finds swara sleeping peacefully behing pari,he goes near them,kisses on pari&apos;s forehead and again sees swara&apos;s lovely face some hairs covered her forehead,he wanted to put those behind her ears but he controlled himself and moved to the next room,with lots of questions in his mind and thoughts in his heart he lay down i the bed and close his eyes….

Hey guys hope u will like this part….if i have done any mistakes then forgive me,it is the very first time i have written something…

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