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Soumya OS – my fault shot 2

” thanks for coming here, shivaay with your whole family ” said Yash khurrana to shivaay.
” don’t be formal uncle , your our business partners from last ten years and vikrant is like my brother, the oberoi’s would obviously be happy to be here in this special occasion of his marriage. We should be sorry that we could not attend the other functions before the wedding ” replied shivaay plastering a warm smile on his face.
” I understand shivaay. If you can wait a second I would like you to met my going to be daughter in law ” said Mr khurrana .

” yaa sure ” replied shivaay.
Mr khurrana went to search for his going to be daughter in law.

” shivaay till when we have to wait here. When is the wedding going to start?. Rudra is getting impatient. You know right how difficult it was to convince him to attend this
wedding ” said omkara.

“yaa I know om ” replied shivaay to omkara looking at rudra who was busy speaking to someone on the phone. Rudra had changed a lot in this three months after soumya had left the oberoi mansion , he had broke up with bhavya explaining her that he loved soumya. After knowing about rudra’s feeling, shivaay had hired the best detectives to search for soumya but nothing worked. It looked like soumya had vanished to a place where they could never trace her .  He had seen rudra losing all the hopes of finding soumya, he had seen his brother who used to laugh everytime dealing with pain. Rudra had almost forgotten to smile,  his smile is rarely found in the house. Rudra’s world only revolved around business and work since soumya had left. He avoids all the celebrations and family functions.

Jhanvi aunty and Dadi were worried seeing rudra turn workaholic. It looked like soumya had taken their carefree rudra with herself while she left the place. The detectives are trying their best but still they were not getting clue about her. It took so much of pleading from everyone to convince rudra to attend the wedding function of the business partner.

” soumya come here beta met my business partners ” said Mr khurrana making all the oberoi’s to turn their attention to him.

Here, she was wearing the pink lenga adored with all jewellery standing as the bride. Beautiful was not even a word to define her.
Soumya looked at the oberoi’s shocked. She did not expect them to be here. She could not deal with all the drama and pain again. Then her eyes met him and she felt her heart thumping heavily. She looked away from him.
” hi I’m soumya Tendulkar ” introduced soumya herself to everyone.

” uncle I think aunty would be worried about me. I have to go ” said soumya and went away.

The oberoi’s were shocked, Happy , sad seeing soumya here. Happy that they have found her but now she was no more theirs she had moved on and removed them from their life. She was marrying someone else. They suddenly became worried about rudra who was frozen in his place not able to understand anything. He felt his heart breaking.

She was marrying someone else leaving him?  Did she stopped loving him?  Had she started loving someone else?. Rudra felt his life sinking. He could not leave with the thought of her being some one else. Is this what soumya had felt when he had decided to marry bhavya?  Hell she had seen him romancing with bhavya, it would have made her feel ten times worse than what he felt now. He needed one chance to correct everything, just one chance.

Soumya had broke down in the room after everyone left her to see the arrangements. Her eyes flowed with tears. How wrong was she? She thought she moved on but seeing him once made her feel so vulnerable. Why did she love me like this?.

” soumya ” she heard vikrant  calling her and looked at him .
She wiped her tears.

” haa vikrant what happened? ”
” you still love him soumya ” stated vikrant.
” what are you talking about? “asked soumya avoiding his eye contact.
” soumya stop lying. I know you still rudra. ” said vikrant firmly.
” no I don’t ” denied soumya.

” you really don’t. Then why do you have this manglasutra kept in your locker so carefully. You could have threw it ” vikrant tells her giving her the manglasutra which he had found yesterday while searching for something in her cupboards.

Soumya never hid anything about her past to him. She had revealed everything about her first love when he had proposed marriage to her. It did not affect him as he had fallen in love with her more because of her honesty. Vikrant khurrana was womanizer, spoilt brat everything before meeting her but after meeting soumya in his office everything changed. All the girls of the office drooled over him but she never cared. She started hurting his ego and he had gone to seduce her but everything failed. She had slapped him.
” you are one of the cheapest persons I have met in my life  ” she shouted on him when he tried to get close to her.

” don’t give yourself so much of importance in my life. Vikrant khurrana would never give damn to a fat girl like you ” he gave her back and he saw her eyes dangerously filled with tears . She left the place leaving him guilty.
The next day soumya had come up with the resignation letter but he rejected it showing her company’s rules. He saw her sadly going back to work. He did not want her to leave, she had started effecting him. He wanted to see her everytime in front of him. He had started stalking her everytime.

He used to get irritated with him but he would continue trying to go close to her. He had stopped letting any woman near him since she entered.
” I hate you ” she could tell him but he used to smirk at her making her more annoyed.
It was during one of the office parties when one of the girl in the party falsely accused him of trying to rape her. Everyone had believed including his father. Then she had stepped in like a angel and stopped everything.

” he was with me ” she lied shocking everyone including himself. He was freed of the  charges.
” why did you lie? Why did you malign your respect for me? ” he had asked.

” she was lying. I saw her tearing her own clothes but no one could believe me so I took the other route to save you. You may be the cheapest person I have met but I would not let anything wrong happen to you knowing the truth ” soumya revealed to him leaving him awe of her character.
She was not the most beautiful girl he met in his life but she was the most beautiful person he had met in his life. That was the moment when he started loving her for everything she was. He tried  all his methods to do friendship with her, she finally accepted his friendship. Then after knowing her for a while he had proposed her. She had refused first telling him about her past but after many efforts she agreed. His family was more than happy to have some like soumya in his life.

He knew soumya loved someone in her past but he never knew the extent she loved the person. Today when he saw her breaking down after meting rudra,  vikrant realized that soumya still loved rudra the arrogant oberoi who hurt her. He did not want to lose soumya to anyone but wasn’t it wrong to marry her when she loved someone else and he had no hope she would love him.

Soumya looked at the manglasutra which she had treasured in the cupboard . She had treasured it in the same way as she treasured his memories.  Hurt was nothing compared to what she felt now. All the moments were flashing back to her.

” I still love him vikrant. I still love him ” confessed soumya holding the manglasutra tightly and letting her tears flow. She did not have any more strength to fight against herself.
Vikrant’s heart broke hearing her words and he fell down. He knew it was going to happen.

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