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Sanky ki dulhania (part 7)

Swara was sitting on the chair and when she started feeling dizzy she fall along with the chair.

Sankar hold the chair before she could fall. He makes the chair stand again and he started patting her cheeks.

Sanskar: swara…swara..ohh god what happened to her? Swara..

He became anxious..he stood up from the chair and started to search for water in the library he saw a pot was there in a corner he went near it and as soon he touched it a lizard came out running towards him.

Sanky ran to the chair where he was sitting and jumped on the chair again.

He saw that lizard and that lizard was still on the floor.

Sanky’s eyes the fall on a stick which was on the table. He hold that stick and gulped in fear.

Then that lizard rotates its eye towards Sanky like a camera and the stick fall from his hand.


But By the vibration caused on the floor because of the falling of stick the lizard ran away from there and Sanskar took a sigh of relief, then Sanky heard someone’s laughing sounds.

He wiped his sweats and saw in the direction from where that sound was coming, he found Swara was laughing madly. Her laughter was echoing in the whole library. She was laughing so hard that even she didn’t took a breath between her laughter.

Sanskar was just looking her continuously she was like a small kid innocent,cute and naughty..but suddenly the most important question popped in his mind which bought him back to reality.

Sanskar: Swara are u fine?? how u fainted..??

Swara: I was just doing a prank I was about to get up and tell u but then I a saw scene like the world war 3 between u and that lizard hahaha Sanskar u got afraid by a lizard..oh my god hahahaha

Sanskar: so it was a prank…don’t u know how afraid I got when u fainted
Swara: I was seeing everything okk..u didn’t got afraid because I fainted the reason was that ur sweetheart lizi..hehehhe

Sanskar: YUK!!! Don’t call that lizard my sweetheart…I hate lizards the most from a incidence of my childhood which I don’t even want to remember.

Swara : But I am fond of lizards I even caught one in a box in my childhood but unfortunately it ran away one day when I left the box open. I used to call it lizi…awwww…my sweet childhood companion.

Sanskar: So u were strange from childhood?? People love books but u have ‘biblophobia’ people hate lizards but u r fond of them!!!

Swara: Shall I tell u something??

Sanskar: What ur and that lizi’s lovestory??

Swara: NO.. actually yesterday I was the one who dashed u with bike and who made that dog run behind u..

Sanskar; What??? OH god when u will be serious??

Swara: This question is in trend nowadays everyone is asking me this only..but let me tell u something..

She stood up on the chair.
Swara: Ziddi hain hum nahi maanenge
Karte hi jaayenge badmashiyan
Keh do ye zamaane waalon se
Na ye chheene humse aazadiyaan

Hai dil mein jo kehna hai
Hain jaise, waise hi rehna hai
Ho… ek zindagi hai
Zyada nahi par thoda toh bigdenge

She acted to stumble and Sanky hold her hand.

Swara: I was doing acting..
Sanskar: Again..uff…be serious yaar.!

Swara: Hum nahi sudhrenge
Hum nahi sudhrenge
Thoda aur bigdenge
Hum nahi sudhrenge (x2)

She spread her arms and closed her eyes
Then she jump down and then hold some papers and throw them in air.

Apne hain beparwah iraade sabhi
Panne ye fikron ke udaa de abhi
Kaise jeena sabko sikha de abhi (x2)

She picked up some books and then acted to faint and made faces.
Lamhe shararat ke
Na jaane denge
Apni khushi mein gham
Na aane denge
Hum zindagi ko muskuraane denge

Swara then sat on the chair crossing one leg over other and crossing her hands near her chest.

Swara: Soo what u understood.??
Sanskar: Ki tum nhi sudhrogi.

Precap: Sanskar’s talk Swara got shock.

  • Thank you so much for reading it, It is also available on wattpad on my id shinchan0324. It got completed there.
  • I also started its season 2 there. 

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