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Samaina OS – i will always be there for you

Naina had again not eaten anything for dinner making Bela chachi worried about her niece. Naina’s eyes held pain for something even Bela could not understand.
” till how many days are planning to not eat Naina? ” asked preeti.
” he would have not eaten a bite preeti and I know no one could have cared a bit here ” replied Naina painfully making preeti quite.

It was one week since sameer had left for Delhi , since then Naina had turned numb to everything . It looked like she felt all of sameer’s pain. She ached for him,  she wanted to hear his voice, comfort him and assure me she was here for him.
” Naina, preeti ” called Bela chachi.
Both preeti and Naina came towards her. Naina looked totally disinterested to anything happening around her.

” kya hai mummy? “asked preeti.
” woh tumhari Pooja Didi had phoned to invite you both for a family picnic to Delhi with her sassural. You people want to go? ” asked Bela chachi.
Naina who was disinterested in the talks became alert listening the name of Delhi. Her sameer was here in Delhi, she could met him somehow once she reached Delhi.
” yaa chachi ji. I would love to go ” tells Naina making Bela happy. After all her niece finally smiled after a long time.

Preeti had understood where her sister mind was leading her to do without thinking of the consequences but she doubted Naina would listen to her. So she had decided to accompany Naina to handle the situation.

The next day in the school,  Naina had taken sameer’s Delhi address from munna and pandit.

Preeti and Naina left with Pooja’s in laws to Delhi with a promise that behaving best with them. When the bus reached Delhi,  Naina felt relieved as she breathed the same air which sameer breathes.

” only few minutes sameer your Naina will come to you ” thought Naina.
The elders were tired and went to the hotel for rest but the youngers were left to enjoy the place.
” where will we go? ” asked Pooja to varun.

” I think we should go near sarojni nagar,  I have heard that it has the best of Delhi cosmetics ” stated Naina making varun’s sister eager.

” bhaiya we will go here please ” pleaded varun’s sister making varun agree and preeti rolled her eyes at Naina. She knew when it comes to sameer Naina would do anything and everything.
Finally when all of them reached the place, Pooja and varun’s sister were busy shopping. Varun Jiju was busy looking after them. Naina tried to go away from the place when preeti stopped her.
” Naina what are you thinking you are doing? ” asked preeti.

“preeti please let me go. Sameer’s house is only ten minutes far from here. I will come back soon. I will never skip food from now. Please let me go ,I want to met my sameer. I did not see him after one week preeti please let me go ” pleaded Naina helplessly making preeti let her go.

Naina reached the somani mansion and found a guard standing outside.
” uncle please help. Some goons are following me ” lied Naina to the guard pointing towards the other end.

” you wait here beta I will look and come ” said the guard and went towards the end where Naina pointed.

Naina slowly entered the mansion. She stood in the hall and looked around to see so many rooms. Where will she find her sameer Now?.
She hid herself as she heard some foot steps.

” why does madam make us take milk every day to sameer baba when he does not drink a drop from it ” complained maid to herself loudly and Naina heard it. So she was right her sameer was struck in a place where no one cared about him.

Naina saw the Maid entering the room and coming out after sometime miffed.
Naina slowly entered the room and found herself covered with darkness. The curtains were closed and the lights were switched off. It looked like her sameer had covered himself with darkness and no one cared about him here.

She switched on the lights.

” how dare you on the lights? ” she heard him scream.
She looked at him and her heart ached looking at his eyes and the pain in it. The dark circles under his eyes said the rest of the story.
” Naina ” sameer whispered her name. Was he dreaming about her?
Why were naina’s eyes puffy and red ?
” Naina ” he again repeated her name.

She looked at him again for a moment. Then she ran and hugged him tightly in a surprising move. The sudden hug took the wind out of him and he instinctively put his arms around her.
“I am sorry, sameer for being so
late. ” She murmured between her sobs. He hugged her tightly relishing the warmth of her body.

” Naina I missed you, I missed everyone ” said sameer kissing her forehead and she let me kiss her.
A lone tear escaped from his eyes as he kept holding her.

Naina cupped his face and wiped his tears. She kissed him on his cheeks.
” you are not supposed to cry sameer. Nanu will always be with us in form of his memories. Keep your tears safely to cry when I will marry you and come over here to trouble you ” said Naina making him laugh between his tears.

His nanu was right, she would be here for him, his Naina would be here for him no matter what. Maybe that was the reason nanu was relieved in the hospital,even some part of his nanu knew his Naina would be here for him.
Naina pulled out the curtains making light enter his room.
” drink this milk ” she ordered him and forwarded the glass to him.
He took the glass and drank the milk.
” how did you manage to enter in? ” he asked her.

Naina gave him a detailed explanation of her plan to reach him. Sameer was shocked with the risk she had took to met him. She had come all the way for ahmedabad to comfort him. He laid on her lap as she softly spoke how badly she and everyone missed him there.
” sameer please take care of yourself. Please at least for me. Remember there is someone whose life revolves around you ” said Naina as she caressed his face. Today she had broken all her principles of not touching him to comfort him.

” you will never cry now. You will study well, come back to take care of your nanu’s business. I will be here waiting for you ” said Naina softly.

Sameer nodded his head understandingly listening to her.
It was time for her to leave, he did not want to leave her nor she wanted to leave him. If it was up-to her she could leave everything to be with him but only if she could.
She had again cupped his face and spoke
” remember sameer no matter how far I’m from you I will always love you. The distance always deepens love. Our love will withstand this storm like every storm ”
” I will Naina but I want the same promise from you. Never let anyone break you Naina. I get my courage from you Naina. Always take care of yourself. Remember your my life and I can’t lose you ” replied sameer touching her forehead with his.

She hugged him one last time before leaving.  He kissed her hand one last time feeling her love before she left.
Naina left the place but not before bringing light in his life once again. He knew he had to live his life and become successful for her, for his Naina who had crossed all the boundaries in his love. He will not leave her disappointed. He would come back to her soon.

Naina had come back to the place where preeti stood worried. She was relieved to find that no one noticed her absence as they were busy in shopping.

The next day Naina had come back and tried to behave normal. She had her food regularly making Bela chachi and preeti relieved. She had started to study well once again relieving her teaches who were worried about her disinterest in the studies . She decided to take care of herself for him, for her sameer. She was not allowed to be weak otherwise how will sameer remain strong. To hold sameer from breaking down, she should remain strong. She no longer cared about tai ji’s taunts nor her papa’s indifference hurt her. Naina’s world had only sameer in it other than her friends. She did not have any place for people who did not care about her.

” I stood first in class ” said sameer from the other end of the phone.

” not bad Mr sameer maheshwari ” said Naina from the pco. She was actually proud of him but did not let him know.

Sameer had somehow managed to send letters to his friends and Naina once and written his personal Tele phone number in it. Naina was happy that she could at least hear his voice. From then the call twice thing begin,  sometimes Naina used to speak in the pco so that her family does not doubt her.

” Not bad. This is not done Naina. Tell me I love you ” demanded sameer like a child.
” I’m standing in a pco sameer. I can’t tell you now. Your shameless demands increases every now and then. It was day before yesterday you demanded me to give you a kiss from the phone ” complained Naina whereas sameer grinned from the other side.
One year they had managed to keep their love safe through this phone calls.
” wait till I come here Mrs going be sameer maheshwari, I will do things more than just I love you. Let me see how will you escape me my love ” teased sameer.

” awara kahi ke. I will not talk to
you ” replied Naina and cut the call hiding her blush.

Sameer smiled as the phone cut. He knew Naina would call him again tonight itself. How he wish this whole month passes away easily. By next month, he would shift to ahmehabad to handle his nanu’s business and continue his studies here.

His mother had permitted him seeing his improvement, his step father though unhappy could not do anything to stop him. He remembered how his step dad tried him to make me feel out of the place in this one year but nothing could make sameer Lose his patience even his mother showering all her attention on rohan could not anger him because he knew Naina was waiting for him and her world revolved around him. He knew she loved him more than his mother and was ready to leave everything for him. He knew he had to make himself capable of Naina and to handle his nanu’s business. He started hardworking and stood first in his school defeating rohan and shocking everyone.

” one month more ” he reminded himself as he hugged the pillow and fell asleep.

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