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Their night ended in their partners arm.

“Good morning… get up” Shivay wished pecking on Anika’s forehead.

“Good morning” she rubbed her eyes while answering, her burn marks were visible but she cared for it less. She has perfectly covered her burns over her skin inside the full sleeved hospital shirt.

“What do my queen wanna have in breakfast today?” Shivay asked releasing her from his hold and putting her hair strands behind her ear.

“ALOO PURI” Anika answered

“But from where I will arrange aloo puri here? I mean… no one in London eats aloo puri darling” his sugar coated words irritated her more as he has perfectly done PhD in denying her words.

“No, you see I have not eaten it since ages… please please please” Anika narrowed her eyes and requested him with utmost soft voice she could make.

“Okay fine… I am going to arrange something and I am sending Mrs. Wilson, she will take care of you… you just get freshened up” he again pecked over her head and went away to fulfil her demand. Mrs. Wilson walked in with a smile on her face and greeted a good morning to Anika. Anika greeted her back.

“My child… getting a husband like him is seriously a lucky thing, he loves you so much, I have seen his condition the first day when you got admitted here… his eyes wanted to cry but he was strong and consoling his heart to not betray him by getting broken down, I bless you two my child” Mrs. Wilson said brushing her hand over Anika’s head as Anika blushed at her comment.

Anika got freshened up with the help of Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson made her sit over the bed after setting the bed back perfectly. She walked away after serving Anika and Anika leaned back, she started to think something closing her eyes.

After few moments she opened her eyes to see two mens standing their wearing black mask.

“Who are you?” she asked.

“You need not know who are we baby, we are here just to kill you” a man replied in a baritone.

“Please… please don’t come close to me, please… what do you want… money? You want money… please… please leave me” Anika started to plead as tears started coming out from her eyes.

The men held back and one of them whispered something to other’s ear.

“No baby… you have to die, our boss has ordered” the second man said and he held Anika’s covered hand and pressed it. Tears oozed out of her eyes but she did not make any sound and kept on pleading not to go close to her.

The man who held her hand whispered something to the other man. The two man looked back to Anika.

“You are Anika right?” one man asked.

“Yes… Mrs. Anika Gonzalez” she answered with a break.

“No… you are Miss Anika… Miss SP Anika… isn’t it?” the other man’s voice became serious as he leaned over Anika inhaling her fragrance.

“No… I am Anika Gonzalez, let… let my husband come… ask him please… leave me” Anika shifted back answering the man. The man clutched her hair in a fist and touched the revolver over her forehead.

“Your game over Miss… Mrs whatever” the man said but Shivay shouted from behind “heyy… leave my wife, dare you touch her… move away” he shouted at the top of his voice and ran to rescue Anika from his hold. Anika nodded a no and hit the spot below the brain which turned the world black in front of the man and then she held the man’s throat as tightly as she could and choked him to death while Shivay handled the other man and started hitting and kicking him, breaking his nose. The last hit over his cranium that stored the man’s precious brain made him to loose the grip over his gun and at last Anika shot him and allowed the man to die in peace.

“Yes I am Anika… the same Anika, but now I am Mrs. Gonzalez… Mr. Shivay Gonzalez’s wife, you two did a mistake thinking that I have forgotten all my skills after becoming the prey of a coward but no dear… I still know how to safeguard my life… may you soul rest in peace” Anika said shooting glares seeing those two dead bodies.

“But Anika… what if Inesh comes to know that we have killed them?” Shivay asked.

“Who said we have killed them?” Anika asked smiling.

“What do you mean?” Shivay asked.

“You know Shivay where you have to send these useless bodies… just call the doctors from down but before that help these bodies to lie side by side on the carpet” Anika instructed and he understood what exactly she is trying to do. Shivay did what she said.

The doctors arrived to see a crying and helpless wife, Anika and a understanding and supportive husband, Shivay.

“What has happened over here?” Dr. Smith asked.

“Doctor, these two men… these two men tried to kill… kill me… they just… just came in after Mrs. Wilson went away… one man… came… came close to me… he was trying to… trying to kill me by choking my throat… Shivay came in suddenly… he was coming to… to my rescue when this man (the man near Anika) turned around and shot him… but Shivay slipped down and the bullet pierced… pierced the other… other man’s heart” Anika completed narrating her story between her sobs and her hiccups.

“Yes, yes doctor… then I held the throat of the man to save Anika… I just don’t know… how… how he died” Shivay explained as a fear of killing someone was visible on his face.

Police arrived at the spot and checked those body. A smile appeared on the face of the man who was investigating the bodies.

“Thanks a lot Mr. and Mrs. you don’t even know what you both did, they were most wanted murderer of here. Thank You so much and please don’t worry we will handle the case” the police ifficial explained and went away with both the bodies.

Doctor advised everyone to go out of the room and allowed Shivay-Anika some alone time.

“You are so daring, from where this sudden idea came to your mind?” Shivay asked. His expressions clearly stated that he was amused and shocked.

“I am in police too baby, and these two heads were known to me… I have dealt with them some years back. So I also knew that they are most wanted at this point of time and actually I was waiting for Inesh to contact them and give them order to kill me so that I get to kill them.” Anika winked after explaining.

“I am proud of you Anika, I just can’t say how happy I am to be with you” Shivay said holding her face.

“Okay okay enough… I am just serving my country, nothing else” Anika said smilingly in a tone to not let the environment to turn into a serious one.

“But Anika this attack means that Inesh has full doubts on us… what to do?” Shivay asked.

“Just nothing for now Shivay, let them plan out something to reach us. But I am thinking about OmRu” Anika said.

“Don’t worry OmRu would be fine. You just get well soon so that we return to Mumbai soon sooner soonest” he said.

“Hey my Aloo poori?” Anika asked narrowing her eyes.

“Ohhooo… all those got waste, wait I will go and make some more for you” Shivay said.

“Okay” Anika replied smilingly.

“You just take care” he said but he knew there is no need to warn her.

“Okay, you just go soon and come back super soon” Anika said and leaned back.

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