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Only For You swasan ff part 2

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Next Morning

Sun rays kiss Saskar face he lazily open his eyes he hide his face in pillow but still he can’t able to sleep. Finally he woke up and sit in bed and see swara sleeping on floor.

Saskar see towards cardle were sanvi playing herself own way. He goes towards sanvi and pic her in arm then kiss her cheeks. Sanvi hapily smile.

Saskar : now its time for wakeing your mo…. no trying to becoming mother….. saying he went to bathroom along with sanvi were come with water and throw on swara’s face.

Due to swara get up hurriedly and look towards saskar.

Saskar : I don’t married you to sleep here picefully go and make breakfast for us….. I already clear you, you are just servant for me……

Swara (teary eyes): haa

Seeing swara sanvi extend hand to pic her arm . Seeing Sanvi swara smile…. Swara goes near Sanvi and kiss her cheeks. Sanvi also touch her lips to swara’s cheeks because she don’t know how to kiss she just do like swara do and smile.

Saskar think,” I don’t know y sanvi more conected with swara. But I can’t do anything she also want motherly love”

Swara (ignoring saskar ): i will pic you arm later ok….. now I have to change….. saying this she went from there.

She come out wearing beautiful blue sari with wet hair were water droplets falling from her hair .She come towards dressing table were she wore her bangles then put sindoor her forehead and tie mangalsutra in her neck were saskar sitting on bed staring her continuesly.

He come into sense when Swara comes towards sanvi which lieing beside saskar while playing with small ball. Seeing swara sanvi immediately extended hand towards swara to pic her.

Swara pic her in arm and kiss her cheeks.

Swara to Sanvi : i will bath you afterwards ok…..

Sanvi smile her listening her maama’s talk without understanding what are she saying.

Swara : you play with paapa ok…I will come making your boiling milk ok…..saying this she again lied her on bed and goes from there.

Swara come to kitchen were sujata was already working.

Sujata : ohhh Maharani now comming….I think you forget your place……

Swara(teary and lowering her eyes ): wo Maa I get up late due to tieredness…..

Sujata : First of all I am not yours maa….. and what you do work in night that you get tired I am sure saskar don’t even touch you…….. I don’t know when you will left my Saskar…..said irritatedly.

Listening this tears start barbering from swara’s eyes

Swara (teary eyes ) : maa I mean aunty….. you and me only know reality if saskar get to know he also hate you…….which i don’t want

Sujata(angrily ): just shut up ok…..if you told saskar then see…… I will separate you from Sanvi……. just remember…. saying this she left from there…..

Swara pov

I also don’t want to tell , if saskar get to know he will hate me more but he also hate you more then me i don’t want to separate you from saskar. I know what pain you feel without parents. He was already broken if he get to know , he will more hurt which I don’t want. I will bear his hatred….. I think god giving me punishment beacause of playing with his feelings.

Swara start preparing breakfast while preparing she also made kheer that today was her first rasoi. Swara arranged breakfast on table and called them. Saskar come taking Sanvi in arm were Sanvi playing with his shirt button, seeing swara sanvi try to go to her but sujata takes from saskar and start feeding her milk but she throw feeder from her small hand.

Swara :aunty she will not take… i feed her in room……

Saskar : y not here? ??

Sujata : let it be Saskar……. I only want my grandchild good health……..

Saskar : ok mom…..I also want same…

Swara serve everyone breakfast along with kher and goes from there taking Sanvi. She come in room and start feeding her. She happily takes seeing this swara smile.

Here Saskar seeing kner small smile play with his lips


Girl 1: saskar I will eat this last bowl kheer…..saying this she stench bowl

Saskar : no you will not….. I will eat…….. saying this he takes bowl from her

Girl 1: no you have to listen me…….. she hold bowl from other side

Saskar : no I will not listen………he sees towards other girl and say now you decide who will eat????

Girl 2: first of all you give that bowl to me.

Saskar : no…….. you will eat

Girl 2: arre not for eating…… I will give after deciding who will eat? ??

Saskar : then ok….saying this he gave bowl to girl 2

Girl 1: now decide swara who will eat this??? I know you will give me because I am your best friend.

Saskar :ohhh hello kavita she also my best friend so don’t forget….

Kavita : but she loves me more…..

Saskar : I also love you but you are not ready to give me…..

Kavita : you also loves me so you should give me…….saying this to they both start fighting.

After sometime both shouted

Saskar /kavita : swara? ???

Swara give them innocent smile after finishing kheer she gets up and start running.

Saskar(while getting up ) : where are you running i will not live you saying this he starts running behind swara.

Kavita( also run behind swara ): if you don’t catch swara then see i breakup with you……

After running whole mention saskar catch swara and pic swara in arms and comes towards couch and lied down her

Sanskaar: now see how I give punishment to you…….saying this he start tickling her badly…

Swara : nooo plz saskar plz…….saying this start laughing loudly…….meanwhile kavita also come….

Kavita(breathing heavily ) : saskar meri taraf say b kar dena…..saying this she sat on couch….

Swara (laughing ): no saskar….. plz kavita save me… see i always help you……

Kavita : i will not…..saying this she get up and start ticking saskar….

Saskar : no….no kavita…….. while swara also get up and start tickling saskar…..


Saskar: no swara…..kavita plz stop…..

Sujata : what happen saskar?????

Saskar : nothing mom……saying this he left from there without touching breakfast……

After sometime swara comes to dinning table and saw saskar left without touching breakfast……. seeing this she felt bad.

To be continued……..

Swara :

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