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Misunderstanding (swasan from swaragini ) part 2

Saskar looks her and shock

Saskar: swara …..tear rolled down from his eyes after all he was seeing after 5 years

He was looking at her. She was wearing pink sari with sindoor and mangalsutra.

Swara does not notice saskar her full concentration on saskrit

She sit on knees

Swara : baby……who rans this way……if you are falls then???

Saskrit :mamma……I am big boy now…

Swara: ohh really…..

Saskrit: yes ….mamma I want to show my new friends…..

Swara : haa……but where is he saying this she stand

Saskrit :there was he mamma………saying this he drag swara towards saskar

She looks at saskar shockingly tears rolling from her eyes. All there beautiful movement comming her mind how saskar confess his love..

Swara controlling her tears

Swara : Hii saskar….how are you? ??

But saskar immidetly hugs him .she about to hug but coming to sense

Swara (while pushing saskar ): what are you doing saskar???? You are married now? ?

While comming into sense Saskar think in mind so she thinks I am married.

Saskar : I am fine swara…..and how was your married life? ??

Swara : very good….and how was kavita? ??

Saskar : she was fine…..and how was your husband and son? ??

Listening husband name she feels like crying but she composed herself

Swara : both are fine……now we have to go saying this he grab saskrit hand and start going .

Saskrit : wait mamma saying this he ran towards saskar and say saskar to pick him. Saskar pick saskrit . Saskrit kiss saskar cheeks and say thank you dost. We meet again k.

Saskar also kiss saskrit cheeks and said k .He put him down. Saskrit ran from there and holds swara’s hand. Swara looking both of them emotionally.

Swara waiting for taxi. But taxi did not wait for them. Saskar come with car and ask them to sit. Swara about to refuse but saskrit get into car. Swara stand there only

Saskrit : mamma sit na. ..

Saskar : swara get into car???

So swara unwilling sit into car

Both siting quite in the car both are looking each other but none of them courage to speak but saskrit continues speaking to saskar…..

Both are admiring saskrit cute talk…

They reach to swara home. House was small but beautiful. Swara and saskrit come out from car.

Saskrit : Dost you don’t come in our house? ?

Saskar : (looking swara ): no champ next time

Swara feel relief

Saskrit : pakka promise? ??

Saskar : pakka

Saskrit : by dost

Saskar : by

Swara and saskrit goes in house. Swara change saskrit cloth and feed him lunch.

And come to the room and close the door . She seat at floor with thud in a broken state and crying badly

Y saskar….. y you come back. ??? I am trying to myself be happy? ? Today seeing you I want to hug you but this was not possible you move in your life….I don’t want to mess your life…. she kept crying……..

To be continued….

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