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Mahakaali 11th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati releases Kartika from Arunasur’s influence

Mahakaali 11th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kartika says I promised Arunasur I will kill him. Let me go Mata. Kali says I want you to know your mata told you. Kartika says I want to do this because Indra didn’t do his work. Ganesh says we have to stop this battle. This won’t be right for Kartika. It won’t be good for him. Shiv says sometimes parents have to put their kids in trouble so they understand.
Kartika says let me go. Kali says I won’t let. He says if you don’t let me I will even fight you.
Agni dev says to Shiv let me talk to Kartika. Siv says no one will do that.

Kali says before fighting me you will have to return all the powers I gave you. Arunasur does his magic.
he says as soon as Kartika moves forward my havankunds will lit. i will have to keep making him angry.

says you have insulted your role as a leader and so your parents. Kali says everything can get better. I will help you in getting out of all this. You did wrong to Indra. I will forgive you for that. She releases Inda. Indra moves. He says thank you Mata. Parvati says you still have time. Stop your mistake from being converted into sin. Aruna sur does his magic.
Kartika says you can’t stop me from these emotions. I have to go there and I won’t stop. Arunasur keeps doing his magic.
Shiv syas Kartika doesn’t even know the mistake he is doing.When he get to know reality of his promise he will regret what he did.

Kali says you still have time stop. Kartika says I will keep my promise. Parvait says before promising you need to understand consequences of it. He says I won’t still back out. Arnasur laughs.
Parvati says stop Kartika. He says i won’t give up. You are coming between me and my mission.
Aruna says finally you did what I asked you to Arunasur. I have to get all these powers.

Kartika throws away all the devs. Kali shouts Kartika.. She throws a fire ball on him and he falls down. ganesh says please stop all this father. We can’t lose Kartika. We have to stop Mata. Shiv says this has to happen. We all have to learn our lessons hard or easy way.
Aruna sur says i waited so long for this day. Kartika says now you will attack your own son for these devs? I am the second priority ever since I was born. You gave me away when I was born and kept Ganesh with you. My mom never loved me.For you this world means more than my life. My mom loves all species more than her own kids.She won’t even stop herself from killing me. I am a fighter too and I will fight till the end. I won’t give up. If you want to kill me, fight and kill me.
Kartika puts his fire towards Kali. Kali says I told Mahadev if my son crosses his limit I will teach him every possible lesson. Parvati hits Kartika repeatedly. He tries to attack her too. Kali hits him more. Parvati says I will teach you all the lessons. When a child does something wrong they hurt their parents more. She extends her hand. Parvati holds his hand. He picks his tirshul. PArvati shoves him. She says leave all the devs or I wont stop myself from harming you. He says you know my answer already.
Kartika stands up. Parvati comes towards him. Ganesh says mata please stop. Parvati looks at him angrily. She says move from way. He says no Mata I wont’ let you do this. Parvati says move from my way. He says no Mata I am your son and I want peace. I won’t let you do this. I lost my life before and if I have to do that again I wont mind but till I am alive I wont let anyone attack my brother. Parvati picks her sword. Shiv says stop Parvati.
He says I know Kartika needs a lesson. You want to make him better and get devs released but for now you need to calm down. A lot of people need you. Ganesh says no one is more important than Kartika and MAta. Shiv says there are many other important matters that need your attention.

Arunasur says with these powers i will bring my daughter back to life. SHiv says if Arunasur has his powers he will use these powers against the world. Parvati says I need to give this lesson to my son. Kartika says i didn’t do anything wrong so I don’t need a lesson. Parvati hits him. He falls down. Ganesh says brother please get up.
Shiv says when ego increases in a person it become difficult for him to stay on right path.
Kali says I know what will I have to do. But as a mother I need to bring my child on right path.

Scene 2
Arunasur sees all the devs roped. He says I waited so long for this moment. Indra comes and says you will never be successful. Get ready for the battle. Aruna says I am readyv for the battle but let me do something before the battle. He points at a girl roped. Indra says what is all this?She is the same woman who helped you in fooling Kartika. I will kill her first and then you. Arunasur says if you wanna kill her go ahead but she wants to say something listen that first.
He releases the girl. She is crying. She says dad.. Indra is dazed. Arunasur says my daughter died because of you and now see your daughter is here. I used her. Now its upto you if you want to save your daughter of these devs.

Kali brins Kartika back to life. He gets up. He recalls fighting Kali. He tries to get up. Parvati goes to him. She says get up son. Kartika sits in distress. Kali says calm down. He says I don’t remember what power took control of me. I don’t know why was I doing all that. But i am really sorry for what I did. Please pardon me. She says your intentions were not yours. They were someone else’. I am glad you understood your mistake.

Indra says to his daughter don’t worry i will protect you no matter what.
Kartika comes to Arnasur’s cave. He saves Indra’s daughter and asks him to take her to kelash. Parvati stands in front of Arunasur. He is scared. Parvati says the sins you did, get ready for their consequences. He says Mahadev come here. Where are you. Shiv comes. Parvati says Mahadev why did he call you?
Aruna says it was the time when i believed in devs like world does.

He came to Shiv with his dead daughter. He said please bring her back to life. she died due to injustice. Shiv says we all have to face birth and death. I lost my wife Sati as well. This is how the world works. The world starts and ends. No one is safe from it. I know your pain. He said your wife killed herself but my daughter was killed. You devs never understand our pain. Shiv says we all face our consequences as well. Aruna said if you can’t do this then go from here. I don’t need you. Shiv said your pain is right. I am going right now but when I ask you for a favor later you will have to give me.

Aruna sur says today is that time. When you have to give me promise that you will not kill me. Kali says if we can give you promise we can kill you as well. He says I don’t believe in Gods anymore. He says you both can’t kill me. Parvati ropes him. Kartik says what will happen now. Kali says he has to die. Shiv says no. We have to keep our promise. We can’t set this bad example. He says come kill me Mahakali. No power can kill me. Parvati walks towards Arunasur. He says no one can kill me.
Kartika says how will Mata kill him? Shiv says you will see your new face of Mata. It will strengthen her bond with the word. Parvati walks towards him. Parvati overs into bees. All the bees attack Arunasur. He screams. The bees wrap around him. Everyone is dazed.
bees turn into Kali. Aruna sur says you can’t kill me. He brings her daugther there and sits next to her. He says one dau you will be alive my daughter. I want to listen to your voice. Kali says stop. He says no one can stop me.

Precap-Parvati turns into a bees and fights Aruna sur.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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