Saturday , January 23 2021


Hii frnds.  Sorry for the late. Fed up with this exams and finally  they are over… Huff😁😁😁. Thanks for all who are reading and commenting on my posts.  Special  thanks for samidha,  sanu and mahin.  Now  let’s start the story………


Sanchi was in shock listening  to veer.

Veer:(while swapping fingers before her)  Miss golgappa kaha kho gaya

Sanchi : haaa(coming  back to senses)

Veer: by  the way how was my joke dekho apne chehra ka rang hi uthar gaya

Sanchi : teri tho….

Veer:ab mai tujhse ladayi karneka waqt  nahi  hai  hum  jaldhi hostel pahunchna hai

Sanchi : ha chalo

Veer with the help of sanchi reached hostel.  Kabir was waiting for them. He worried seeing veer in that state. Sanchi explained whole incident to him.

Few days went away, now veers wound got healed.  In the class kabir announced exam after 5 days and said who top the exam will become head intern. All are excited about this.

Pragya: of course iss baar bhi tune top karogi

Veer: nahi Pragya iss baar woh nahi sirf veer malhotra top karega

Sanchi : in ur dreams

Veer: challenge!!!

Sanchi : accepted….

Both are reading as there was no end for them.

In the evening isha called sanveer and satigya to hostel private hall.

Isha:guys kal kabir ka birthday 🎊 hai

Sanchi : haa mujhe pata  hai kya aarthi utharu uski

Pragya: are Meri maa  suntho sahi woh kya kehna chahtha hai

Isha:mai uske liye surprise dena chahtha  hai  iss me tumhara madad ki jaroorath hai

Sanchi : of course darling plan kya hai

Isha : plan is……… (Muted)

Pragya :osm plan yaar

Veer:obviously didi kiski hai

Sanchi : self obsessed kahinka

Isha:guys  ab nahi mujhe bohoth kam hai chalo help karo

All are helping Isha but our sanveer was fighting for  flowers

Sanchi :yaha roses accha lagega

Veer :nahi orchids accha lagega

Sanchi :roses

Veer :orchids

Sanchi : roses

Veer :orchids

Pragya : bad karo yaar dono kitna ladthi hai kabhi takh nahi jaatha  him yaha roses  aur orchids dono use karega…  Happy


After  that all went for shopping for other  things  and came at night.  When they entered hostel kabir was waiting  for them.

Kabir : kaha  the  tum log shaam se  gayab hai chal kya raha  hai

Sanchi : kuch  nai  hum  tho bas bahar ghumne gaye the

Pragya : haa  chal mujhe bohoth neend aaraha  hai yaar

All went for their rooms and slept.

Kabir :kuch tho gadbad hai

Later he brushed away  his thoughts and went to bed.



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