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a cursed college (kb) episode 4

Hai guyzzz…i just wanted to know whether i should this story or not plz share your opinion in comments..if you are not interested then i will stop it because its a long back story and its difficult to manage 3 stories..anyways lets get into the story..

Its morning,

Pragya goes to class with her friend nidhi. She watches abhi from distance talking to his sister. She thinks i have to stay away from him because yesterday many incidents happened so i shouldnt encounter with him. If anything happens maa will get upset. She leaves from there. Later abhi crosses pragya. He stops her and says i m sorry i didnt mean to be harsh with you but i was really confused when i stood there. I dont know how i went there. Pragya says thats ok i m just worried about you thats why i came to your rescue. Abhi smiles and thanks her. Later they introduce themselves and leave to class.

In class, tanu talks with her friend. Abhi enters the class. She gets attracted to abhi and stares at him continuously then pragya enters talking to him. Tanu gets irked seeing them together. Abhi introduces pragya to aaliya. They both greet each other. Later class begins professor enters the class and introduces herself. She gets shocked seeing someone in class and starts sweating. She excuses herself and leaves the class. She goes to prinicipal’s room and says she came here. I will quit this job. Principal says dont get scared she cant do anything. Professor asks how can you be so sure? Principal explains her something she says ok and leaves from there.

In class, everyone gets confused about professor’s behaviour. She enters the class and begins the lesson. A girl with hidden face stares her from window. After class, tanu goes near abhi and introduces herself. Abhi too introduces himself and calls pragya to wait for him. Tanu gets jealous and thinks to plan something against pragya.

Its evening,

Abhi sits in the library and reads book. Aaliya says bhai! Its already 6. Come lets leave. Abhi says no aaliya. It takes time if you want to go you can because i cant come now. She says ok and leaves from there. Abhi reads the book and suddenly he hears foot steps. He thinks who might be that and looks around but he doesnt find anyone there. So again he starts reading the book. Then he again hears foot steps. He keeps the book and leaves to follow the foot steps. He then finds a girl with black dress walking and think who might be her. He follows her and calls her. But she doesnt respond to him. She keeps moving. He tries to talk to her then librarian comes there and says its library closing time so you need to leave. He says i saw a girl going that side. Librarian asks who and turns around but he doesnt find anyone. Abhi says she went that side and i saw her. Librarian says there is no one in this library except you and me. Abhi says but i saw her. What if she gets stuck here then you might land at risk. Librarian thinks and says ok i will go and check but you stand here. Abhi says ok. He checks around and doesnt find anyone. He sends abhi out and locks the door. Abhi thinks who is she? Where did she go? I just saw her and leaves from there. Then she walks through the window inside library and smiles.

Epi ends..

I know guyz this epi is small but i have to post my other story i will stop it here..plz do comment and support me..bye u

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