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Patiala Babes 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Rocks In Court

Patiala Babes 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Judge questions Babita and asks if she has anything to say. Babita says she wants to answer against all allegations made on her. Judge says her husband is not pressing all charges on her. Babita says it is necessary as allegations are made; case can be closed, but not allegations, so she wants to reply to each allegation if he permits. Judge permits. Jaya says she wants right to live with dignity and self-respect from her husband whom she submitted her everything trusting him, but he questioned her dignity and disrobed her verbally in front of whole world and her daughter. She was question about her and Hanuman’s relationship and alleged that she is having an affair with him, not only her husband but her whole locality and even her brother; she wants to ask whether only blood relationship

and by marriage is only relationship; Hanuman rented his room for her and her daughter, which law book says it is wrong to rent a house without any relationship, can’t a relationship of humanity is not enough, there is no other relationship than owner and tentant between Hanuman and her. She continues men use all these tactics to depress women like her husband depressed her and her daughter. Judge pronounces judgment that he accepts Babita and Ashok’s divorce petition and send Babita’s alimony and Minnie’s maintenance case to arbitrage.

Outside court room, arbitrator asks Ashok howmuch alimony and maintenance he can pay and howmuch Babita walks. Meeta signals Ashok and he says whatever reasonable amount Babita seeks. Babita says she does not need any money as a small amount cannot stop her dream of conquering whole sky. Ashok stands with bent head in guilt. Meeta tells she knew Babita would not accept alimony, so she wants to offer her savings to Babita. Mini asks if she wants to buy mamma. Babita says Meeta wants to lessen her guilt of stealing someone’s husband, but she will not let her do that. She breaks her mangalsutra and gives it to Meeta saying this could not give her happiness but may give happiness Meeta is seeking.

In locality, Kartar and Sunny discuss their wives doubt them unnecessarily even if a female customer comes to buy grocery. Khatri over phone asks Madan to pay his 70000 rs promised as he did not back off, but his client instead. Nayeem Bi with Laala walks in locality beating plates, celebrating Babita’s win. Kartar and Khatri’s wife yell that Nayeem Bi has gone mad in old age. Babita and Minnie walk next, and whole locality claps for them. They reach home and see Pinku’s wife Shanti with her newborn daughter waiting for Babita. Babita stops seeing her. Shanti asks if she will not see her niece, she knows Pinku did a big mistake and will repent one day, but Babita cannot ignore her niece like this, she wants her daughter to become like Minnie and Babita. Babita takes baby in her hands. Shanti asks if she will not feed honey and name baby as Pinku wanted his sister to name his daughter, but she also wants it. Babita asks Minnie to bring honey and says baby is born in autumn and is so pink like flower, so she should be named Bahaar. Everyone rejoice hearing that.

Precap: Minnie catches Babita cutting news paper and asks what is she doing. Babita nervously says searching job ads.

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