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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jaya and Samar Reconcile

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Jaya gives a nice ear to Jay for holding her hand without her permission. Samar enters whistling and says that is like his wife Jaya, he knew she needed his help. Jaya blasts him next that all men are same, he is her husband Samar Surana. Samar tells Jay that he is Surana Jewelers’ owner Samar Surana and still Jaya’s wife. Jaya walks out shouting she does not need anyone’s help. Samar runs behind her saying he is still her husband. Jaya walks on road shouting she does not need Samar, mamma, or anyone. Jaya sees a couple on road and shouts at girl not to believe this man, he will betray her. Samar tries to stop her, but she continues blasting them and cursing Samar for betraying her. Couples run away. Jaya continues and blasts Samar again that she trusted him,

but he betrayed her. He says not him, her mother is the culprit who created misunderstanding. She warns not to blame her mamma. He says he lived in her mother’s house for her sake and bore her mother’s evil plans and taunts for him. She says she married him and got a beautiful family, what is wrong if she tried to help Sarika, he misunderstood him and kicked her out of his life. He apologizes her and says he is suffering each day to seek her forgiveness and asks if she can stay without him. She says she cannot and gets emotional. He hugs her and says even he cannot live without her. Tere naam ki koi kasak hainaa..song…plays in the background.

Satya calls Jaya. Samar says sasumaa called very late for the first time and picks her phone. Satya asks where is Jaya. Samar says she is in his arms and not to disturb them. Satya shouts what is he doing there and give phone to her. Phone gets switched off. Satya calls back, but in vain. Samar lifts Jaya and walks on street. A Parsi old couple see them and say what a lovely couple. Samar thanks them and takes Jaya to a hotel room and makes her sleep on bed. Jaya pulls him and they consummate. Satya tries to leave home, but Naani stops and asks where is she going. Satya says Jaya is with Samar, so she is going to bring her. Naani says Jaya went with Jay right. Satya says she is with Samar now. Naani asks her to go and sleep and not create an issue.

Next morning, Jaya wakes up and is shocked to find herself in shirt. She sees her clothes on sofa and reminisces whole night incident. She reaches home where Satya asks where was she last night. Jaya says Jay is not a good man and describes her whole incident. Satya shouts if she had called her, she would have come there and got Jay arrested. Samar reaches home and asks Naani where is Jaya. Naani says with Satya. Samar says Jaya and his differences are cleared now and they are reunited. Naani says that is a good news. Satya continues intervening Jaya, and Jaya says she spent whole night with Samar and did a big mistake. Samar enters and gets disheartened hearing that.

Precap: Satya challenges Samar that she will find a boy who will be much superior to Samar in all ways. A boy gets out of flight and reaches Satya’s house.

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