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Ladies Special 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kangana’s Evil Nature

Ladies Special 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Amar is surprised to hear Bindu telling that she showed her signed divorce papers to Kangana. He asks how did papers reach Mota pappa. Bindu says she does not know, but Mota pappa got very tensed seeing divorce papers and got heart attack because of it. Amar calls Kangana, but her phone is not reachable. Kangana speaks to Prarthana over phone and informs that her boyfriend’s uncle got heart attack seeing divorce papers and lies that she does not know how papers reached uncle. Prarthana suggests to forget everything and be with her boyfriend as he needs her support now. Amar calls Kangana and asks her to come over to hospital as he needs to talk to him something important and also needs his laptop from home, so if she can go to his flat and get it. Kangnana says she will meet even Mota pappa. He says it is better if she does not meet Mota pappa, but should meet him. Kangana agrees and gets ready in Indian wear.

Prarthana informs her father that he has audition at Taal music company tomorrow. Father emotionally thanks her coughing. She asks him to clear his voice and get ready for audition. Puneeth says she is speaking like Viraj. She says no. Rachna gets concerned. On the other side, Viraj shows diamond ring on platinum frame to Das babu and says Prarthana likes diamond and he bought it to propose her. Das asks how will he pay money. Viraj jokes he will will sell Das’ house. Das gets tensed. Viraj says he lent this from a jeweler promising to buy all his wedding jewelry via him and even signed contract. Das smiles and says he is really mad. Kishan driver tells his story to Viraj next that his wife doubts him till now when he went to movie alone without her and think she went with his girlfriend; he is afraid till now. Viraj gets tensed thinking Prarthana will doubt him hearing his half lies.

Meghna calls Bindu to inform about her first order. Bindu tells about Mota pappa’s heart attack and being in hospital. Meghna says she gave a shock and informs Mandar about it and says even though Amar is a big cardiologist, Mota pappa is being treated in different hospital. Bindu walks into Mota pappa’s room with food for Mota mamma and insists her to have it. She tells that Amar is taking up job in this hospital as junior doctor treat Mota pappa. Mota mamma says if Amar thinks by sacrificing his career, he willl lessen his guilty of troubling them, they don’t need Amar or her help and she may leave. Bindu stands crying.

Kangana reaches Aamr’s house and seeing suitcase and divorce papers on floor, opens suitcase, sees Bindu’s clothes and realizes Bindu wanted to leave home, mota pappa got heart attack after seeing divorce papers. She walks into Amar’s room, imagines getting married to him there, Amar telling he sleeps on couch, etc. She picks his laptop bag and pulls Bindu’s suitcase out thinking to send her from whereever she is.

Precap: Bindu informs Meghna that she wanted to leave Amar’s life afer knowing Kangana trying to suicide. Meghna scolds her to stop sacrificing her happiness for others. Kangnana informs Prarthana that Amar is her boyfriend.

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