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Beauty of Heart is Love – Part 5 (Rivanya) SS

Hello guys thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you sissys jasmine and geeta.



Rishi: are you happy now?

Lavanya(smiles): thank you.

Yamuna: have break fast.

She is about to support Lavanya. Before that Rishi hold her shoulder and helped her. Yamuna smiles at them and she went into kitchen. Because of his leg, he walk little slowly without walking stick. He too trembles little. Reality is for a second he forget about himself, he wish to help her.

Lavanya: why are you walking slowly? If you support me i will walk to your speed.

Rishi: my speed is this much only.

Lavanya(puzzled): what?

Rishi: means i can’t walk normal without walking stick. My leg us little bended. Without walking stick my speed is this much only.

Lavanya(worried): i am sorry to trouble you.

Rishi: no need to ask sorry, i forget myself when i wish to hold you.

Lavanya smiles.

Rishi(stammers): sorry…i mean when i wish to help you.

Lavanya: thanks.

Yamuna serves them. Yamuna excuses herself that she will eat later and she went to her room.

Before she get inside she hides behind pillar and witnessed that Rishi feeding Lavanya. She went inside with smile.

Yamuna’s POV: By god’s grace, today my another son got a good better half. Before my time get over, i should unite them, also God please made Shivanya’s dad to accept my sons. So that i will be peaceful that no one will give any torture to my sons.

Lavanya: Rishi, you are so brave and honest.

Rishi(smiles): what made you think like that?

Lavanya: because, if it is anyother person, they will lie to blind girl as i am this that. But you are honest. Also, you helped my sister, inspite of danger.

Rishi: you are correct. But there is another reason involved in helping your sister. Ritik sir will look like me. Whenever i saw him, i felt strong bond between us. He helped me a lot to set up a bakery.

Lavanya: what? You both are look alike. But how? Whether you are twins?

Rishi: no, even i too surprised, when i met him first. My mom used to tell that 7 persons in the worl will look like each other. May be that is the reason.

Lavanya: funny, i am sorry. But this is a miracle na.

Rishi smiles and he wipes her lips with water which has some food. She felt goose bumps and she closed her eyes.

Rishi: i am sorry, that food

Lavanya: it’s ok.

Eventhough she is blind, he can’t met her eyes which makes his heart slip. He scolds himself for his stupid heart’s desire to marry her.


Shivanya: when you are going to join the office?

Ritik(holds her by waist): why are you intending to send me far from you? We not even celebrate our first night.

Shivanya blushes. Ritik caressed her earlobe. Slowly he caressed her face with his index finger. He caressed her lips with his thumb finger. She closed her eyes. He moves his lips towards her lips. Some one knocked their door. Ritik disn’t mind, he touched her lips with his. Again they hear a knock. Shivanya pushed him away.

Ritik(angrily): who is that hell disturbance?

Voice: we are that disturbance.

Ritik opens the door Mahir and Bela enters the home. Bela hugs Shivanya. Mahir hugs Ritik.

Bela: is everything comfortable here?

Ritik(murmurs): before you guys come, everything went properly.

Shivanya: everything is comfortable. Thank you so much for your help.

Mahir: madam, from when you learnt to speak formally. I will kill you, if you say thanks again.

Bela: Mahir i think we should leave now. Ritik is in some other mood.

Ritik: hey, nothing like that.

Mahir: we just came to give breakfast to you. Because there is nothing to cook in home.

Bela: yeah, Shivanya. After your duty with Ritik call me, we will go for a shopping.

Shivanya: bela, when you are free, you just call me. We are not busy at all.

Bela: oh really, anyways. We will go after lunch. I will bring lunch to you. Then, bye.

Shivanya: why are you leaving so soon?

Mahir: see your husband, not even utter a single word after we came. I think he want some other thing.

Ritik(smiles): stop teasing, yaar.

Mahir: enjoy your time. Bye.

Shivanya locked the door after BeHir left. Ritik locked her between his hands along with door. He is standing too close to her. She felt his hot breathe on her face.

Ritik: I am here want to spend time with you. But you are telling Bela, we are not doing anything important.

Shivanya(stammers in his closeness): i…i just told… for sake… what they will think?

Ritik: what they will think, they are also husband and wife. They know

Shivanya: Ritik

He plant a kiss on her collorbone. She closed her eyes tightly. He trailed a kiss all over her neck.

He pull her into a bone crush hug. His hands explore her. He take her in his arms and went to their bed room. He placed her in bed and he unbutton his shirt.

Shivanya: Ritik what are you doing?

Ritik: Don’t you know baby.

She tries to move back. Ritik hold her before and put blanket over them.

They consumate their marriage.


Rishi and Lavanya get close to eachother.

Lavanya: Aunty…Aunty.

Rishi look a glance at home. Yamuna is no where.

Rishi: Lavanya, Mom is not in home. What do you want?

Lavanya hesitates.

Rishi: Lavanya, can you hear me?

Lavanya: haan… that i can’t able to tie my blouse knot.

Rishi: me…wait for a while mom will come.

They wait but Yamuna not yet come.

Lavanya: Rishi, i don’t mind. Will you help me?

Rishi: how i will? Okay, wait i will come.

Rishi went into the room. Lavanya sits in bed, wearing white colour lehanga like angel. He lost himself for a second.

Lavanya: Rishi

Rishi: haan…wait.

He went near to her and he tie knot. His hand caressed her back a little.

Rishi: i am sorry.

Lavanya: Rishi.

Rishi looks at her.

Lavanya: will you marry me?

Rishi is surprised.

Lavanya: i know i am not worth to marry you. But i love you so much.

Rishi: who told you are not worth to marry me?

Lavanya: Because i am a blind. From my childhood whatever i wish, i never get it. So, if you deny means also, i won’t affect me so much.

Rishi: these 7 days went like a dream days because of you. I was proud because you never feel shy ar ashame to be a blind. But today what happened to you my baby.

Lavanya feels happy to hear, he called her as baby.

Rishi: even i too love you so much. But this place is not safe for you. We can’t live together. You have to go to your sister.

Lavanya: but my sister told that you will also come to Australia.

Rishi: Sorry Lavanya, i can’t come anywhere. I wish to be here. In my birth place.

Lavanya feels sad. Tear drops escaped from her eyes.

Lavanya: then i too won’t go.

Rishi(sadly): you have to go. Because i promised your mom.

Lavanya starts crying heavily. Rishi turns to her and he wiped her tears. He is about to leave her. But she hold her hand tightly.

He kisses in her forehead and he left that room.

After a while Yamuna reached home fully devasted. Rishi didn’t see her because he is sad for hurting Lavanya.

Yamuna takes her mobile and she sent some email to some one. Then, she wipes her tears. She wish to be bold always.


Evening time. Ritik take his mobile and on his mobile data. He saw a mail from Yamuna. While finish reading it, he is literally in verge of tears.

Shivanya: Ritik. What happened?

Ritik show his mobile and cries.

Shivanya(cups his face): what happened?

Ritik: Yamuna ma… she is my mom, Shivanya.

Shivanya is shocked as well as surprised.

– to be continued.

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