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Enough is Enough -8 (YRKKH)

Hello guys how r u ol? Remember me ? well I am sorry for being eid ka chaand and giving no comment or even proof of my very existence ….well  I hope u all r at the best of ur lives and here wishing u in advance  SUBH SHIVRATRI  n a VERY LOVEY DOVEY HAPPY VALENTINES  n to singles like me  beta bazaar se jake sabzi lao kyuki valentine is not for us anyways guys  in a bygone month yrkkh completed 9 yrs and voila I am so so proud of first 8 yrs and so so disappointed with last 1 yrs

So here I am writing down the changes  I felt in last one year which have left me completely baffled  disappointed  well credit do go to this one year that my love for yrkkh since last 8 yrs has been reduced to negligible now

1 YEAR OF PURE HYPOCRISY :- need I to even remind u hypocrisy that naira n dadi goenka hav put us through….and and the biggest mistake to cut one hypocrite ie dadi goenka cvs r using another hypocrite ie naira first they showed that naira don’t like heavy jewellary and dadi goenka like heavy jewellary now in keesh sangeet function they are showed just opposite naira wanting to wear heavy jewellary and dadi goenka stopping her I know you are still not convince with my statement well remember naira dance competition after marriage well at that time dadi goenka shouted on kiran becoz she didn’t like her goenka bahu dancing with some other man expect her husband believe me it was the cheapest meantality possible but then did dadi goenka faced anykind or ire from naira no ,from karthik again no ,from manish keerti suwarna any other goenka no ,from shinghaniyas well no . no dadi goenka for her cheap mentality (she wasn’t even confronted properly) didn’t faced any kind of ire from anyone what she said was willingly or unwillingly accepted by goenkas and shinghaniyas both know coming to another situation here baisa take keerti for sudhikaran puja  well know come the major play kaira come to know about and then comes the boom naira breaking pots karthik along with naira shouting at baisa shinghaniyas show their ire now I ask simple question the girl who couldn’t stand for her own self respect was shouting breaking things for some else didn’t this shows the hollowness of naira character ?? even in raghav track naira shouts at the top of her voice always on every1 but when dadi goenka asked whether this is true or not boom voice disappear from her throat? And then she was thrown out all she needed to say was dadi this isn’t true after all dadi gave her chance to  speak ….. this another hypocrisy , another instance during keesh wedding naira confront naksh asking “me aape kaise yakin karlu” well she did that becoz she wasn’t convince how will naksh keep keerti happy when naksh dosent love keerti well didn’t she thought the same thing with gayu when she asked karthik to marry gayu didn’t she at that time thought that when karthik dosent love gayu then how will he keep her happy (or is it that gayu was her sister so she thought of playing with her feeling and keerti is her sister-in-law and she thought to become mahan bhabhi well I bet its true) so u see another hypocrisy and to give more proof well in a episode when keerti gets ready as a bride and meets everyone then naira ask permission from dadi goenka to go to shinghaniya sadan and as dg decline she says “shinghaniya sadan mera bhi ghar hai” (exact words) now in same day after keesh wedding has happen and naira madam spoils keerti grahpravesh then she looks at her black foot prints and says “nahi naira nahi shinghaniya sadan tera ghar nahi hai ab goenka villa hi tera ghar” another hypocrisy and now even in yesterday episode what naira did was pure hypocrisy common use ur own brain there is diference b/w advising and forcing someone what naira did yesterday gave a message from naira side that “either u agree with me or I will spoil ur respect” even if she wanted to donate then the best way she could have talked with dadi and sent half of the truck to needy ppl and half of the truck to mandir for chadava taking both the truck away like she owns everything was complete nonsense too me firstly in mandir there is BHANDAR that goes things like ghee aata dal that we donate is used in making food for bhandar even in guruduwra LANGAR goes the thing that we donate isn’t wasted or kept for ages in store room like naira think it is used in making food for BHANDARA and LANGAR  which for your very kind information is FREE OF COST FOOD FOR EVERYONE  secondly if naira is so so concern abt wastage of food then what abt her grand marriage and lemme remind u in marriage the amount of food wasted in one day is greater then chadava on any mandir at time of her grand wedding where was this so so concern wastage of food common don’t tell me that grand wedding was becoz off families wanted it well chadava is also a thing that family want what naira think that all that chadava of food item will be store in room till it get waste or spoil use ur senses it is used for BHADARA N LANGAAR which is 24*7  FREE FOOD SERVICE FOR EVERY1 iskon temple are one of the example if u want any plus even if she wanted to do anything then discuss it with either manish karthik or any any1 taking away truck like u own them n not caring or anyone sentiments  and then expecting every1 to care for your own sentiment is total bullshit  plus another instance is naira left karthik bcoz he always support her and now when karthik isn’t supporting her she is making a face like she is dead common plz sum1 go and ask her what the hell she wants ? and yass what is this with naira that she always lets go ppl who commit mistake she let mansi go ohk I got it that it was accident (though it took life) but y the hell did she let raghav go ? where  is that righteous naira now ? or is it that she wants to become DAYA KI DEVI ?now plz don’t tell that raghav was blackmailing sakshi and all is it that naira will let sakshi marry anubhav without anubhav knowing the truth ? if so then where was this when same naira kept questioning naksh ? and if anubhav know everything then why not get raghav arrested ? and yas what was with naira for blaming shubham for suwarnish sepration has she forgotton that her running away from home resulted in same between nakshara  and yas naira keep saying I love papa (naitik)most where was this love when she ran away ?she had misunderstanding with akshara na y didn’t she stopped for naitik who consider her his princess ? sorry guys sorry to me NAIRA CHARACTER IS MOST HYPOCRITE NONSENSE AND “U DO WHAT I WANT OR I WILL DESTROY YOUR RESPECT”  HALLOW CHARACTER seriously I wont shy away rom saying that it is indeed a BADLY written one she behaves like she owns every1 and is just worst

ONE YEAR OF PURE NONESENSE ILLOGICAL TRACKS – where should I start  wait lets start with keesh sagai in this episode we have our super-women naira with those heavy jewellary and that heavy dress climb tree becoz karhtik hide ring in a ballon and that ballon flown up to tree with karthiks ring in it and guess karthik who few minutes b4 needed ice for leg swelling is also climbing the tree and guess next both naira and karthik fall and BOOM 2 mins b4 the family who didn’t even know that kaira are missing have not only found them but have even arrange net to save both of them matalb ki logic ki oh my mata and then I need to mention keesh haldi in flight  goenkas plus shinghaniyas decide to go kuldevi temple so they arrange for plane and guess next hurricane come and the pilot who are train to work in these condition faint seeing all this and guess what manish goenka who had not run plane from last 10 yrs maybe runs plane without any fault and when hurricane was there everybody was shivering and karthik was standing in cockpit without any support whole time (yes he was allowed no no nobody had  problem with it) doing his constant chik-chik and guess what everybody was shaking shivering and he didn’t even fall and if this was not enough to say logic ki oh my mata karna then we have naira madam suggesting haldi in plane and guess what they decorated the whole plane with bangles and flower ( no no no copassenger never had complain) and if this wasn’t enough then whole ladies around 10-12 were dancing in center of plane that was on-air ab bolo logic ki oh my mata matalab dimag ka dahi karna issi ko kehte hai .chalo ye chodo in diwali episode DG gives bangle to goenka bahu stating that the design on bangle is pendant on goenka name and then Aryan comment saying (aisi design ke bangle meri maa ne bhi phene the mene bach pan ki photo me dekha) so this mean Aryan saw a photo of his mother he saw her hand he saw bangle design on her hand but he didn’t saw her face matalab photo me sirf haath tha kya?? Chalo ye chodo Aryan is supposed to be a poor guy but he is enjoyed a foreign tour ( don’t ask from where money came and neither you can ask from where he arranged passport and ticket and visa) and yass that aryan aka shubham is a village student who is supposed to be week in English but wait shubham know how to use computer and pendrive and can cheat the whole presentation which is written in English and voila can explain it too I mean common don’t kid me badly and now Greece track pe ate hain (iska naam sunte hi apna matha mat peetna) well naira didn’t have her mobile phone roaming on an karthik phone cannot find network so both of these two have no idea of hotel well they have their luggage in this scene but then a scene follows in which both of these two are dancing on song matargasti and guess what luggage disappears chalo ye chodo abhi inke pass hotel nahi tha lekin when karthik gets in problem then naira comes to fight (and yes she beat gunda man all lone well batmen u have some competition there) with a 4-wheeler bike cvs now explain me these 2 don’t have hotel till this moment then how cum naira has bike in Greece ohk I took it she brought it with her own money but then next day kaira are dancing on road becoz they don’t have money to buy each other a ring (logic ki oh my mata hogai ) btw cvs ever heard of international banking well don’t tell me that business tycoon karthik have 0 bank balance anyways guess btw do you know in order to keep varmala safe karthik put it in FREEZER with full water in it and yes he is a business tycoon who runs business worth corers (laughing isn’t allowed ) and yes one more point ek diwali se dusri diwali nikal gayi ek janmastmi se dusri janmastmi nikal gayi ek independence day se dusra independence day nikal gaya magar humari naira ka yeh phela bday tha (may be her dob is 29 feb or 32 oct)  and yas who the hell wear ghungroo in aerial act ? no naira did it with when she was practicing in goenka villa home (bcoz dance academy doesn’t exsists ) now I am breaking to u KAIRA 4 TH WEDDING IS ON THE WAY AND KAIRA MILAN 6 IS HALF WAY AWAY NOW yass u heard me write in 1.3 yrs kaira are going to hai 4 th wedding as shiv parvati and then rishi kesh Milan will discuss it in coming points

ONE YEAR TO COMPLETE FASHION DIASTER Well I am sure we have suffered a lot due to this who-so-ever is the stylist plz I beg u stop it yaar and dear rajan shahi if by chance you come cross to read this then fire the stylist who so ever is dressing suwarna and naira plz fire the stylist I am begging you I mean yaar kya ye log apne aap to ek baar mirror me nahi dekhte ?? my eyes bleed when I see suwarna and naira in function no matter what function it is these always look like jewellary ki dukan and make-up ka makan
(P.S I AM NOT TELLING ANY1 TO JUDGE PPL ON CLOTHS NEITHER I AM SAYING THAT WEARING WESTERN CLOTH IS CRIME NOR I AM TELLING PERSON WHAT TO WEAR ALL I AM SAYING IS GUYS FASHION CLOTHS AND DRESSING PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN SERIAL IT TELL AUDIENCE WHAT TO EXCEPT FROM A CHARACTER for example in kundali bhagya shristi always has western clothes that conveys she is fierce young modern and belong to new generation thinking school where as preeta is always in indian clothes telling us to except next-door-girl character same goes for swara and ragini swara always dressed up modernly telling us to except aaj ki naari character and ragini always dressed up traditionally telling us that she came from old school thinking family same goes for shagun and ishita shagun always has designer blouse telling us abt her character of bit black and white and ishita always has Indian dressing telling us abt maturity lovingness of her character same goes for dressing of anika gauri and bhavya look at 3 of them and you will able to tell about thier characters anika dress like a Mumbai girl who is fun loving non stop chik chik totally an gauri totally like bareily girl who believes in puja paatha and bhavya dress are always in one way or other gives you a feeling of tomboy (mean like a girl in police proffesion) serial I am not saying that people who dress traditionally are old-school thinking people no I am not neither I am saying to judge some1 character on their dressing not at all ,
All I am saying is clothing and dressing of character in serial are a way of playing psychologically with audience and when u do this u add brownie point to ur character both good or bad and plus u give a clear picture to audience and audience love this and connect to character at personal level

now coming to yrkkh well major mistake here is that goenkas are supposed to orthodox old school thinking family who differentiate between son and daughter , daughter and daughter in law and dadi goenka who believe in mahurat and abshagun so what you think about the dressing how should it be ?? well I am not saying that it should be pallu over head and typical meena kumari era sari with akbar’s era jewellary no I am not saying this all I am saying is it should be bit more on Indian side ( don’t take as meena kumari era sari and pallu over head) but a bit of indo western type more like of sonakshi in krpkab (it was perfect blend of Indian modern girl) magar magar naira madam is almost every day is wearing a blouse ( don’t u dare to call it a crop top) and plazo and suwarna is having back-less blouse all this leave audience psychologically confused and guess what when audience aren’t getting a clear picture they wont connect with character at personal level ever and if they don’t then they will start finding glitches which will ultimately lead audience dislike that has happen with naira and suwarna both
I mean dude akshara ke time pe cvs showed that shinghaniyas are typical traditional family who don’t like modern ways like love marriage at all and maheswari were shown as traditional family who are open minded and welcome new modern changes like love marriages and this difference was completely reflected on their dressing I mean both shinghaniya and maheswari were always dressed traditionally with daddaji and vishambher wearing dhoti and and women keeping pallu but the main difference was akshara always kept pallu over head and varsha never not even after just marriage this particular difference in their dressing showed that maheswari welcome new change and shinghaniyas didn’t
but with goenkas and shinghaniya puri ki puri ganga ulti beh rahi hai shinghaniya are supposed to be modern who don’t differentiate between daughter and daughter in law but yet their bahu kirti is always wearing sari ( and she is rocking it like a slayer born to slay) where as goenkas who are orthodox keep son over daughter and daughter over daughter in law and their bahu naira is wearing frocks jeans and plazo and blouse dude this by no way is likable , character reflect in dressing aur yahan toh bhai pura ka pura ulta program hai as audience of this show I am by no way liking it this is giving a message of BIG TIME HYPOCRICY AND FAKNESS believe me this loop hole in dressing of goenkas is what fakeness is all about I mean this is making everything look so fake all strictness of dadi is fake all Indian nari of naira are fake

and next thing is inconsistency in naira fashion cloths and dresses – naira either dresses like a aunt or she dresses up like teenage girl there by no way a consistency in naira wardrobe I mean look at her dressing in keesh weding track or in her bday it screems aunty as girls in this era prefer light and statement fashion whereas naira fashion here screms aunty and then u look at her day to day fashion aur Greece track it screms teenage girl I am not saying that she should not wear western even keerti is wearing western b4 marriage and in Greece track but keerti fashion isn’t screeming teenage girl neither her Indian look screem aunty that’s becoz who so ever is dressing her is keeping in mind “DRESS ACCORDING TO UR AGE” advice I wonder why they don’t follow it with naira why make naira look like teenage girl or aunty why don’t dress her acc to age too any dude plz explain me naira wear jeans frock plazo and blouse in day to day life and in night she wears dhoti-kurti why this vice versa thing
and then over doing of jewellarly and make-up  dude first bring me the person who dressed naira for keesh wedding day I mean yaar that dark blue eye shadow kahan se kahan se aate hai itne sade ideas I was dead for 2 mins when I saw that dark blue eye shadow dude anybody who is not even into fashion know that red lipstick or dark mehroon lip stick is always used for grown-up I mean young girl of age same as naira wont us red they will always prefer pink light pink but naira in every function was wearing red lipstick and a bun aging her like she is married for some centuries and guess what the lady that should wear red lipstick with bun that is saasuma of naira suwarna she was wearing pink shade with her hair in messy bun again a loophole and plz stylist plz I am begging plz plz I beg u don’t copt ishqbazz style plz yrkkh has its own fashion legacy take is forward no more chokers to naira plz pla and those earring of naira at her bday pooja and diwali fashion of goenkas lady by god the moment I saw it I was like this belong to anika same design guys PLZ WHO SO EVER IS IN CHARGE OF JEWELLARLY DEPARTMENT OF YRRKH STOP COPYING ISHQBAZZ PLZ and yes guys if you look at keerti fashion as a bride and naira fashion as a bhabhi she was wearing exactly same to same jewellarly from tip to toe that keerti was wearing being a bride instead naira jewellary were more heavy then keerti though she was bride due one of the reason people like akshara was becoz she was simple yet beautiful her simplicity use to overpower other or yahan naira madam was dressed like a bride even akshay kumar had to ask who is the bride in keesh sagai dude some1 desparatly needs to stop this and yes keerti is similar to akshara at least in dressing simple yet elegant and see people have turned their back to naira already dude no one is doing for the loudness it makes her character obnoxious that’s it and YASS SO EXPLAIN ME WHO GOES TO TEMPLE DRESSED UP IN JEWELLARY AND DESIGNER CLOTHES THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO WORN AT A WEDDIND RECEPTION common in yesterday episode tell me even one of u that u will go to temple wearing that heavy jewellary and designer clothes yrkkh  guys ab bass karo ab sehn nahi hota ye naira ka make up mujse thorw the stylist of man resign it plz

ONE YEAR OF TOTAL MOCKERY ON THE NAME OF TRADITION – guys seriously  yrkkh was known for keeping up with traditions in its pure essence and know they have messed it totally messed early it used to be festival and drama in them now it is drama then festival last one year cvs hav celebrated only festival in which there was kaira drama rest festival were just ignored last one year no karwa-chauth  no independence day y bcoz there was no kaira drama at that time seriously ? and yas what is wrong with cvs they r simply converting every festival  into blo*dy hell fancy dress competition in janmastmi kaira dress up as radha Krishna and then in hawan kaira dress up as vasudev – devki  in christmas as santa clause now in shivratri they will dress up as shiv parvati  I mean what is seriously wrong now in naag pachmi wil kaira dreeses up as naag naagin ? common ever festival has its own essence celebrate it why turn every festival in FANCY DRESS COMPETITON  and what hurts is the way its is used to give wrong msg in vasudev devki act they end up calling suwarna heinous crime  a BAALIDAAN baby devki gave up Krishna to so that he can live a life and not killed by kans whereas suwarna gave up shubham so that karthik can get evey1 love blo*dy hell and her move destroyed completely destroyed shubham  life and its beyond repairable now seriously and now they will do same with shiv parvati where as they will call naira parvati and karthik as shiv and join thier hands I am telling this is for me intolerant parvati didn’t run-away form her parents parvati is epitome of womanhood a perfect mixture of anger n love and naira as parvati to me is bullshit complete bullshit and yass they even call naira as daya ki devi like parvati I mean akshara was less that now they r comparing naira literally with godess what msg will they give to the young generation who hav no idea or reality that parvati was a hypocrite who just wanted ppl to follow her commands or she will destroy their respect like naira or parvati was one who run away from home guys seriously guys when u use such god and godess name u cant simply ignore the past of ppl u r showcasing it with plus karthik will be called as shiv  bcoz acc to ppl o yrkkh karthik is like shiv innocent (bhole) and angry (tandav) my foot guys my foot how the hell u can compare a normal human being with god and godess and tell ppl that naira is similar to parvati and kartik to shiv  seriously my no way and no angle I know even in nakshara time thry played ram sita but that was a skit and they were treated as character and the difference here is that they will be pin point at similarities that naira hai with ma parvati like in promo u saw that they call NAIRA AS DAYA KI DEVI JUST LIKE PARVATI and karthik as bhole like shiv I mean common there s no need of this it is so so so wrong naira isn’t even a toe nail of ma parvati and karthik isn’t even a dust of shiv ji forget abt having similarities and then if this isn’t enough to  boil ur blood then kaira will be getting married for 4th time common what the hell is this it is just 1.5 yrs kaira took over the show and 4 th wedding that to of same couple kaira seriously hav u lost me u better don’t kid me like that and guys mark my words sum1 from family will say that HUMARE KAIRA BILKUL SHIV-PARVATI JAISE HAI totally making me bang my head on the wall this is by no way needed 4th wedding WHY WHY AND WHY ? and then to burst u of ur frustration there is kaira Milan 6 coming in rishikesh soon so prepare urself for The WORST guys WORST I repeat and yass if this mockery isn’t enough then we hav mockery of ritual everyday in the show which claim to be true to rituals and traditions in kaira janmastmi naira climbs up the pyramid and I hav ppl saying she is feminist well let me burst ur bubble guys if she was feminist and maker were trying to give msg o equality the along with her ananya keerti gayu and other girls would hav did to but no no it was only naira doing it bcoz this wasn’t gender equality it was NAIRA MAHANATA then comes keesh haldi in which karthik goes to shinghaniya sadan and grind naksh haldi it was no way needed naksh hav elder who was present there ANANYA and even if cvs wanted to give msg of gender equality then naksh hav a brother YASH karthik  again was not needed in naksh tilak ceremony  when pandit ask who will hold pallu over naksh hand then naira comes up Y ?is she naksh mother ? btw don’t say sister r like mother in Marwari custom elder sister is like mother and younger sister is like daughter so naira again by far at any cost was not needed especially when naksh had his grandmother standing right beside him then comes kalki part in naksh pagdi baandh ceremony it is naira who put tie pagdi when rajbana naksh grandfather is standing right beside him and then again kalki which is a mother right is put by naira why naksh hav grandmother who standing plus a elder sister( even in ishqbazz it was pinky who put kalki on shivaye head)  Y JUST TO PROMOTE UR PSEUDO MODERN THINKING SPOIL AGE OLD INDIAN TRADITION ? they have meaning and true meaning and importance and significance  btw guys there r many NGO’swho trained orphan kid aur poor needy ppl  in drama and theater  now if naira is being so charitable then she shld call those NGO’s  and let them perform shiv parvati  drama they will earn RESPECTABLE money plus confidence and true appreciation  but no here our naira wont show any charity after 4th wedding is there that is y I call her psedo feminist and hypocrite

ONE YEAR TO THE MOST INCONSISTENT STORY LINE AND NARRETIVE :-need I even say on this one moment they show sumthing aother moment completely another non relatable thing well  lets start manish during keesh wedding karthik come to know abt manish being innocent and boom then this track disappear and in sankranti  suddenly manish want karthik to call him papa and suddenly karthik realize that he indeed hav father and tries to call him papa I mean in these 2 instance there is gap of 7 months and this is inconsistency I am talking abt then again they give keerti a dialog that  suwarna always talk to her and guys it’s a open challenge go and search when the hell did keerti suwarna even had a proper conversation aur for sake even had eye contact even in maker sankrant both didn’t met and then in naira dance academy  suwarna just hugged her not for once did she even talked or praised keerti for her dance yass she praised naira nt keerti and then makers give such dialogs to keerti  making me wonder whether it was scarsm aur reality then comes another suwarna karthik Milan well after that Milan I am asking u do we hav any only and only beta maa moment ? and I am saying only beta-moment not kaira-suwarna ,karthik suwarna I am talking abt  no no karthik suwarna moment it is always kaira suwarma  I just want to ask y u the hell cvs leave track in between like this ? same is done with keesh also when Greece track was there then sum ppl were shown saying keerti is ill tempered and baisa having problem with it then that track is no where to be scene then same goes for devyani too she too had problem with dadi goenka interference then that track no where then stealing of sankh track has ended and keerti has no idea abt it akshara death track ended and naksh has no breakdown and then keesh dori scene after that naksh started staying away rom keerti god know for what reason? Then in Christmas every1 was discussing abt keerti past in front of her and she was shown hurt  and voila that track disappear I mean ye ho kya raha and with kaira story I am telling u what kaira story is





Karthik sorry

Dance  milan

Romance (marriage too)

And repeat

And tell me other thing u saw except this

And yas one thing plz sum1 tell me

Kaira in office DANCE

Kaira in boutique DANCE

Kaira in bathroom DANCE

Kaira in mall DANCE

Kaira in road DANCE

Kaira  in hall DANCE

Kaira in dream DANCE


And yas one more thing if u notice

gayu heart break changed into kaira sepration and milan

akshara death track changed in to kaira sepration and milan track

akshara truth revealation changed into kaira sepration and milan

saumya truth revealation changed into kaira sepration and milan

keesh wedding changed into kaira sepration and Milan

joru ka ghulam track changed into kaira sepration and Milan


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